this is a one-shot.

Chippewa, Michigan.

February 1981.

June pushed open the door and walked into the record store relishing at tingling of the bell that hung above the door. June had just moved into the town of Chippewa, Michigan a little after Christmas break, and the record store had been one of the first things she took note of in the town. She had yet to start attending school yet but that would all change tomorrow when she walked through the doors of William McKinley High School. Today was a particularly great day for June because her birthday had just pasted so she had quite a bit of birthday cash to blow, so she could finally buy Rush's new album Moving Pictures. Ever since she first heard Tom Sawyer on the radio she knew that she had to buy the album, and Rush just happened to be one of her favorite bands. Making her way through the store she reached the section that held all the band's that started with the letter R, and there it was still wrapped in plastic, Moving Pictures. A grin made it's way across her face, it was the last one left and it was all hers, that was until someone rushed past her and took the record into their hands. She couldn't even think for a second, this boy had just rushed in and took her album, oh no way was this happening.

"Hey! I was totally here first, and I'm not trying to be rude or anything but, that record is mine!" June said firmly with her hands placed on her hips

The boy who had the record in his hands slowly looked her up and down not being discrete at all about it, just blatantly checking her out. "Do I know you?" he said to her

"Uh, no. I just moved here, but seriously dude give me my record," She was not in the mood for this, and although he may have been cute, this album was hers.

"Yeah I didn't think so, because I defiantly would have remembered seeing you before," he said while waggling his eyebrows a bit. This was absolutely ridiculous he didn't even care about the album that he had in his hands, and all he could think about was trying to hit on her "So what's you're name? I'm Nick," he said while holding out his hand to her

June starred at his hand wide-eyed, this guy 'nick' was ridiculous did he not hear her when she said that she wanted that record? But she didn't want to seem like a bitch, for all she knew this kid could be someone she went to school with, so she took his hand into hers into a handshake "Hi Nick, I'm June, and I would really appreciate it if you gave me that record so I could buy it,"

A smile quickly appeared onto Nick's face once she mentioned the album again "You listen to Rush" he said quickly

"Yeah Man, are you kidding me? Rush is like my all time favorite band" She said like it was one of the most commonly known things in the world

"Oh no way? Me too, have you heard Tom Sawyer yet? If not you're totally missing out it's so good,"

June stared at Nick with the smallest of smiles on her face, he was cute, he acted sort of goofy but it was endearing, and he obviously had a good taste in music so that was a plus. The way his face lit up the moment she said that Rush was her favorite band was adorable, it was like someone had just given him a wad of cash, and it made her a little less angry that he still had her album in his hands.

"Yeah I've heard Tom Sawyer, that single came out on my birthday, and the moment I heard it I knew I had to come buy that album,"

"This album?" Nick said while he looked down at the album he had his fingers around "Oh shit, I'm sorry I didn't even realize," he said while looking very flustered "but man, I've wanted this album for a while, but you were here first, shit" he mumbled not expecting June to hear him arguing with himself

"No worries man, you keep it, I can buy it another time." And although that did hurt to say, she said it with a sincere smile open her face

"Well, I mean you can come over and listen to it with me, if you want," Nick said as he looked down at his feet nervously

She didn't know wether or not to say yes, she had just met this guy, he could be a major creep for all she knew. But it's not like she had any other friends in town "Yeah man, that would be really cool," June said with a bright smile on her face

"Really? That's great! Are you doing anything right after this?" He asked hopefully

"Nope," June said popping the p in that word just a bit

"Cool, I can't wait to listen to this album it's gonna rock so hard," he said as he quickly walked over to the register shoveling wrinkled bills out of his pockets, along with random amounts of change "Alright, you ready?"

She nodded and followed him out of the store, it was fairly windy out and thank goodness she had a hat on or her auburn hair would have whipped around her head ferociously. Winter in Michigan sure was something else, she had never experienced weather like this in Florida, she looked up at the sky in amazement as snowflakes began to fall from the gray sky. She pulled her hat down further onto to her head as she slowly walked and gazed at the sky, snowflakes falling gingerly on her pink tinted nose as she stared. It was amusing how amazed she was at the flakes falling from the sky, she was like a child who had just experienced their first Christmas morning.

"Does it snow a lot here?" June asked Nick picking up her pace a little in order to catch up with him

"Yeah some years it does, it's a total drag sometimes though, having to shovel and stuff," Nick said shrugging his shoulders "Where are you from anyway? 'Cause by the way you're looking that the snow it's like you've never seen it before,"

"Well, that's because this is my first time ever seeing snow, I moved from Florida," June said as she stuffed her hands into her pockets

"You'll learn to hate it after a while, trust me. So why Chippewa?" Nick said with a smirk on his face

"It's kind of personal, and we just met, so lets save that one for another day," She said as she gently nudged him with her elbow

"Hey no problem, I probably wouldn't be trying to tell all my secrets to a guy who I just met, and to a guy who bought the last Rush album," he said jokingly

June laughed and shook her head "You're lucky I let you buy it, I've wanted it since my birthday, but I don't want to come across as a bitch before I even start school," she said while smiling

"You're going to William McKinley right?"

She nodded her head, as the kept on walking she found herself getting colder, and colder she defiantly was not prepared for this type of weather. She wrapped her arms around her middle in a vain attempt to keep herself warm in the snow, but it wasn't really working all too well. She suddenly felt something drape across the back of her neck, it was an orange scarf. She looked up to see that Nick had taken off his scarf and given it to her, he was smiling sheepishly above her with a small hint of a blush across his cheeks, or it could have just been from the cold. She smiled up at him and whispered a hushed thanks, she carefully wrapped the scarf around her neck, and it did help her warm up but she didn't think it was all because of the scarf he had given her.

"So Nick, do you usually do this?" Nick looked at with a confused look written across his face "You know, invite random girls to your house to listen to Rush?" Nick's entire faced turned red at that comment and June couldn't help but laugh "I'm just kidding, it's really cool that you asked me to come over,"

Nick couldn't help but start to feel nervous every time a smile spread across June's face, it was like the sun peaked out from it's place behind the clouds every time she laughed or smiled. So her name did fit her in that sense, she really was like June, she was like walking sunshine really. Nick couldn't fathom why he had asked her to come over, or why she even agreed, but he was glad she did. June wasn't anything like Lindsay from what he could tell, Lindsay would have never gone off with some guy she just met to listen to Rush, sometimes he wondered if she even liked Rush. But who cares, Lindsay broke up with him not the other way around, but god, she was just so beautiful to him, she just looked so gorgeous without even trying. But now there was June, yeah he had just met her but, she liked Rush and she was attractive, what's not to like about her? Nick tried his hardest to fight the battle that was going on in his mind but he couldn't help but continue to compare June to Lindsay.

"Hey, Nick, you okay?" Nick hadn't even noticed that he had stopped walking and that June was currently touching his face with her small cold hands. He couldn't even think of a response he just stood there and stared at her. "You totally spaced out for awhile, you freaked me out dude, I thought I was going to have to call the ambulance or something," June said with her hand still placed gingerly on his cheeks

"Yeah, sorry I was thinking.." Nick said although he thoughts that was probably one of the dumbest things he had ever said in his life

"No problem, happens to me all the time, you just get really caught up in whatever it is that you're thinking about and you just go into space," June said sincerely

"This is my house by the way, come on we're gonna go in the basement," Nick said as he lead her into his house and downstairs

The moment they touched ground in the basement Nick ran over to the record player and placed Moving Pictures onto it. Nick and June both sat down on the couch watching the needle slowly move its way around the vinyl record, both anxiously waiting for the sounds of Tom Sawyer, and then it came. They both basked in the sounds of Neil Peart's drums and Geddy Lee's voice, June watched as Nick animately played the air drums with his eyes closed. And while she watched him do so she couldn't help but wonder what he was thinking about earlier that made him space out so much. Not that it was any of her business, but a little curiosity never hurt anyone, right?

"Nick, what were you thinking about early when you stopped walking?" June blurted out bluntly

"Huh? Oh man, just somethings, it's nothing really," Nick said while rubbing the back of his neck

"Nothin' huh? Well, then I guess your head was just filled with a whole lotta nothing," June said as she idly wrapped a piece of her hair around her finger

"It was a girl," Nick said with his eyes casted downward

"Oh yeah? What about this girl?" June was excited that he had started to tell her what was on his mind

"We went out for a little bit," he paused sighing a bit "then she broke up with me, but sometimes I'm just not sure if I am over her," he paused again "It's not like we were dating for a long time either it was just, she was the first girl to show any interest in me in a long time," he ran his hands through his hair "We didn't really have a lot in common either. It just sucks, you know, being dumped?"

"Well, Nick, I'm no relationship expert but whoever this girl is probably isn't worth your time," Nick looked at her eyes wide with shock, he couldn't believe she had just said that about Lindsay "Look, I'm not trying to be rude or diss this girl or anything but, If she couldn't see how great of a guy you are, forget about her," If there was one thing Nick had noticed about June, it was how blunt and brutally honest she could be.

"Yeah but, it wasn't all her fault," he started "I was kind of clingy, and I didn't really give her space, or atleast that was she said," Nick said trying to defend Lindsay

"Ok but, if she would have really liked you she would have talked to you about this and maybe tried to fix it before she broke up with you," June stopped and looked at Nick his eyes were once again gazing at the floor "Hey, I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just giving you my opinion, and it really doesn't mean anything because I hardly know you, and I don't even know this girl,"

"Don't worry about it," Nick said flatly

June frowned and placed her hands on Nick's cheeks for the second time that day and turned his head towards her. "Nick from what I can tell you are a great guy, and any girl that dumps you is stupid, whoever this girl is she obviously just wasn't read for a relationship. So don't get yourself so down, you've got your entire life ahead of you, and you'll meet plenty of girls who want to be with you," June said with a small smile on her face

June and Nick stared at each other unblinking while the sounds of rush wafted through the air in the basement. Neither of them were sure what to do at this moment, nor could they tune in to what the other person was going to do next. But finally someone took the initiative, Nick gently grabbed June's chin with this pointer finger and thumb and brought her face closer to his. They could feel each others breath on there faces, they were breathing the same air at that point. June's eyes fluttered closed, her thick lashes resting tenderly on her flushed cheeks, Nick just stared he knew what he wanted to do but he wasn't sure if he could do it. But he pushed those feelings aside and placed his lips on June's, she responded quickly and nervously. What the hell was going on with her life today, first someone random guy buys her record, then she ends up at this random guys house listening to said record, and now her and this guy were kissing. June was so lost in there kisses she didn't even realize that Nick's hands had traveled down to her hips and her hands were playing with his hair. June was the one to pull away from the kiss, and although they had stopped kissing neither of them moved their hands, they just sat there staring at one another thinking of what to say or do next. And that's when they realized that they needed to flip the record to side two, and that they hadn't been listening to the record at all. June quickly glanced over at a clock on the basement wall and discovered that it was almost seven at night.

"Shit, I told my mom I'd be home like an hour and a half ago," June said mostly to herself as she pushed herself up from the couch. She began to put on her jacket and hat, and then started to pull the orange scarf around her neck until she realized it didn't belong to her. She went to place it back down on the chair but Nick had gotten up and taken the scarf into his hands and tied it around her neck.

"Keep it for now, when you see me in school tomorrow you can give it back if you want," Nick said to her as he placed his hands on her shoulders

"Thanks," June whispered

"No problem, thanks for um, listening to Rush with me," Nick said

June nodded and walked up the stairs from the basement and onto the main floor of the house, Nick hadn't followed her up so she let herself out and began to walk home. Today was a very different day from what she had expected it to be, she didn't even get the album that she wanted. But maybe, just maybe things were looking up for June in Chippewa, Michigan.