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Part V

In her apartment there were hundreds, among hundreds of strings hung from the ceiling, and attached to these strings were pictures. So many pictures it was a wonder how they were capable of getting them all developed in such a short amount of time. And as she look closer at the pictures she became suddenly aware that the subjects were of the boys she had been pranking. They had broken once again into her apartment and had taken pictures of themselves wearing all of her own personal lingerie. And once again there was a message on her wall written in red paint that read:


Snatching a picture off the string she began to rip it into shreds never once noticing that as she did so her clothing was becoming smaller and much smaller still. By the time she had realized the purpose of the prank her clothes looked like they belonged to a five year old child instead of a young woman. She swore profoundly as she searched her house for her bathrobe. The dweebs had taken most of her clothing like the copy cats they were. Honestly, she sighed inwardly, if Naruto was really the king of pranks like he claimed to be he should have known better than to copy her exact prank. If they really thought she was unprepared for a move like this they were completely off their rocker for sure. She found her robe where she had hidden it underneath her bed and slipped it over her shoulders.

Mean while the boys all gathered around in a circle formulating their next move. Naruto, who had forgotten about the trap laid on his toilet, poked at the new lumps on his chest while shaking his head, "Man she's twisted."

"Lemme touch one!" Choji whined pointing at the front of Naruto.

Shielding his chest away from the chubby finger Naruto snapped, "No way man these are mine go get your own."

"You can't be serious," Sasuke shook his head unwilling to dive into whether or not it was proper for a male friend to touch another male friend's boobs. It was just so unnatural it really urked him that she would be able to be so damn plan evil. Sakura had always been so bland, who knew the girl could be as fiery as a pepper?

"Seriously," Neji faced the opposite side of the room refusing to even lay eyes on the disfigured Naruto. Pranking someone was one thing, but placing female body parts on a man was just unethical. Sakura needed to harness her powers of creativity for good not unspeakable evil such as this.

"Can I at least see one?" Choji continued to beg.

Shino cut into the conversation, not wanting to know where Choji's curiosity could lead to and suggested, "Maybe we should as Sakura to release us from the jutshu. After all we are receiving rewards tonight, surely in her eyes we have been punished enough."

"Oh that reminds me," Naruto scratched his forehead thoughtfully, "Do you think she fell for it Kiba?"

"Fell for what?" Rock Lee questioned.

"Well," Kankuro explained, "We found her bathrobe hidden beneath her bed so we decided to take the prank a tiny bit further."

"How much further?" Sai inquired raising one of his eyebrows.

"Okay, okay," Kiba admitted to the rest of the group, "We may have taken it a lot further."

"What did you do?" the question was repeated by Neji.

"We may have…" Kankuro started.

"Placed a jutshu on her bathrobe…" Kiba continued on.

"That makes her grow hair all over her body like a monkey or something," Naruto giggled.

"But that's not the best part," Kiba tried to say.

Kankuro cut in finishing the sentence before he could, "The jutshu can't be removed but by someone from the sand village because its so complex. Only a male member in my family can remove it since I originally thought of it six years ago as a way to teach Temari to stay out of my stuff. There's no way she's gonna ask Gaara for help so that leaves me. Once she figures out she has to get me to remove it, she'll have to beg for our forgiveness. It's perfect!"

"Do you think she will figure it out by tonight?" Shikamaru pointed out doubtfully.

"Oh yeah," Naruto seemed quite sure of himself, "Sakura's always been really smart. She'll figure it out."

"Sure you aren't giving her too much credit?" Sasuke snapped shaking his head.

Removing the jutshu had been easy enough for the Kazekage of Suna. And with the new secret weapons in his care Sakura was sure that tonight's prank would rain hell on the boys. She walked proudly to Naruto's apartment just as the sun was beginning to streak golds and crimsons across the sky. The festival would begin soon so she really had to hurry if she wanted to finish her final prank on time.

Knocking on Naruto's door she heard the muffle snickers of the boys on the other side. They must have assumed she was coming here to get the jutshu removed in time for the festival. But they were completely wrong in their assumptions. All the boys had been under the impression that she herself was looking more foolish than them in their lingerie.

But as the door swung open their smug expressions slowly melted away into shock. Sakura stood before them, not only with her normal amount of hair, but looking very stunning in her short white kimono decorated in pink flower petals. On her legs she wore silk stockings dyed pink as well that went all the way up to her mid thighs. She wore heels that by all stand points had a higher arch as well as heel than her normal everyday shoes. And her hair had been pinned to one side with a jeweled hair piece. In her arms she carried a box full of dark clothing, and on top sat their wallets.

Dropping the box on the threshold she announced, "Okay boys for real I forfeit."

"Yeah, we don't believe you," Kiba remarked eyeing her carefully.

"Look guys," she held her hands up in the air, "It took me and Tsunade all day to remove that stupid prank from my skin. Tonight is the festival to celebrate our winning of the war, lets just drop this childish games already. Besides this is by order of the Hokage, Tsunade said we had to stop or she would lock us all up for the rest of the week."

They all gulped as she went on to add, "So here are your clothes and money. I will see you tonight okay?"

She was about to leave when Naruto grabbed her wrist and stared into her eyes intensely. Finally, after a very long second he hissed at her, "Sakura aren't you forgetting something?"

She blinked.

Surely he had not seen through her lies had he?

"What do you mean?" she tried to sound innocent.

"You gotta remove the jutshus off of us," he pointed out letting her go.

"Oh right sorry I almost forgot."

Later that night the festival seemed to be going very well for the boys. They had given up on the idea that Sakura was going to prank them one last time as they separated. None of them suspected that there was plotting going about in the shadows as Tsunade announced that the heros of the great war should make their way on stage. Sakura and Gaara had been standing at a game stand well away from their targets discussing tactics. As they were called on stage, Sakura and Gaara made no signs to the other boys that something was indeed up.

As Tsunade began to make her speech, causing the younger half of the village to become suddenly sleepy, small particles of sand slowly etched their way through the air. The movement was so minuscule not a single one of the boys noticed as it tugged lightly at their clothes. He had almost forgotten how much fun revenge could hold for someone if they only sought out it's more humorous side than murderous. Just as Tsunade finished her speech he gave slight inward pull commanding his sand to snatch every stitch off the boys so they were nude in front of Konoha but a small fraction of Suna as well.

And just as they noticed they held no attire at all, confetti fell from the sky. But the pieces were slightly bigger than the normal tissue paper pieces for they were really hundreds among hundreds of tiny pictures. Pictures of the boys wearing the lingerie as well as pictures of the boys during the previous prank. As the villagers began to laugh all of the male ninja managed to disappear.

"That was so cold," Naruto whimpered as they hid in the shadows far, far away from the center of the town.

"Yeah well you deserved it," they heard Sakura's voice announce darkly.

"Don't you think you took this a bit far?" Shikamaru snapped the blush on his cheeks so crimson it was a wonder his normal coloring ever came back.

"Don't be a sore loser," Sakura hissed at him.

"Next time you decide to pull a prank," Gaara voice cam from the shadows, "on the Kazekage remember this day."

"GAARA!" Kankuro declared pointing his finger at his younger brother, "YOU WERE IN ON THIS?"

"But why?" Kiba forced out.

"Oh he knows," Sakura informed them as Gaara moved next to her with his arms folded across his chest, "I told him."

"We'll get you for this!" Choji declared.

Sakura ignored the empty threat, satisfied that she had properly taught the boys a lesson on what a real prank looked like. She had won this war and now she wanted her prize. She held her hand out to Gaara and asked, "How about we join the festival and let these boys simmer for a while."

He nodded his head, taking a step forward with Sakura close on his heels. He could hear Naruto's voice shout out, "Okay fine you won this battle but the war has just begun! We'll get you!"

"And you're little dog too!" Kiba added in firmly.

"Oh shut up Kiba!" Sakura snarled at him pausing in her steps, "Not every thing has to have some form of a canine in it! Seriously?"

"I can't believe you helped her!" Kankuro screamed at his brother accusingly.

"Oh that reminds me," Sakura leaned forward with the purpose of kissing Gaara's cheek one more time as a final thank you. But her lips never made it to his cheek. At the very same moment she leaned in he had turned his head toward her and his fuming older brother. And with this action, came a reaction where his lips and Sakura's accidentally collided. The affect of the kiss left all subjects of the pranks behind as an accident became hidden desire on both ends of the caress.

The End