Hello everyone! I wanted to try my hand at House ficage for awhile now. This idiot popped out of nowhere and wouldn't let me go. I hope you enjoy it. It's a little clich├ęd so please just humor me. :)

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House looked up at the girl sitting on his desk. A teenager with light brown hair and blue eyes. She was about 16 years old and smoking a cigarette. He wanted to tell her to get her black, knee high combat boots off his desk but something didn't feel right.

"Am I hallucinating?" He asked the girl. She shook her head, her long ponytail shaking back and forth. "So it's a dream then. Why are you here Maddie?"

"You know why you keep dreaming about me. They stopped but are back now." The girl in the black lace dress tells him. "You've been watching her on CNN, you know what's going to happen." She tells him. He nods to her. Maddie takes another puff of her long cigarette and blows it away from his face, up and over his head.

"Angela is getting careless." He said and looks away. The room is fuzzy around the edges, the team isn't in the conference room, and there was no sound but the two of them. When he looks up again her boots are gone and she's standing with her toes curled into the carpet, the cigarette gone, her hair was down and falling around her face. Her eyes bare into him and she nods again.

"Angela is careless." She tells him and takes one of his hands. She bowed her head, her hair completely covering her face like a curtain. "Angela has always been careless." She told him.

"So...this means I'm going to see you soon." He didn't really ask. She nodded again. House bowed his head. "That doesn't tell me why I've been dreaming about you off-and-on for months now. Since before Mayfield." Maddie looked up at him, eyes searching. "You're there. Every night now." The wrapped both hands around her the hand he held. "You should have been there when things were falling apart. You should have been there when I nearly lost Wilson. You should have been with me." House stared up at her with sad eyes. His broken heart on his sleeve. He closed his eyes, when he opened them he saw the Maddie he had seen in pictures. Tight purple jeans, a bright lime green screen printed shirt, the same black boots, her makeup was bright and bold with heavy eyeliner, and her hair was black with purple streaks in it. Her cigarette was back in her left hand. Her purple nail tapping out the ash onto the carpet.

"You had every chance to. You watched my YouTube account. You facebook stalked me. You could have messaged me. My cell phone number and e-mail was up there for you." She told him as she hopped onto the desk, her legs crossed, one arm across her chest and the one holding the cigarette held parallel to her leg. "No biggie dude. You know what happens next." She told him with a grin and a wink. "You know that, unlike Amber, I'm not dead. I'm alive, I'm relative healthy for a smoker, I'm here. And all you need to do to have me in your life is say one little, teeny-tiny word."

"What's that?"

"Yes." She tells him. Maddie stubs out the cigarette on the desk and gives him a kiss on the head. "You'll get your chance. Just don't pussy out on me." She tells him.

When House wakes up Wilson is glaring at him and scolds him for sleeping on the job. He makes a joke about him being a nagging wife before he gets up to join Wilson for lunch.

"Did you hear about that reporter?" Wilson tries to make small talk with the other man as they walk to the elevator.

"No." House replied, mind still on the dream that's still vivid in his memory.

"Oh, that woman from CNN was killed by a drug cartel in Mexico late last night. You know, the one you hate? What's her name? Angela Mason?" He commented. House stopped and stared at the other man, completely lost.

"Angela Mason is dead?" He asked him, still not believing what he heard.

"Yeah, that drug cartel she's been reporting on for the last two weeks found her and shot her in the face." Wilson told him, a bit confused by House's reaction. "It's tragic really, CNN has been reporting about it all morning. Seems she was a single mom and was survived by her teenage daughter." He told him. House looked down at his shoes, his eyebrows knitted together.

"Angela is careless." He said.