Side Story 2: Alliances and Payback, Part 2

Snafu's Notes: Taking a page out of my other fanfic Resident Evil: A Change in Pace, most of this chapter consists of journal entries from Naruto's point of view, combined with scenes from Konoha and flashback scenes. I feel that the journal entries would serve to be more dramatic. Also, it was kinda long, so I split it in two halves.

UPDATE! I uploaded the beta version by mistake. This is the correct version with Yahiko and Konan. Roshi and Han are in the next chapter.

[Journal of the Emperor, Naruto Namikaze]

Entry 1:

Since this is the first journal I've decided to keep since being crowned as Emperor, this counts as Volume 2.

Right now, I'm watching Sonshi train Maru, Moegi and Udon. They call themselves the 'Neo Maru Corps,' but Temari likes to call them 'Team Misfits.' From what I've heard, their pranks in Suna were legendary. Of course, changing Kankuro's war paint was pure genius on their part. Temari told me that Kankuro had his puppets chasing them all through Suna for the three.

Three weeks into the training, and from the look of things, Sarutobi, Moegi and Udon are really getting into their mission. So far, Sonshi, Kouda, Okajima and Chiba have given me nothing but positive reviews in response to their training. Even they seem to be responsive to my taijutsu and chakra training. Temari even dropped by earlier this week to check up on their training, and even she had to admit that they would make fine Chuunin for the Sand. By the time the Jounin Exams come around, they would pass with flying colors.

Sonshi is a jack of all trades, a master of all weapons. Maru's been learning how to fight with a staff. Moegi likes the tonfas, while Udon prefers to mix it up with short blades, like a pair of kunai or a pair of tantos. When Temari asked me why Maru chose the staff as a weapon, I explained to her that Old Man Sarutobi, his grandfather, was an expert with the bo. From the look of things, I got a prodigy on my hands. Not one, but three.

Old Man, you would be proud.

Entry 2:

While visiting Gaara in Suna, I received word from my network stationed in Lightning Country. The Raikage has been overthrown by a more hardline Raikage. Even more worse was that the new Raikage is backed by Orochimaru. Luckily the Lightning offices of the Pekara House were untouched. The first order of the Godaime Raikage was the immediate termination of his predecessor and his brother, Killer Bee, as they both were considered threats to the Godaime's rule.

I had the Elite Guard with me, so after activating the Fox Eye, I activated the Demon's Gate Jutsu. The Demon's Gate Jutsu was something that Kitami and I had developed. Based off my father's Hirashin Jutsu, I can transport a large number of people with me to any location I deem fit. Seeing as how I visited Kumo when I was first banished, it was not a problem.

Once the nausea passed, we headed for A and Bee's last known location. We reached them in the nick of time, as they were assaulted by the Kumo ANBU. A was injured and Bee was trying to protect his brother at any costs, his chakra reserves depleted. That's where we came in, and decimated the Kumo ANBU. Thankfully, Bee and his brother were still alive.

Once the bodies were disposed of by fire, I returned to Suna with the jinchuuriki and his brother. Yugito was pretty surprised when I showed up with the deposed Raikage and his brother. I told her to watch over them as I made plans. Once A regained consciousness, I visited them both. A and Bee were surprised to find out that Yugito was working for me...and they were even more surprised as to who I was. The banished ninja from Konoha, now Emperor of the West. Not to say that A had a surprise of his own. When I confirmed that Minato Namikaze was my father, A told me that both him and my old man mixed it up in the last Shinobi War. A also said that despite everything, he respected my father a great deal, and that his death was a tragedy.

At least I know he wasn't lying to me.

After talking a bit more, I gave A and Bee my offer. Since they are marked men, there was no place safe for them in the Elemental Countries. So I offered them political asylum within the Empire. A had the experience of being a leader, which would make him perfect for the job of senior adviser (damn Sonshi turned me down again). As for Bee, the trading town of Rara needed a new leader.

A and Bee accepted. In a way, A was relieved to be free of the position of Raikage...even though it almost got him killed. He had suspected that the council and the most senior ninja were plotting something. I confirmed his suspicious when I told him that the ANBU that were chasing after him had the Cursed Seal, meaning that Orochimaru had backed the new Raikage...or worse, placed a puppet ruler in the leadership role. I relayed the events to all Pekara Houses in the Elemental Countries, telling them to keep alert.

Once A has recovered enough to travel, we'll head back to Kimon.

Entry 3:

Right now, I'm at the ruins of the Fire Temple. Chiriku has been killed. I guess I should start from the beginning. Somehow, I got roped into going on an inspection tour of the Pekara Merchant Houses in the East with Ryuji and Haruka. My Elite Guards, as well as Team Misfit accompanied me on this little two-month long expedition. Well, I would be lying if I said that I was concerned. I still have that banishment order on my head, not to mention the kill-on-sight decree. Damn, I hate Konoha, which is why I am dressed incognito.

The Fire Capital housed the Pekara Merchant House. I realized that the capital was not that far from Chiriku and the temple. I decided to visit Chiriku and pay my respects.

Only when I arrived at the temple, I found the place in ruins, most of the monks slaughtered. A surviving monk told me and my envoy the story. Hidan and Kazuku had paid a deadly visit to the Temple and leveled the place after killing most of the monks and taking Chiriku's body to the hidden bounty station near the border.

My reaction was instant. I told the others to remain at the temple to lend a hand. I retrieved my sword, kunais, seals and flak vest, but still kept the black kage hat over my face to hide my identity. Swearing a blood oath to avenge Chiriku and to kill the Zombie Brothers, I took off in pursuit. It took me 30 minutes to reach the border, but I found the underground bounty station, along with Hidan and Kazuku. The latter watched as Hidan initiated the Jashin Ritual and Curse jutsu on Asuma Sarutobi.

My first intention was to let Asuma kill himself trying to stop Hidan, but Old Man Sarutobi would probably be pissed if I let his son die. So I went with plan B.

First, I dealt with Kazuku. Using the chakra chains jutsu, I incapacitated him. Then I turned my attention to Hidan.


Hidan's eyes nearly bulged out of his skull as Naruto impaled him with his kunai. Even Kakuzu was in shock. How was this possible? Hidan was virtually immortal! Now, he was dying at the hands of this newcomer, who had all but virtually killed him with no effort! With a roar, Naruto slid his blade violently to the side, causing Hidan's insides to spill out. The follower of Jashin sank to his knees, hands holding his torso in a futile attempt in trying to keep his insides from coming out.

Hidan looked into the golden eyes of his soon-to-be-killer. " this possible?" Hidan gasped. "I can't fucking...die..."

"Easy," Naruto replied. "I simply reversed-engineered the jutsu which granted your immortality. Not so tough now, are ya?"

In the Unification War, Naruto had came across a cult which worshiped Jashin. Like Hidan, their leader was considered to be immortal and was even worshiped as a living god. However, during a raid into one of their strongholds, Naruto found the scrolls detailing not only the jutsu used to make someone immortal, but also the workings of the Jashin Ritual and Curse jutsu.

With that knowledge, Naruto was able to reverse-engineer the mechanisms of the Immortality Jutsu. Afterward, the cult was slaughtered to the man, the leader of the Jashin cult was the last to die at Naruto's hands.

"You think you're the only Jashin follower I killed?" Naruto taunted as he drew his sword. "How else was I able to reverse the immortality jutsu?" As Kakuzu watched helplessly Naruto raised his sword. "This is for Chiriku. So lie down and die," the Emperor said as he brought the blade down.

Asuma watched as the Man in Black sliced through Hidan's neck, before flinging the blood off his blade and sheathing his katana. Upon hearing the audible CLICK, a thin red line appeared around Hidan's throat. Then his head slid forward, falling to the ground and rolling to a stop at his savior's feet.

Hidan was dead.

The pain finally getting to him, Asuma mercifully passed out. Seeing that Asuma was out of the picture for the moment, Naruto turned to the bound Kakuzu. The bound ninja tried to break free of the chakra chains that bound him, but realized that they were draining his chakra at a rapid pace.

"One supposed immortal down, one to go," Naruto mused.

"You may kill me, but the others will track you down and kill you," Kakuzu sneered.

"They can try, but they will die as well," Naruto replied calmly as he analyzed his opponent. Through his Fox Eye, he saw Kakuzu's means of immortality: the four hearts.

"One more thing, Kakuzu," Naruto replied as he removed his face mask and hat, "I'm Naruto Uzumaki."

Kakuzu's eyes went wide. "The Kyuubi"

The last thing Kakuzu saw was a flash of yellow, then darkness.

[End Flashback]

Asuma was still out cold. I took Hidan and Kazuku's heads and collected their bounties. But before I could recover Chiriku's body, I received three more uninvited guests.

Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Nara and Chouji Akamichi.

From the look of things, both Ino and Chouji have been promoted to Chuunin since my exile...and they assumed that I was the one who had attacked their sensei. Not surprisingly, they attacked me. They've improved since I was banished, Ino especially. Looks like she's been training under Tsunade, as she now has that chakra-powered super strength.

Funny. So do I.

After several minutes of fighting, the trio tried to catch me in their famed formation: distract me with Akamichi, then Nara will use his Kagemane to capture me and Yamanaka will incapacitate me with their Mind Transfer Jutsu. Well, actually, I allowed them the first two, but when Ino tried to use her family's signature jutsu, I gave them a shocker.

I broke free from the Kagemane using a jutsu I leaned from General Kazama and performed a substitution with Chouji. Ino's mind went into her partner's instead and I punted Chouji into Ino's body. With both of them out for the count, I turned to Shikamaru. He tried the Kagemane again, but this time around, I blasted him with a new technique I developed.

Deadly Tempest.

I was inspired by Temari and her Kamitachi attack and after a couple of days, I developed two variants of it - wind and fire. The attack is basically chakra-powered winds with the force of a hurricane gale. The wind variant blasts the opponent with supercooled air. And it did as it was advertised. Shikamaru was sent flying into his teammates, out cold.

With those three nuisances out of the way, I retrieved Chiriku's body. Asuma had recovered by that time, but was in no shape to try and attack me. I left him there with his former students.

Konohagakure, the following day.

Inside a hospital room, a very pregnant Kurenai Sarutobi kept a silent vigil over her husband. Hidan had worked Asuma over pretty good with his Ritual and Curse Jutsu. The Sarutobi clan head had multiple cuts and lacerations, some minor, others serious. He had lost quite a bit of blood on the way back to Konoha (Chouji had carried him on his back and Ino fed him blood pills), and given the extent of his injuries, he would be on the inactive list for several months. But he would survive.

"You die on me, Asuma, and I will kick your ass for making me a widow and a single mother," Kurenai hissed.

Inside the Hokage's Office...

A battered and bruised Shikamaru, Ino and Chouji gave their report to Tsunade. Also present were the two senior advisers, Koharu and Honmura, and the warhawk, Danzou.

"It was only after we had regained consciousness that we saw the bodies of the two Akatsuki," Shikamaru explained, holding an icepack to his head. "The bounty station verified them both as Hidan and Kazuku, both S-class missing ninja, both were members of the Akatsuki."

"And both were killed by the same man we fought," Ino seconded, also holding an icepack to her face.

"Describe this man," Danzou commanded.

"Tall, maybe about six-foot-even," Chouji said, holding his own icepack to his nose. "Dressed in black: Jounin flak vest, pants and boots. He wore a kage-style hat to cover his face. He was armed with a sword, but did not use it against us. We saw no hitai-ate identifying him as a missing ninja."

"Hmm...mercenary, perhaps..." Danzou muttered. "Someone who was able to kill two ninja who were deemed immortal is someone to be watched."

"There's something else," Shikamaru said. "Sensei said that the man saved him from being killed by Hidan."

"I don't buy it," Tsunade said. "Whoever this man is...we need to know if he is friend or foe. Bring him in for questioning. Any capable Chuunin or Jounin should be up to the task."

Danzou bowed...albeit mockingly before he and the two advisors exited the office. Upon going his separate ways from the two advisers, Danzou summoned Sai. he had plans to make.

[Journal of the Emperor, Naruto Namikaze]

Entry 4:

Somehow, I know that beating down the Ino-Shika-Cho trio would come and bite me on the ass.

The following day, we held a mass funeral at the ruins of Fire Temple. Chiriku deserved better. He didn't deserve to die like a dog. The surviving monks would rebuild, but not before I promised them help in any way possible.

The monks departed to a fallback spot, while I and my entourage returned to the temple. There, I found the warhawk, the one who had orchestrated my banishment in the first place. He wasn't alone. Twenty ROOT ANBU accompanied him. Made me glad that I knew Konoha law, which is why I gave the order not to kill...but rather maim. Had I ordered the Elite Guards to kill, then I would be in the Bingo Book.

But I wasn't worried. If I was alone, then yeah, I would be worried.

I think I should take this time out to tell you about my Elite Guards. It was Sonshi's idea to begin with. Even though I am a highly-skilled warrior trained in the ways of the shinobi and samurai, even I need someone to protect me. Which is why Sonshi came up with the idea of having a elite group of bodyguards - both samurai and shinobi to watch my back. They all came from samurai and shinobi families, and are especially good at what they do. The Elite Guards are a motley bunch, but they look out for each other as well as guard me.

The first member just so happens to be the youngest of the bunch. Sonshi's granddaughter, Sana. Like her grandfather, she was trained as a samurai. In the Unification War, she was a member of Yugito's Hellcats, and still wears the khaki flak vest with pride. I spar with her every once in a while whenever I can't fight her grandfather. The others tend to treat her like the little sister of the bunch.

Hideo Kibagami was Eiji's nephew. His parents were killed in battle and he was raised by his foul-mouthed uncle and also taught the ways of the sword. From what I've seen, the Kibagami style is mostly quick-draw. He was the oldest of the bunch, and formerly a member of Zabuza's Demon Squad. Every once in a while, I see him and Zabuza fight. Last time I checked, the matches are 5-to-4 in Zabuza's favor.

Takuma Chiba is the resident Taijutsu master of the group. I've seen the Chiba clan in action, facing down heavily armed ninja and samurai and they would come out on top. That was one of the reasons why I had him mentor Udon. The others tend to poke fun at his nature, calling him a philosopher with his head in the clouds. But in the moment of truth, there was no one in battle more fierce than a Chiba at your back. Personally, I would like to see him fight either Chouji or Rock Lee.

The second-oldest of the bunch was Roh Shainto. Both the Okajima and the Shainto ninja clans were natural rivals. Whenever they were not fighting together in the Unification Wars, they would occasionally try and one-up the other...with often hilarious results. While the Okajima specialized in assassination and stealth, the Shainto prefer to do their business up close and personal. He describes himself as a 'charismatic sociopath on the battlefield, but a gentleman off it.'

Haku Yuki Momichi was chosen by me personally because of her abilities over ice and water. Thought to have been killed during the Wave Mission years earlier, she was in fact alive alongside Zabuza. In the years following the mission into Wave, her abilities over water and ice had all but improved over time, making her even more deadly. Combined that with her taijutsu training from one of the Mist refugees, she was very deadly as an assassin. She was also my closet friend, given the life lessons I picked up from her back in Wave.

Last was the resident medic-nin of the group, Akemi Shiratori. The Shiratori and Yamada clans were close allies. When it was clear that Akemi had the potential of becoming a medic-nin, Akemi's parents sent her to train under Kokoro personally. Eventhough she did not have the ability to control fire, Akemi made up for it by being a master medic.

Back to the matter at hand...


Ruins of Fire Temple, nighttime.

Naruto watched silently as the twenty ROOT ANBU surrounded him and his escort. After ordering Team Misfit to back up Ryuji, he gave a silent command to his Elite Guard. The six shinobi and samurai spread out, ready to protect their Emperor.

The Emperor's eyes narrowed as he saw the old warhawk and Sai approach him. In this case, he was thankful that he still had on the kage-style hat and face mask which concealed his identity. But he had changed out of his flak vest and into his normal vest and longcoat.

Danzou stopped when he was double arms' length, Sai at his side.

Naruto looked at the warhawk, then at the twenty ROOT that surrounded him and his escort. "Twenty ninja against myself and my escort? Hardly fair, old man."

"It shouldn't be fair," Danzou replied. "You killed two S-class criminals and beaten down three chuunin-level ninja. I'm simply not taking any chances."

"In my defense, the three ninja attacked me first. My target was the two Akatsuki. The Konoha ninja were simply in my way. You didn't come up here for a friendly chat. State your business."

Danzou was to the point. "You are to surrender at once. By order of the Godaime Hokage and the Konoha Council, you are summoned to Konoha for questioning. My ROOT are here just to make sure that you make the right choice. Of would be such a shame for a person of your potential to be locked away. I can use someone like you in ROOT. I can protect you from that drunk of a Hokage and the rest of the clans. Join me, and I will make you my right-hand man. When the time comes for me to usurp the position of Hokage, I will make Konoha a village to be feared."

"Join your side and become a tool like the rest of your ROOT?"

"All ninjas are tools."

"Ninjas are not tools of anyone," Naruto replied. "As for your answer, the answer is no."

"Pity," Danzou replied. "Then you leave me no choice. Kill his escort and seize him."

As the ROOT moved in, Naruto merely smiled. "You really think your ANBU can stand a chance against my guards? You really need to get out more."

[End Flashback]

We fought on the grounds of the destroyed temple. Twenty against seven seemed like an unfair fight. Only difference was the people of the West lived and breathed warfare. So Danzou was very surprised when we tore through his ROOT with little effort. I took down ten of them before turning to Danzou and Sai. The ink user found out the hard way that his ink attacks were ineffective against tsunami-force winds.

Once Sai was taken care of, I turned to Danzou. The Fox Eye immediately identified the Uchiha's Sharingan. Unlike Hatake, he had several implanted; one in his left eye and the other in his hidden arm. I gotta thank Kitami when I return. The Fox Eye did as it was advertised. Danzou's Sharingans proved to be ineffective against my own bloodline when he tried to use it against me.

That didn't make him any less dangerous. I ended up fighting in a swordfight. The old man was good, I hate to admit. But he was pretty complacent in his superiority. But in the end, his sword was broken in two, and he was staring down at the pointy end of my blade. I think he was honestly shocked to see that his best ninja were defeated.

Killing him would only make things worse, so I spared his life. Danzou soon joined his ROOT in unconsciousness. By the time he and his group recover, I was be long gone.

Entry 5:

Visited Yukie in Spring Country. Actually, she invited me to the premiere of her newest movie, which she had shot back West. Afterward, she invited me and the guards to her estate in the Spring Capital. There, I entertained the Elite Guard with stories of my days as a Konoha genin, particularly the mission into Spring, then known as Snow. Now that Yukie's a Damiyo, she managed to get a small ninja village established. She took me there one time. The ninja were mostly refugees from Mist and from other villages that had fallen off the map. I'd say in a few years the Hidden Ice Village will be a force to be reckoned with.

I also received word from the Spring Branch of the Pekara Merchant House that the original Ino-Shika-Cho trio - consisting of Inoichi Yamanaka, Shikaku Nara and Chouza Akamichi - were tailing me. This I already knew, since I saw them at the premiere. Chouza pretty much sticks out like a sore thumb, and if he was there, then his two buddies were not far behind.

The original Ino-Shika-Cho were pretty famous during the days of the last Shinobi War. Not as famous as my father, but still famous. Call it hubris, but I wanted to see just how good they really were.

Fortunately for them, they decided to come to me. It was in the evening when I was training in the woods surrounding Yukie's estate when they showed up.


Spring Country.

Clad in his usual black flak vest, pants and boots, his face still concealed by the Kage-style hat and face mask, Naruto was performing his evening kata, knowing full well that he was being watched. Yukie was also present, chatting with Sana and Haku while the other four Elite Guards stood around, chatting amongst one another.

"Hiding in the shadows, trying to figure me out isn't going to get you nowhere," Naruto called out in a loud voice as he concluded his kata. "Step into the clearing."

As the Elite Guards drew their weapons, Shikaku Nara, Inoichi Yamanaka and Chouza Akamichi emerged from the forests. The Elite Guards were ready to attack, but a signal from Naruto stayed their hand.

"Shikaku Nara...Inoichi Yamanaka...Chouza Akamichi...Konoha's infamous Ino-Shika-Cho trio," Naruto drawled.

Yukie's eyes narrowed. "Konoha ninja? Here?"

"They're here for me," Naruto replied casually. "Isn't that right?"

"That's right," Chouza said.

"Can't help that I'm popular these days. I'm guessing that there's an ulterior motive you three decide to chase me down, aside the fact that it was on the orders of your Hokage."

Inoichi nodded. "You did attack our children. So yes, it's a parent thing. You must have parents, so you must understand the bond between a father and their child."

"I don't," Naruto replied flatly. "My parents died on the day I was born; my mother in childbirth, and my father in battle. The father figure I had died in a sneak attack when I was twelve. Enough talk. You came for me, so here I am. You don't have to worry about my guards interfering in our little dance."

"Pretty confident, are ya?" Chouza said as he and his teammates surrounded Naruto.

"It comes with experience and skill," Naruto replied. "I've always wanted to see how the famed Ino-Shika-Cho trio can fight. I hope you don't disappoint me."

[End Flashback]

The original Ino-Shika-Cho proved to a bit tougher than the newer version. But in the end, they too were defeated. After they regained consciousness, Yukie chewed them out before sending them back to the border under guard.

So far, it's Konoha, zero, Yours Truly, three.

Entry 6:

The Elite Guards has just went up from six to eight. The two newest members just so happens to be a founding member of the Akatsuki and his lover, who was the former leader of Amagakure.

How did that happen, you ask?

Well, as it turned out, my spy network back east had caught wind of a major defection from within their ranks. Male and female, mid-to-late twenties, the male an expert in gravity and water jutsu, the female a master of paper-style ninjitsu.

Yugito and Bee all voiced their opinions about me tracking down the heads of a organization consisting of S-class ninja. And believe me, I had my own concerns as well, but having two S-ranked people who know the organization inside and out could prove to be useful. I planned on dealing with the Akatsuki later on, since they are a credible threat, and the Akatsuki probably has it in for me for killing two of their members.

Well, I'm gonna piss them off even further by rescuing two more.

With Kitami as backup, I used the Demons' Gate Jutsu and came across their last known location: Forest Country.

Our timing could not have been more perfect, as the two ninja in question were being chased down by a quintet calling themselves the Five Paths of Pain. And from the look of things, these five were very, very deadly. Using my expertise as a tactician, I quickly came up with a plan. Kitami created 200 shadow clones of Hidan to keep the quintet occupied, while Kitami and I went after the two ninja.

Both were in bad shape, as the male ninja's final attack had drained the last of his chakra. And it was a pretty nasty gravity-based jutsu as well.

The Shinra Tesei.

While the five Akatsuki were stunned from the attack, I made my move.

As the Five Paths of Pain were distracted by Kitami's clones, Kitami and I grabbed the two injured ninja. The man started to sputter something until I stopped him with just eight words.

"Come with us if you want to live."

By the time Kitami and I returned to the Demon's Gate, the Five Paths of Pain were still fighting the Hidan clones. When we were safely back West, the clones dispersed, leaving Pain to figure out what the hell just happened. Once we were back home, I had both of them treated for their injuries, while at the same time, got their names.

The bluenette was Konan, and her companion was Yahiko. Yahiko Uzumaki.

And here, I thought I was the last Uzumaki. But it makes me glad that I have survivng clan members to call family. I then found out the reason why they were on the lam from the Akatsuki. Then again, Yahiko was surprised to find out that my mother was the former ruler of Whirlpool. Originally, they were called the Ame Orphans - Yahiko, Konan and another named Nagato. Much to my surprise, they were once students of Jiraiya when they were younger.

Yahiko had dreamed of bringing about peace to the shinobi world, and thus created Akatsuki. But over time, the organization had lost sight of their goals, and became corrupt. Yahiko was removed as leader in favor of Nagato.

As expected, things got worse.

Nagato was the one controlling the Five Paths of Pain - a deadly jutsu which allows Nagato to control five bodies separately via chakra rods in his body via the rods in their bodies at the same time. The studs were placed inside five corpses, reanimating them. The Five Paths were Animal Path, Human Path, Naraka Path, Asura Path, and Preta Path. Because of Yahiko's talent for Gravity jutsu, he would have been number six - the Deva Path.

Konan and Yahiko soon discovered that Nagato was just a puppet. The real head of the Akatsuki was Madara Uchiha. Kitami recognized the name, as did I. He was responsible for the events which shaped my life. What Yahiko told me was even more disturbing. Madara desired the power of the tailed beasts, which explained why Itachi and Kisame had chased me.

Kitami had filled me in on the backstory. The nine bijuu were originally the Ten-Tailed Beast. Its jinchuuriki was the Six Paths Sage. Fearing that the Ten-Tails would be released upon his death, the Six Paths Sage came up with a backup plan. He split the Ten-Tails into the nine tailed beasts and sealed the Ten-Tails Body in a stone prison, creating the moon.

Yahiko and Konan were surprised that Kitami knew about that little piece of information. They were pretty much shocked when they found out that Kitami herself was the Nine-Tails in human form, and that the Two-Tails and Eight-Tails were here.

Then they laid out the plan which caused them to flee the Akatsuki. Madara Uchiha's Eye of the Moon Plan.

The plan was simple. It was a plan for total world domination. It also explained Madara's interest in the tailed beasts. The Akatsuki would track down and retrieve the jinchuuriki and use a jutsu to remove the tailed beast from within their bodies, killing the host in the process. So far, they did this to Yagura, meaning that Mei didn't kill him, just simply took control of the Mist before it could erupt into civil war.

Once Madara had the power of the tailed beasts in his posession, he would fuse them back to their original form, and become the jinchuuriki to the Ten-Tails. He would then use his Eternal Magenkyou Sharingan, powered by the Ten-Tails to project an infinte Tsukyomi onto the moon in order to control any and everyone. And here, I thought Sasuke was bad. Madara's much worse.

The following day, I held an emergency meeting of the council. Temari had sat in. Terumi was out on retreat in the mountains. I invited Yahiko and Konan to the session and they told everything to the council. Suffice to say, the council was troubled. Only five Jinchuuriki were still left. And you can bet your last ryo that the Akatsuki will be combing the East for them. Gaara's well-guarded for the time being, so the other four are the problem.

I then proposed a strategy. Using the spy network back east, I find the jinchuuriki and offer them asylum here. The motion was passed. As for Konan and Yahiko, I had them placed on probation until the Akatsuki was destroyed. At least Yahiko and Konan understood the severity of the situation. As they were one former members of the Akatsuki, they had to earn their trust.