Pointless "daddy duty" stuff (examples: going to high school sports events, showing up for parent teacher's conferences, staying home to look after a sick kid, recitals...etc) but I hope you like it! Thank you to everyone that reviewed and added this to their alerts!


Madison woke up at 5 a.m. to jog with Wilson before having to go to school. It was getting colder in the early morning and the cold air was hurting her lungs. She kept jogging and ended up having to slow her pace so Wilson could keep up.

"How's school going?" Wilson asked her when he caught up to her.

"Good. I never really had problems keeping up in school. Public school is a joke anyways." She told him. "The only thing I'm worrying about is tutoring Brad. His grades are horrible. His highest grade is in P.E., his geometry grades are horrible, I don't think he's ever done his history homework or even knows how to take notes. He's lucky he's talented, nice, and good looking." Madison laughed. "I have to get his grades up and prepare him for the SATs."

"That's not going to be easy." Wilson commented, dodging a root that had deformed the trail in the park. "How often are you tutoring him?"

"Now? Every weekday. I'm sick of studying in the library too. Can I bring him home to study?" She asked him. Wilson thought that maybe he should run it by House first but he really had no reason to believe he'd have a problem with it.

"Sure. I don't see why not." Wilson said. "So tell me about this Brad guy."

"Well, he's the quarterback for the football team, he's nice, he has an older sister who's smart and he thinks he's living in her shadow." Madison tells him and jumped over a branch in the trail. "And oh my god is he hot." Wilson laughed at that. He remembered the first girl he liked in high school and that made him think about how House would react. As much as he liked to pretend he wasn't House was really protective of those he cared about. He could imagine the terror he would put poor Brad through.

"Don't tell your dad you have a crush on him." Wilson told her as he slowed to a stop and sat down on a bench.

"I don't have a crush on him!" Madison protested loudly and sat down with a huff next to him. He was breathing hard and hurting, Madison was fine and he was momentarily jealous that a 16 year-old recovering anorexic was kicking his ass at jogging. She made him feel old. "Oh, I almost forgot. My first recital is Friday. Are you coming? Dad said he would make it."

"Of course I am." Wilson replied. It was strange to think that just over a month ago he and House were spending their Friday nights ordering pizza and watching DVDs on the sofa all night. Now they were spending their Friday nights playing video games with Madison since she hadn't made many friends yet at her new school she spent her weekends at home, and now they were going to be adding hockey games and orchestra recitals to their schedules. He wouldn't in a million years imagine he'd be going to a high school orchestra recital to watch House's daughter play. He hadn't expected it but he loved that feeling.

"Come on, let's go back home. I need to make my lunch and eat breakfast or dad will kill me." Madison told him.

When they got back Madison took her vitamins and supplements as she cooked egg whites and toast with Smart Balance 'butter'. She fixed a lunch of 1 cup tabouli, 1/2 cup pasta salad with cheese, and 1/2 a turkey sandwich. When she wasn't looking House added a coke and a muffin to the bag.

"How are you feeling?" House asked her.

"I feel great. The vitamins and diet are really helping. It's only been a week but I can feel at difference." She replied to him.

"Good." House said as he packed his backpack. "We'll add another 100 calories this week. More carbs." Madison frowned at him but nodded. She said goodbye and took her book bag and jacket from a hook on the wall before leaving.


"What time is the recital?" House asked Wilson when they were in line in the cafeteria. Thirteen and Cuddy looked at the couple curiously.

"Recital?" Thirteen asked.

"Madison's orchestra recital." Wilson told her as he took a salad from the line. "It's tomorrow night."

"She's in the orchestra?" Cuddy asked them.

"She plays the cello." House told her. "Her and three other cellist are playing something by themselves before the concert."

"It's been how long since she moved in? A month?" Cuddy asked him.

"A month and a half." House corrected her.

"I can't believe it's already been that long." Cuddy replied as they paid. "And you still haven't introduced us." Cuddy gave him a dirty look and House shrugged.

"You didn't come over when I invited you." House retorted. Cuddy didn't say anything. House had tried to surprise her with the news but she refused his invitation and the next day Madison had show up at the hospital. It spread like wildfire and the whole hospital knew about Madison in half an hour.

"She friended Chase and I on facebook. You could add her." Thirteen offered as the group took their table. "Her name on facebook is 'Mad House'." She informed her.

"Why are you friending my daughter on facebook?" House asked with a slightly angry tone as he took one of Wilson's fries.

"Because I was curious." Thirteen replied. "If she didn't look just like you I wouldn't have believe she was yours honestly. She's too nice to be yours. She's actually smiling in most of her pictures."

"Stop facebook stalking my daughter." House ordered.

"You can come to the recital, if you two want. I'm sure she wouldn't mind." Wilson told her. Madison had said that she didn't like playing for a nearly empty auditorium and the more the merrier. "It's at 7 at Roosevelt High School."

"That might be nice. I'll get Lucas to watch Rachel." Cuddy said, much to the ire of House who wasn't too keen on the idea of sitting through a recital with Cuddy and Thirteen. He had every faith is daughter's abilities as a musician but didn't want to endure the other high schoolers horrible playing and spend an hour and a half ignoring the two women.

"Madison already invited Chase and I on facebook. We both plan on making it." Thirteen told him, grinning at House's frown.


When they get home Brad is sitting at the kitchen table, like he has every day of the week, with Madison who had an aray of hair products, supplies, and a free-standing mirror. The girl had bleached part of her bangs during the day and was currently tying her hair into ponytails in a long line in the center of her head.

"Hello Dr. House, Dr. Wilson." Brad greeted them. He was still afraid of House after being terrorized by him the first time he came to the condo.

"Hey." Madison said, not moving her hands from her work.

"What are you doing Maddie?" House thought that, maybe, she was putting her hair up in a fauxhawk for the recital. There had to be rules about that though, but he figured if she's breaking the arbitrary rule then good for her.

"Putting my hair up in a fauxhawk for the recital!" She told him. So he was right. Brad shielded himself from an barrage of hairspray with his history book.

"Ok..." House replied as he put his backpack down near the door. "Did you eat your lunch?" He asked her.

"No, I didn't eat the muffin you left for me. Again." Madison replied angrily at him. House shrugged and went to sit on the sofa and turned on the TV.

Brad and Madison talked in the background with the occasional interruption of the can of hairspray and Wilson sat next to him reading a medical journal until 5:30 when Brad had to leave and Madison went to change and finish her makeup. Madison left her bedroom carrying her bag and wearing a hoodie at 6 to be at the high school by 6:30.


When House and Wilson arrived Chase was walking to the front of the auditorium from the other side of the parking lot with Foreman behind him. House groaned.

"What are you doing here?" House demanded.

"Madison invited me on facebook." Chase told him. "When Thirteen and I told Foreman about it we invited him. Since he doesn't have facebook Madison didn't invite him."

"Fine, whatever." House said and walked into the auditorium. Wilson sat next to him, Chase on the other side of Wilson and Foreman next to Chase. Wilson handed him a program. He looked at the selection and saw that most of the music was contemporary music and Beethoven.

"Who's Rasputina?" Chase asked Wilson who shrugged. Wilson read the program more closely.

Four Cellist and a Drummer:

Madison House: First Cello, Vocals

Kyle Grady: Second Cello

Michael Worth: Third Cello

Ben Fong: Fourth Cello

Whitney Glass: Drums

(Music Chosen by Madison House and Kyle Grady)

"Holocaust of Giants" by Rasputina

"Momma Was An Opium Smoker" by Rasputina

"Watch TV" by Rasputina

"Enter Sandman" by Apocalyptica

"Inquisition Symphony" by Apocalyptica

"House, do you know this band?" Wilson asked him as Thirteen and Cuddy jointed them, sitting behind the two fathers.

"It's Maddie's favorite band." He told him as the lights went down in the auditorium. A girl and three guys came out with Madison taking up the rear. The first girl carried drumsticks and the others carried their cellos. The audience murmured their reaction to the fauxhawk she was sporting that now had two pink rose pins on the left side. She was wearing a pair of black pinstripe capris, a matching waistcoat, and a pair of her mother's expensive black peep-toe pumps. The group took their seats on the stage.

"Thank you for coming out tonight to support the Roosevelt High School orchestra. We thought we would liven up the festivities a little and play some cello rock and folk cello. I'm sorry you have to hear me sing..." Madison said before raising her bow and drew it across the strings.

When I was nine years old
Way back in Ohio
The hired man was digging up a well
On my father's land
He found a fossil there

It was a massive bone
And since then I've known
That a race of giants lived in the northern hemisphere
Ten thousand years ago they lived right here

It seems incredible
But yet it's the truth
That a fossilized and petrified
Calcified primeval brute

Was turned to stone
But he was not alone
There were hundreds of them walking on the sand toward river
Even giants think they'll always live forever

Ya da da de
Ya da da da da de
Ya da da de
Ya da da da da de
Ya da da de
Ya da da da da de

Where a stream once flowed
Into the Ohio
Everything was turned to stone
The bible speaks of this
There were giants in our midst
But they slaughtered one another in a meaningless war
Thank your lucky stars that we don't do that anymore

That gravel-encrusted skull
That was found on a river shoal
Double rows of very sharp teeth
The massive jaw measured twenty-five feet

Well it's turned to stone
There were hundreds of them walking on the sand toward river
Even giants think they'll always live forever


The bible speaks of this
There were giants in our midst
But they slaughtered one another in a meaningless war
Thank your lucky stars that we don't do that anymore

That gravel-encrusted skull
That was found on a river shoal
Double rows of very sharp teeth
The massive jaw measured twenty-five feet

Well it's turned to stone
There were hundreds of them walking on the sand toward the river
Even giants think they'll always live forever

Madison licked her bright pink lips as the audience cheered. Madison's voice was soft and it wasn't perfect but it was beautiful. Her and the other cellos hit all the notes correctly, they played beautifully.

"She's beautiful!" Cuddy whispered to him, House couldn't help but smile to himself. Madison drew the bow across the strings again.


The recital went well. Madison and her group got a standing ovation for their heavy metal cello exploits on stage. The group stayed seated, waiting for Madison, not too much later she came out rolling her cello case behind her. She stopped when she saw all the people waiting for her.

"Wow, I don't think I've ever had this many people show up to a recital for me." She told them. Her jacket was back on and her hair was just as teased and massive as before. Madison yawned. "Thanks."

"That was great!" Wilson told her and gave her a hug. The girl blushed.

"Thanks. I always hated singing." She told him. "Was I really good?"

"I thought you were." Wilson said and everyone joined in agreement. "Oh, this Lisa Cuddy. She's a friend of ours." Cuddy shook her hand.

"Hi! It's great to finally meet you!" Cuddy said cheerfully.

"It's nice to meet you too." Madison said with a wide smile.

"Hey, why don't we all go to dinner?" House asked. Madison glared at her father who was obviously getting back at her from inviting his colleagues to the recital. Madison still had problems with eating in public.

"Sure." Chase said.

"How did you get your hair like that?" Thirteen asked as they walked out of the auditorium, Foreman politely carrying her cello for her.

"A shit load of hairspray and mouse." Madison told her.


I didn't want to put the whole recital in there, that would have been a bit too much, buttttt...

If you are interested in the songs that Madison played in the recital here they are (you show know what to do but just in case you don't you replace the '[dot]' with an actual period):

"Watch TV" by Rasputina: http:/www[dot]youtube[dot]com/watch?v=FMk4kNB4elQ

"Holocaust of Giants" by Rasputina: http:/www[dot]youtube[dot]com/watch?v=hsyVKuElu1E

"Momma Was An Opium Smoker" by Rasputina: http:/www[dot]youtube[dot]com/watch?v=y_BthNHkCD4&feature=related

"Enter Sandman" by Apocalyptica: http:/www[dot]youtube[dot]com/watch?v=B4vQjNvTeY8

"Inquisition Symphony" by Apocalyptica: http:/www[dot]youtube[dot]com/watch?v=_tgLdWCDWSw