Note: I have no idea what's up with me today but really I just this inspiration to write. I guess I have been trying so hard to focus on every little detail of my life I let things just slip by me. I don't know why, but I thought writing these fan fictions was childish but now I'm thinking I need to stop trying to act all grown up and just relax. Maybe getting some writing steam off will help me with my original work. I can already feel the ideas flowing for my novel so I think I might start rewriting it differently. Anyways enjoy this story.

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Part I

There was a peacefulness in the village of Konoha as the ivory clouds floated softly by on the ocean sky. The sun shone ever so brightly the true diamond of a new age of peace. The war had ended years earlier and as things began to slowly come back to normality enlightened hearts giggle and laughed together in unison. There was nothing greater than the notion that all the efforts of united villages did indeed become a major success as old and new friends alike joined each other in harmony only found among a quire of heavenly angels.

"Okay so this is the new and improved bath house!"

Gesturing his hand in the direction of the bath house, Naruto lead his way in as the rest of the group followed.

"Wow," Temari stated admiring the new marble floor, "They sure did improve since Kankuro and I were here last."

"Yeah for real," Kankuro muttered as he ran his fingers of the intrigued moldings of ivy leaves.

"Well since it was destroyed the people of the Leaf felt like they should rebuild it in a more grandeur way," Sakura smiled at them as she quoted with pride.

"It sure is nice isn't it Gaara?" Temari questioned trying her best to involve the young Kazekage into the conversation.

Her efforts were futile as he simply nodded his head toward her. Usually he would have not allowed himself such simple pleasures as these but there was no real work to be done around Suna. After the war had ended a peace treaty had been proclaimed between the five great nations stating none were to attack the other. And with the Uchiha back safely in Konoha, pronouncing his rogue ways and properly punished. He was no longer a treat either.

Not that he regretted the times of peace, but it would have felt nice to be needed else where on official duty. His siblings often said he was much to serious but if he was not then who would be? Kankuro was completely out of the question. While an excellent soldier, he lacked the discipline and patience for a roll in politics. He was much too busy chasing skirts and drinking.

And as for Temari, well she was a good option for a leader role should he ever perish with her mother like tendencies in both discipline and patience. However, sometimes she was a bit forceful in her opinions. She lacked the much needed skills of compromise.

So that left him.

Always serious.

Always working.

And always alone.

They came to the doors separating the men's from the women's. He would enjoy this, he tried to convince himself as he followed the bubbly-blood in the changing room, or at least try to relax.

Although he would admit that he was not all to pleased to be in the same company as Sasuke. If Sasuke had betrayed his village in such a manner his punishment would have been execution. But the Leaf unlike the Sand, was known for more forgiving ways. And to them, he supposed, he had endured well enough punishment to be forgiven.

Still if it had been solely up to him, he would have chosen death.

As for the rest of the company he didn't mind them too much. Naruto, outside of battle, was a bit to energetic for him to be around all the time. He could tell within just the few minutes they had walked from the entrance gates to the bath house. Being around him for short bursts of time was the best option. As for Sai there didn't seem to be much of a connection. He was quiet.

Maybe too quiet.

And when did speak it was always obscene things that Gaara personally never fully understood. For example as they were walking to this very bath house he had made a comment about Sakura's butt sagging to low and that it was slowing them down. He didn't notice she was falling behind, and if he correctly recalled she remained ahead of them the entire time.

Well save for the minute she punched Sai.

He didn't notice her rear end being dangerously to the ground, not that he was looking. That would just be improper.

And then there was his brother. He and his brother had become closer through the years. He could only figure that as long as Kankuro was around for him to talk to then he wouldn't feel so out of place.

After changing from their clothes to just their towels they made their way to the water. Everyone chatted light heartily about one thing or another as he and the Uchiha remained silent.

No matter how much Naruto and Sakura insisted, he still didn't like this guy.

Meanwhile the girls had already made their way into the water. Sakura sat next to Temari in total bliss as Ino swam on her back. The steam rose of the naturally hot waters add to the relaxing bliss the baths penetrated.

"Man I can't believe how boring everything has gotten," Ino remarked as she sank under the warm water.

"I know what you mean," Temari agreed dipping her hair into the water.

Sakura said nothing.

She was more than happy that peace was once again in the village. Everything was as it should be. For the most part the baths remain silent until a familiar voice pierced through the air.

"WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY?" Naruto screamed at Sai pointing an accusing finger.

"Why are you over reacting? In the book I read…"


"I don't get it," Sai responded with sincerity, "Aren't friends allowed to joke about such things as equipment?"

"No man," Kankuro stated perplexed, "That's taking it too far. It's just wrong."

"Why were you even looking?" Sasuke added never looking up.

His head was leaned far back on the tiled floor leading into the pool. This was leading to a debate that he was sure none of them there wanted to have about any one's equipment. And especially not Naruto's. It was just gross.

"Yeah," Naruto snapped jumping up from the pool.

Gaara placed the soap he had been using to wash his hair on the tile. As he scrubbed it in his hair he could hear the laughter coming from the girl's section. He would not be joining this particular conversation. He was socially awkward he could admit that. However, discussing another man's anatomy was most certainly improper for a political leader. No, he would sit this one out.

"What the hell is going on over there?" Temari whispered to Ino who had finally caught end of the conversation.

Sinking under the water Sakura debated whether or not she should just leave now and pummel Naruto later. Or go for option B and just drown herself right there.

"Why don't you just admit that mine is much better?" Sai's voice continued to insist pleasantly.





Sakura swam to the edge of the pool before she could consider option B. She had to get out of there. Even though the bath house could be reserved for the ninja who so violently fought for the village, she was still embarrassed that Ino and Temari were over hearing the conversation at all. As she was prepared to leave, Hinata as well as Ten-Ten entered wrapped in their very own towels.

Being stark naked she tried to smile at them with a small blush on her cheeks, "Hey."

"Sakura are you leaving?" Hinata inquired as she clung to her towel tightly.

"Well um…"

Explaining her quick exit was embarrassing so the only thing she could think to do was smile.

Tenten plopped down on top of her towel, "Stay a minute so we can catch up!"

"Well okay," she agreed.

Naruto glared at Sai for a long moment as if he was preparing for a battle against his greatest enemy. By this time Shikamaru, Choji, Kiba, as well Neji, Rock Lee, and Shino entered the pool area.

"I thought this was going to be a quiet evening?" Neji muttered clearly aware of the conversation at hand.

Shikamaru added on seeming more than annoyed, "Sheesh can you be any louder you idiot?"

"Do you have any idea what this guy is saying?" Naruto snarled back them as they all made their way into the pool.

"Relax," Kiba tried to reason, "It's not like his opinion matters anyways."

"Yeah well he didn't insult you!"

Finally deciding to make his leave, Gaara climbed out of the pool swiftly, "I have things that have attending too. I will be going now."

"Right," Kankuro waved his hand in the air, "Have fun with all of that."

Climbing out of the pool as well Naruto snapped, "You guys stuck!"

As his foot touched the ground he didn't notice the soap beneath it. Automatically he reached out for the closest thing to him. His hands reached out that held the towel stand they used to keep the cloth from getting wet. He sighed with great relief as his fall into the flimsy wooden gate separating the two pools was stopped.

But the relief came to soon as the bolts of the stand buckled underneath is weight. Popping out of their positions one by one. There was no warning for any of the others as he fell back first into the fencing crushing it beneath his weight.

"What in the world is that noise?" Tenten looked at the fence as the others watched horrified as the fence came crashing down.

Sakura was unsure of what to be more mortified by:

The fact that every one of her guy classmates were staring at her nude body indiscriminately or that she was not the only victim.

Gaara hadn't made it to his towel either since it had fallen with Naruto. Their eyes met with the same surprise, shock, and rage towards the indecent exposure.

Temari, seeming to try and lighten the mood remarked, "Well your equipment Naruto seems to be fine to me."