Harry Potter is Ember Mclain's adopted child/lover

HP/DP crossover

Ember was wandering the Ghost Zone, fuming at her latest defeat at the hands of that infernal Danny Phantom. Honestly though, it was getting a bit old, wasn't it? Almost any ghost that tried going against him ended up loosing. Every. Single. Time. Ugh!

What really sucked was that this time all she was trying to do was record an album. Despite what some people thought, she was not just trying to take over the world, or cause a teenage rebellion. This time, she was trying to make some money. Resetting a new tour every time she came out of the Ghost Zone was expensive, so she tried to make a record that would make some money in the meantime. Thankfully she had already set up the bank account and had finished recording the album when the Ghost boy caught her.

Now though, she didn't know what she wanted to do. She wasn't planning on going anywhere near Amity Park anytime soon, that would be just asking for trouble. But this time she wasn't even near there! She was recording in NYC, and somehow had been captured there. Maybe it was time to try somewhere further. She always did want to try and see how successful she would be overseas. Not to mention there was apparently a lot of afterlife activity in Britain.

Yes, she decided,she would go over to the motherland, see if there wasn't a way to spend some peaceful time in the real world, just until she had enough money for another tour. And hey, if she liked it enough, she could always just do an around the world (or just Europe) tour. Luckily, traveling through the Ghost Zone was nothing like traveling through the real world. Here, all she did was open the right door aaaannnddd... There!

Huh. England's Ghost Zone was rather... grey. Not at all to her liking. She could only hope that the real world wasn't as dull as it's Ghost Zone. Come to think of it, judging by looking around, the Ghosts were about as vibrant as the scenery. Yeash, no wonder she never made her way over the pond before. Maybe she could start to change that, do a small revolution in her downtime. Nothing for the real world of course, just a bit of change to the Ghost Zone.

But first things first, time to find a tear in the fabric of the Zone. Lets see, where are you... hmmm... Aha! There, next to the young couple holding hands. She rushed forward, and before anyone could stop her, made it through the tear and back onto the mortal plain. However, she did not expect to go tumbling into a person. She heard a sharp cry, then tripped over said person, causing them both to fall into each other.

A/N: Okay, first off, sorry I haven't updated anything recently, finals and other college stuff got in the way. Don't worry, I am working on the next chapter for everything else, some plot bunnies recently got into my mind and made me start a bunch of new HP crossover fics, like this one. Hopefully this will not come back to haunt me (HA!). Also, quick question on this fic. Should I make Ember a motherly figure for Harry, or a girlfriend? Please help me decide!