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Lucy Heartifilia entered her house sighing. She just came from a mission with Natsu, Gray, Erza and Happy. She only got half of what she was supposed to get from this mission since it offered a big reward. Muttering a few curses under her breathe, she trudged in her house with Plue following closely behind her. She sat on her chair, facing her desk. Her laptop was still plugged in and it seemed to be fully charged now. Thank god her house didn't burn down.

She opened her laptop and checked her email. There was nothing really except for some review alerts about this new fanfiction she put up about Fairy Tail. It was hard to admit it to others, but Lucy had been secretly writing fanfictions within her guild. Some of them contained yaoi and yuuri, but there was no doubt that those were sure hits on the website. She also put in some unusual pairings like Fried and Erza (you know, both of them being swordsman… woman…) and Natsu-Cana (she had no idea why she even thought of this).

One of her greatest works was a yaoi fiction between Gray and Jellal. It had almost a thousand reviews and many people started to follow her other stories as well.

'Thank god for yaoi…' she thought as she exited all of her email alerts and logged on to her most favorite social networking site of all, Fairybook. Everyone that she knew from Fairy Tail all the way to Blue Pegasus and Lamia Scale were her friends there. Even some people from Oracion Seis decided to friend her. It was actually kind of awesome to know some of the people who tried to kill you before.

Once she was logged in, she approved some of the friend requests from people like Zancrow, Ultear, and Rusty Rose. Apparently, people from Edolas were also on the site since she received requests from Lucy Ashley and Natsu Dragion. And after once she went through everything, she decided to post something.

Lucy Heartifilia : Natsu Dragneel is stupid.
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Mirajane Satansoul: My, what did he do this time? :O
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Lucy Heartifilia: He and Gray Fullbuster destroyed half the town. AGAIN.
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Gray Fullbuter: Hey! It was mostly his fault! He couldn't control his stinky dragon breath!
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Natsu Dragneel: What'd you say droopy eyes? :(
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Gray Fullbuster: You heard me, squinty. .
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Lucy Heartifilia: WTF Gray? What was that?
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Gray Fullbuster: Those were Natsu's eyes. Coz that's how they look like.
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Natsu Dragneel: Well your eyes look like these 0^0
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Erza Scarlet: Now that's just sad.
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Lucy Heartifilia: Natsu just has bad taste in art.
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Natsu Dragneel: Lucy! You're supposed to be on my side! TT^TT
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Happy: Lucy, Natsu llliiiikkkeeesss you. :)
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Lucy Heartifilia: . . .
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Cana Alberona: I need more booooze. -_-
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Gildarts Clive: Yep! That's my girl.
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Wakaba Mine: Let's all go drinking soon!
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Macao Conbolt: I'm in!
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Gildarts Clive: Don't encourage my daughter! Unless you both want to be smashed to pieces.
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Elfman Beastarm changed his relationship status to 'in a relationship'
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Mirajane Satansoul: My! o.o
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Elfman Beastarm is now in a relationship with Evergreen Fairyqueen
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Lisanna Animalsoul: Nii-san! Why didn't you say anything?
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Natsu Dragneel: Cool! How'd you do that relationship thingy?
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Gray Fullbuster: What the hell, Natsu?
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Lucy Heartifilia: Who are you going to send a request to?
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Happy: Lucy wants to get the request! ;)
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Lucy Heartifilia: I did not say ANYTHING.
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Gray Fullbuster: Why so defensive, Lucy?
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Lucy Heartifilia: I am not being defensive!
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Lucy Ashley: She's being defensive!
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Lucy Heartifilia: Edo-Lucy?
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Lucy Ashley: I do have a name you know.
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Evergreen Fairyqueen: Leave this post alone before I turn any of you into stone!
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Natsu Dragneel is in a relationship with Gray Fullbuster
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Laki Olietta: Since when?
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Lisanna Animalsoul: What the… O.O
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Macao Conbolt: Are you guys serious?
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Levy McGarden: Oh my god!
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Cana Alberona: How come it never occurred to me you guys were gay?
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Ultear Milkovich: I knew that Gray stripped, I never thought it was for a guy.
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Midnight Sleepyhead: This explains a lot.
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Jellal Fernandes: WHAT THE FUCK!
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Jura Nekis: Is this for real?
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Wally Buchanan: Wait till someone sees this… :-"
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Wakaba Mine: This made me cough on my own smoke.
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Macao Conbolt: This makes me wanna puke.
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Bob Pegasus: Welcome to the club boys~ ;;)
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Hibiki Laytis: Master Bob is just disgusting.
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Eve Thylm: I think the term 'cougar' doesn't apply here.
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Laxus Dreyar: I always knew they were sissies. Never thought this sissy.
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Sherri Blendi: This is just sick.
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Ichiya Wanderlei Kotobuki: I never though that these two were this mehn-ly.
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Elfman Beastarm: THIS IS NOT MANLY!
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Reedus Jonah: The hell?
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Lyon Bastia: I will never look at Gray the same way ever again!
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Bisca Mulan: I knew there was something between you two.
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Loki: I get Lucy all to myself now!
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Jet Speedylegs: My eyes! They burn!
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Gajeel Redfox: Natsu Dragneel, you are a disgrace to dragonslayers.
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Happy: This must be some sort of joke, right Natsu?
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Wendy Marvell: N-Natsu and Gray? *nosebleed*
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Charle: Wendy! You shouldn't be around those sort of people!
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Lucy Heartifila: WHAT THE HELL NATSU!
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Erza Scarlet: No wonder these two had a lot of lovers quarrel.
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Juvia Loxar: Juvia has a new rival in love! :(
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Natsu Dragneel: Why is everyone making such a big deal out of it?
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Natsu Dragneel: How come I can't change our status to enemies? It just says in a relationship.
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Gray Fullbuster: I don't recall accepting this! THIS IS GAY SHIT!
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Erza Scarlet: You're gay aren't you?
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Gray Fullbuster: AM NOT!
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Juvia Loxar: I believe Gray-sama!
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Lucy Heartifilia: Natsu Dragneel, what do you mean enemies?
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Happy: Natsu is just clueless to this kind of things. -_-
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Author's Notes: I just did this during my spare time. Characters may change depending on the chapter. I tried to make it look like Facebook, but then I decided to put my own twist (sort of) instead. Oh yeah, I just made some of the other character's names up. :)) Hope you guys understood the last part. Post comments if you didnt.

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