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"Are you sure you know how to get there?" June's mom asked her for the third time that morning

"Yes Mom, I know how to get to school," June walked across the room to get her backpack, she glanced over at her mom and saw her nervously playing with the keys to her car. "Mom, relax, I'll be fine,"

"I know, I know, but I know you didn't really want to move here, and I know you're still upset about leaving all your friends back home," Her mom sighed and placed the car keys in the palm of June's hand "Have a good first day sweetheart,"

"Thanks Mom, love you,"

June headed outside into the frigid morning air of Michigan, with one hand shoved inside her jacket pocket she jiggled her car key in the door attempting to open her burnt orange VW mini bus. Finally the lock clicked signaling that the door had finally unlocked so she could finally escape the cold air. Being the new kid is always tough, it's never easy moving somewhere completely unfamiliar and trying to fit in with the crowd there. As June was driving to school she couldn't help but think about Nick, he was one of three people she knew in Michigan (her mom and dad included) and she wondered if he would even talk to her today. I mean she was the new kid, and maybe Nick was really cool, and popular and the only reason he talked to her yesterday is because no one he knew was around. June pulled into the parking lot of William McKinley she was gripping the steering wheel of her car so tight what her knuckles were turning white. With a deep breath, and a ton of optimism she walked out of her car and convinced herself she was ready for her first day of school. Walking through the hallways that first time was the most nerve-racking experience of her 17 year-old life. It felt like everyone was staring at her, judging her, and already putting her into some sub-category that everyone is put into during their high school career.

June finally reached the main office and walked right up to the main desk "Um, hi, I'm new here, my names June Matsen,"

The woman sitting at the front desk who's name was apparently 'Mrs. Friedman' peaked over her circular glasses and looked June up and down "Right," She began to shuffle through envelopes and finally pulled out a manilla folder marked 'Matsen, June'

"Alright here you go, you've got your schedule, locker combination, and yeah that's it,"

"505, Jesus Christ that's a lot of lockers, how the hell do they expect you to find your locker?" June thought "502, 503, 504, finally 505," June tried putting in her combination about five times but the locker just wouldn't budge.

"Hey you need some help?" the kid who asked her this was quite short so she assumed he was a freshman.

"Yeah I do actually," She said as she stepped away from the locker giving him some room "I've been at it for like five minutes, the thing just won't open,"

"Some of the lockers are like that, you just gotta give them a little kick," And just like that the locker door swung open

"Oh my god, thank you" June began to put her coat, scarf, and other wintery items in her locker, she had completely forgotten about the boy who had opened her locker for her.

"I'm Sam," the boy said making his presence known again

"Oh shit, sorry, I'm June, I just moved here," June said with her head still in the locker

"So uh, what grade are you in?" He was really short, I mean really, really short

"I'm a junior. Hey, do you know where this room is?" June asked as she showed him the piece of paper with her schedule neatly printed on it

"Yeah it's upstairs, on the second floor" Sam said with a smile

"Thanks again Sam, it was really cool of you to help me,"

With that June walked away the halls were filled with students all crowded around into little groups talking to one another. Class didn't start for another seven minutes but it's not like she had anyone to stop and talk to so she just went straight to class. As she was walking to class she became very hyperaware of the backpack that was resting on her shoulders, no one else here seemed to carry around a backpack.

"Great now I'm going to be labeled as weird-backpack-girl-who-can't-open-her-own-locker, " June mumbled

June reached the classroom, she took a deep breath and walked inside, the only people in the classroom were a girl, and the teacher.

"Oh, hello. You must be June, right?" June nodded her head with a smile "Well welcome to my classroom, I'm Mr. Sampson,"

"Is there assigned seating?" June asked the balding English teacher

"No, just sit wherever you'd like,"

June gave the room a quick scan and decided to sit next to the girl in the classroom. She had long pin straight brown hair, and a powder blue cardigan on. She quickly walked through the aisles of empty seats and sat at the desk next to the brunette. June could hear her heart beating in her ears, and she couldn't get her hands to stop shaking. She wondered what she was even nervous about, it was only English, it's not she was walking up to the guillotine. She shuffled through her backpack and pulled out a notebook, and a black pen.

"Hi," the brunette turned to face June "I'm Millie" she said with a smile on her face

"Hey!" June was just excited that someone that wasn't a faculty member chose to talk to her "I'm June"

"I really like your backpack, does it have pockets on the inside for your pencils and stuff?" June couldn't believe she just asked about her backpack

"Yeah, it's pretty handy," June reached down and pulled her backpack out from under her desk to show her the inside compartment of her backpack.

Suddenly the bell rang and a rush of students came flooding into the classroom and took their seats. There was an eclectic group of students at William McKinley; their were of course those who some may call "geeks", your burnouts, cheerleaders and jocks, and some that didn't exactly fit into one particular sub-division.

"Alright everyone relax," Mr. Sampson was now standing in front of the classroom "I know that your winter breaks must have been so exciting, but you can talk about that later," He cleared his throat after the classroom went silent "We have a fresh face joining us today, June?" June looked up at with a look of pure fear "How about you stand up and tell everyone a little bit about yourself?"

June got up from her desk slowly listen to the chair scrape across the tiled floor, she took a deep breath and spoke: "Um, my name is June Masten, I moved here from Florida, and yeah, I that's it"

"Great, lets get started,"

English class went by quickly, talked about the books they would be reading for the semester, and how they would apply to the course. June walked out of the classroom with her backpack slung over one of her shoulder, she had a free period next so she didn't exactly rush.

She wandered back to her locker in search for the cigarettes she had left in her jacket pocket. She saw Sam at his locker with two of what she assumed to be his friends.

"Hey Sam,"

"Oh!" Sam seemed very surprised that she had talked to him, his friends seemed equally as shocked "Did you find your classroom?"

"Yeah, I did, thanks again for helping me open my locker, hopefully I'll be able to handle it on my own this time," June noticed that the other two boys were still staring at her so she decided now would be a good time to introduce herself "I'm June,"

"Bill," the taller of the three introduced himself

"Neil," he stuck out his hand for her to shake, she smiled and accepted it

"So you're all freshmen?" she questioned

"Yeah," the one with glasses answered she noticed he was wearing a red t-shirt with the Millennium Falcon on it.

"That's a pretty awesome shirt Bill," she acknowledge as she pointed at his shirt "She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid,"

"You like Star Wars?" Neil exclaimed, June could clearly hear the shock in his voice

"Yeah," June smirked "You expect me to like movies like Little Darlings, right? Welcome to 1981 Neil, women can be interested in sci-fi too" June laughed, and once again the three boys were looking at her with shock etched all over their faces.

"It was nice meeting you guys, I'll see you later Sam" June swiftly grabbed her jacket and headed outside.

There were a few people outside on the patio socializing, June picked an empty picnic bench and stationed herself there. She quickly slipped on her jacket, and stuffed her hands into the pockets in search for the tiny box that housed her cigarettes. She pulled one of the cylindrical tobacco products out, placed it in her mouth, and lit the tip with her lighter.

"Hey you gotta light?" It was a guy, he had a cigarette hanging loosely from his lips. He oozed some type of "Rebel Without a Cause" attitude, with his overly gelled hair.

"Yup," she dropped the lighter into his palm.

"Who're you?" he asked her bluntly

"I'm June, who are you?" She said reminding herself of the hookah smoking caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland

"Daniel," he paused to light his cigarette "You new here or something?"

June nodded her head, and took a long drag from her cigarette, blowing the smoke out of her noise while staring at Daniel.


The conversation between the two of them was thrilling to say the least. It wasn't like talking to Nick the day before. Nick, her thoughts went to him again, you would think that it would be easy to find an extremely tall kid in a sea of average sized teenagers. June crushed the butt of the cigarette onto the top of the picnic table and looked over at Daniel who was twiddling her lighter between his fingers.

"Hey, can I have that back?"

Daniel looked over at her absentmindedly "Yeah," he tossed the lighter back over to her and it landed lightly into the palm of her hands. "Thanks,"

June turned her back to him and began to walk back inside and was greeted with the hard chest of a very tall teenage boy.

"June!" he practically yelled at her as he grabbed her shoulders to steady her "I've been looking around for you,"

"You have?" June coughed "I mean, uh, I've been here, ya know, class, and stuff," she said lamely

Suddenly a cigarette butt came flying towards Nick's head "Yo Andopolis,"

"Oh, hey Daniel"

Daniel raised an eyebrow at the two of them "How do you two know each other"

Nick and June looked at each other momentarily not knowing what to say to Daniel about how they met, or if they even should tell him and just make something up.

June was the first one to speak "We both like Rush,"