"Hello Bella" Oh my! His voice. It's like liquid chocolate. I want to roll around in it. Forever

Urgh! I mentally groan. I swear to God that if I pant or swoon, I am going to fucking kill myself. I mentally imagine myself to tug on my big girl panties. Maybe if I don't have to look at him, it could stop horny-me from jumping him.

Shaking my head, I step forward to hug him, determined to not make a fool of myself.



Shit! My mind just went into overload.

Dear god! If only hugging him could paralyze me with such lust, I am fucking doomed. I swear one swoon worthy glance from him and I will just fall apart.

Scratch that. Me hugging jasper is nothing compared to him wrapping me up in his arms. I want to purr. Mmm! I tilt my head a little as he leans down toward my neck. Just surrender.

Bad Bella. I mentally chastise myself. I am not going to make a mockery of myself. 'No self-esteem' play was long over, so no toppling over to entertain vampires.

I snap out of his arms as if I have been burned. My shields snapping around me instantly.

His loud growl of displeasure makes me cock my head in confusion. Although his growl has stirred a dull echo somewhere around my belly. My stomach is making funny flip-flops. Best not ponder on it right now.

"Hey!" I lamely reply.

He steps forward and I step back. His close proximity is not going to help me so I might as well avoid it.

Not happening. He takes two steps forward making me want to yelp. My heart feels like its planning to beat out of my ribcage. I quickly scamper back. This apparently doesn't make him happy as his already black eyes seem to darken even more and a strange determination seems to cross his face, instilling a strange kind of aroused-fear in me. Apparently the horny side of me likes it. Eww!

Luckily the buzzing of my phone interrupted our weird mating dance. Hehe! I mentally laughed. 'Mating Dance'

Bella POV


What the hell! Before I could even reach to my phone to answer it, Jasper just took the phone off my hands and smashed it to the ground, all the while maintaining eye contact with me. I growled at him as his arms went around my waist dipping me backwards a little. His movements were confusing, not to mention they were scaring the shit out of me. Slowly his head moved towards my throat, his nose skimming my jawline as he proceeded towards my neck.

I was paralyzed with shock! I couldn't move, also I doubt if he'd have let me had I even tried. I wasn't sure if he was tempted by my blood or not, his movements seemed oddly calculated and dare I say…sensuous. Nah! It was more predatory like.

"Jasper" I tried while softly shoving at his chest. Wrong move! Within no time at all, both my hands were gripped in one of his as he growled and licked at my neck. His free hand tangled up in my curls; tugging and pulling to direct my neck in such manner as to provide him better access.

"Jasper" I choked, fear now gripping my insides. A hollow buzzing started in my stomach, leaving me befuddled. I could not decipher my own feelings, although fear was a prominent one, it was not all consuming.

His only answers were more licks, nips and growls. His vigorous attacks on my neck seemed to be directed to elicit a response from me. The only response he got though was terrified squeaks and pitiful pleas.

After a while though, my fruitless attempts to push him off had disappeared and I had surprisingly found myself tilting my neck in sync with his nips and licks. A moan or two might have escaped my lips, but I didn't let it concern me.

Sometime had passed since and instead of him slowing down, the fervor of his kisses increased. My senses were coming back to me though. The haze of mindlessness that surrounded me slowly disappeared and I became aware of my surroundings. The thought that this was Jasper and Alice's mate as well as the realization that I was not a pathetic human anymore invaded my mind.

Finally, I snapped and threw out my physical shield. The result was instantaneous; Jasper was immediately a few feet off me. My shield made a two feet ring around me. His loud growl reached me after I felt him push at my shield, his eyes pitch black. A dangerous aura surrounded him, demanding me to drop my shield, no words spoken.

I gathered my wits and concentrated on strengthening the shield. Bella Swan was her own person and she was not going to bend backwards for any vampire no more.

"Isabella, let down the shield. Now"

Holy mother of god, his gravelly voice sent a shock cascading through my system.

"NO!" I actually shouted at him. All the emotions meddling together into words I was sure to regret in the future, "How dare you? You cannot command me to do anything. If I remember correctly, the last time we met you were more than eager to rip out my throat. What, Alice let you off your leash this once?"

I regretted my words as soon as they left my mouth, though it was nothing compared to the hurt on his face, it cut me like a knife. How could I say such a hurtful thing to him? Neither had he tried to drain me, nor harm me in any manner. The bit about Alice was a low blow and I know it did not hurt him as much as my jibe about him wanting to drain me.

None of the Cullen's except for Em and Rose believed him and here I was, opening those wounds for him. I felt horrible.

My shield dropped instantly, yet he stood standing where he was.

"I am so sorry, Jasper. Please forgive me; I know you didn't lunge after me to drain me. I had seen the look in your eyes. I have believed you all this time. It was Edward who was out of control, not you. I didn't mean anything of what I just said. I am confused and I have some trust issues, especially after what Edward did. You are nothing like him, but I have grouped all the vampires into one category. I am sorry for that, it's just that I was so happy seeing you but all the..all that…um..this", I pointed at my neck, showing of the bright red spot that was hard to miss, "is not what I expected and I don't know…everything is confusing and…", and to my horror I started sobbing. And I couldn't stop.

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But we are going to have to get over Bella's trust issues as well as Jasper's muddled feelings. Soon.

And YES Bella will imprint on Jasper, if you have noticed, in my story, all the vamp-werewolf imprints take place only when the werewolf's are in their wolf forms. So, you are right to assume that we are just about to reach that point and it's going to be fantabulous. Just like you'll want.

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