Epilogue – Version A

Snafu's Notes: Well, this is it. The Epilogue, or in some cases, the coda to Rise of the Emperor. There's two versions of the Epilogue, one called Version A, the other called Version B. The first is the official ending, while the other can be called an omake, or a twist (or a true ending), depending on your point of view. Version B was inspired by EroSlackerMicha. The Epilogue is short, so you have been warned.

[Excerpt from 'History of the Unified West.']

The Namikaze Dynasty would continue to rule the Unified West for many generations. Like the founder of the dynasty, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze and his wife, Hinata Namikaze, the Emperors and their wives governed the people with a fair and just hand, refusing to surrender to the vices that had claimed so many other rulers. The values passed on from parent to child – selflessness, compassion, honor – guided the Namikaze Dynasty through countless trials, tragedies and triumphs.

Naruto Namikaze, banished from his original home, and have risen to prominence – first as a warlord, then the ruler – would rule as Emperor for twenty-five years alongside his wife before they decided to step down from their place as Emperor and Empress of the United West. Minato Namikaze and his wife, Makoto Namikaze – formerly a Suna Jounin – to take the throne as the second Emperor and Empress Consort of the Unified West. Like his father, Minato would show that he had been trained well. He would rule the Unified West under a fair and just hand, being a lover of truth and justice.

Despite not being in line for the throne, Moka Namikaze became the Damiyo of Spring Country. A talented healer and fighter, Moka was named the Fourth Fox Sage by her mother and Kitami Akashiya. Seeing as how she had a talent for acting and singing, Koyuki Kazahana – known by her stage name of Yukie Fujikaze – had taken Moka under her tutelage. By the time her elder brother had ascended the throne, Moka Namikaze Kazahana – having married Yukie's son Rajin Kazahana – was not only an accomplished warrior, entertainer and healer, but she would go on to rule Spring Country as its Damiyo, Rajin would command Spring Village as its kage.

Naruto and Hinata Namikaze would become known as 'Father and Mother of the Empire,' a title bestowed upon them in Naruto's sixteenth year as Emperor of the Unified West. It was also in this year, that the Emperor and Empress Consort would face their greatest challenge yet.

An army of missing-nin from the East, led by Hanabi Hyuuga. During the Imperial-Kumo-Iwa Invasion of Konohagakure, Hanabi Hyuuga, who was the sister to the Empress Consort opted to surrender to Kumo, but not before assassinating her father, clan head Hiashi Hyuuga and the council of elders. Hanabi had worked her way up the ranks by either seducing or assassinating the competition. Now, with an army of missing ninja under her command, she made her intentions clear. Her motives were based solely on revenge.

During this time, the Emperor had allowed the Uzumaki Clan that had been revived under his banner to return to Whirlpool Country to reestablish both the country and its shinobi village. Led by Godaime Uzukage Yahiko Uzumaki, Whirlpool Country was under the jurisdiction of the Unified West. Hanabi decided to target that while at the same time, attempt to kidnap Minato and Moka while the pair were attending a tournament in Tea Country.

The kidnapping failed, and the Emperor and Empress Consort personally intervened. The Imperial Defense Forces took to the field in Whirlpool Country. Hinata had slain her former sister, and the Imperial forces under the command of Naruto and Minato Namikaze decimated the army of missing-nins. With the ascension of Minato Namikaze, the exploits of his father and mother became legend. Naruto and Hinata Namikaze would go on to leave a series of instructions to their successors on how to rule. These instructions were mandatory reading for all heirs to the throne. What was said is now lost to history, but for all purposes, the advice was followed.

The Namikaze Dynasty would rule until the end of the Shinobi Age. No one knows the whereabouts of their descendants, but one thing is for certain. Their exploits will not be forgotten, as they are recorded in the annals of history. Their descendants have not died out, as they are still alive to this very day, unaware of the legacy that they contain. But as with all legends and tales, it is just waiting to be discovered.

Epilogue – Version B

"'The Namikaze Dynasty would rule until the end of the Shinobi Age. No one knows the whereabouts of their descendants, but one thing is for certain. Their exploits will not be forgotten, as they are recorded in the annals of history.'"

The speaker was a woman in her late twenties, early thirties. Her audience was a archeology class in Tokyo University. The woman was very voluptuous, her figure showing from her business suit and skirt combination, the pair of black heels on her feet. Short dark hair framed her face, the bangs covering one eye (ala Rosemary's MGS4 hairdo). Her uncovered lavender eye with pupil scanned the captivated audience.

"'Their descendants have not died out, as they are still alive to this very day, unaware of the legacy that they contain. But as with all legends and tales, it is just waiting to be discovered,'" she said as she closed the book from which she was reading from.

One of her students raised her hand. The professor acknowledged it with a nod. "Yes, Miyabi?"

A freshman student asked her question. "Professor Kujikawa, what happened to the refugees from Konoha? Did Emperor Namikaze make his peace with the Uchiha and Captain Hatake?"

The professor, one Mayumi Kujikawa, nodded. "He did. He made his peace with the Uchiha shortly after the refugees arrived in Kimon City. Hatake was a bit harder due to his favortism. But the Emperor was not a cold man. Stubborn, but he could not deny their redemption. As for the others...they married, had children to continue their family line...some of them died out, while others are like the Namikaze – still around to the present day."

A second student raised her hand. "Professor, how do you know so much about this subject?"

Kujikawa smiled. "I've been into ancient history for as long as I can remember. It's a passion of mine." She raised the book, which was titled History of the Unified West. The book itself was authored by both herself and her husband, who was a famous writer and lecturer of literature. Most people could not agree if it was fact or fiction. But what they did agree on was that it was a very good read.

"The ninja system in both East and West could not escape the changing times, and ended up collapsing," Kujikawa continued, "but the Namikaze Dynasty continued to rule, as they too changed with the times. In the end, it was not an uprising of the people that had brought the Namikaze Clan to ruin."

"So what was it?" Miyabi asked.

"Nature," Kujikawa replied. "Mother Nature herself. The Lahja Mountains were always a volatile region, but in the rein of the last Emperor, Naruto XII Namikaze, the Lahja Mountains erupted, which triggered a massive earthquake. Days later, the Unified West was engulfed in a tsunami, the land sinking into the ocean."

Kujikawa remembered that even all too well. Both her and her husband had assisted in the evacuation of the Imperial Capital, knowing well that the days of the Unified West were numbered. Aside from that, they also pilfered the Namikaze vaults underneath the Imperial Palace using several storage scrolls to seal up the chests of gold, but leaving more than enough cash to their clan, so that they can rebuild once again. They also took family heirlooms, jutsu scrolls and weapons that had been collected over the years.

The reason being? Mayumi Kujikawa was just an alias. One of many in her long life. Her birth name was Hinata Hyuuga, now Hinata Namikaze.

Before another student could ask a question, the bell rang, signaling the end of class. But more importantly, the end of the day. It was time to go home. As the students piled out of the classroom, Hinata sat down in a chair and took a moment to reflect. Her hand rubbed absently on the mark where Naruto had bit her on their wedding night. It was shortly thereafter that Kitami had taken both Naruto and Hinata to the side and explain the totality of the mark.

"As the both of you are mated, you will have fringe benefits. One of which is a long life. The Uzumaki were known for their long lifespans. When the both of you marked each other, that lifespan has increased a thousand fold."

Kitami. Last she heard, the Nine-Tails ran a curio shop in Hokkaido.

They had not aged a day over thirty, resorting to using henges to make themselves look older, or in some cases, relocate to a different area entirely. This was the seventh time that Naruto and Hinata were back in Japan, the last place they spent thirty years in was in Hong Kong, where their descendants from Moka's bloodline resided. Minato's bloodline resided in Japan, and one of them were in Hinata's class.

Of course, aside from Moka and Minato, Naruto and Hinata had countless children over the years. Some of their lines still existed, while others were extinct. Their daughter, Yumi, was a student in elementary school, a recent addition to the Namikaze bloodline. Over the thousands of years, Naruto and Hinata had many occupations from assassin to damiyo to shogun to businessman. It was only recently that Naruto decided to write his memoirs, of which Hinata had been reading to the class.

As for the other Jinchuuriki, they were still alive as well. Utakata, they had left while he was in Hong Kong. Roshi and Han were in Okinawa, Yugito had settled in Seoul, Gaara made his home in the Mojave Desert, posing as an insane survivalist, Bee was somewhere in South America, and Fu made her home in England.

Gathering her things and placing them into a shoulder bag, Hinata had decided that she had spent enough time walking down Memory Lane. Her husband was waiting for her.

Tokyo University – Campus

He stood in the midst of the students as they walked past him. Six feet tall, with undisciplined reddish hair (ala Chris' RE5 hairdo), blue eyes, his muscular frame hidden underneath the black longcoat and dark business suit. It was winter and the Christmas holidays had just begun. The cold had never really bothered him, being a former Jinchuuriki.

He was known as Takeshi Kujikawa to most people. A respected professor of literature here at Todai, as well as an accomplished writer. But to a select few, he was Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze.

Naruto didn't have to wait long for his wife to make her presence known. Bundled up in her own overcoat and scarf, shoulder bag slung over one shoulder, Hinata Namikaze approached her husband with a smile on her face. "Been waiting long, love?"

"Nah. Just got here, Hime. Ready?" he asked, extending his arm out.

Hinata responded by slipping her arm through Naruto's own. The couple then walked off, until they were just another couple heading home for the holidays. Maybe one day, the Emperor will rise once again to lead, but now, he was just a family man ready to spend the holidays with his wife and daughter.

The legacy of the Namikaze Clan will continue.


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