I'm not really sure what to say other than it was midnight and my mind is too messed up to know if this is extremely bad or just... moderatly awful. But here it is either way, Klaine wedding fluff inspired by this picture ( .com/tumblr_ )

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"Blaine give me the ring."




"Blaine I'm serious."


"So am I!"


"There is just no reasoning with you!" Kurt reached out for the ring, but missed and could only groan as Blaine caught the shiny gold band in his palm once again, and then tossed it back up in the air, and then caught it again.

"Blaine Anderson if you do not give me that ring right now I swear to god I am not going up to that alter with you. Ever." Kurt says, crossing his arms. Blaine merely side-glances at Kurt, smirks, and then continues with his little game of catch.

"Kurt, you would never do that. It would be a waste of a perfectly good wedding outfit and you and I both know that is something you would never allow to happen." Kurt is quiet for a few moments, biting his lip in search of what to say that could make his fiance give him back his wedding ring.

Just as he's doing that he catches Blaine staring at him, the ring clutched in his palm. Blaine's eyes are trained on Kurt's lips, and his mouth is open just slightly. A light bulb goes off somewhere in Kurt's mind, and he knows just how to get the ring back.

Kurt leans over, followed by Blaine's glazed eyes. He leans closer and closer until his face is only a breaths distance from Blaine's, and presses their lips together. Blaine melts into Kurt as they kiss, and just as Kurt expected, he feels Blaine involuntarily relax his grip on the small golden band.

Kurt slips his hand into Blaine's, holding his fiance's hand for just a moment before pulling away from the kiss and slipping his hand away from Blaine's.

Blaine pouts as they break apart, obviously disappointed that the kiss ended so soon, and so distracted by the kiss that he doesn't even notice the ring is no longer in his hands until he sees Kurt, a victorious smile on his face, holding up the golden band that he had slipped from Blaine's palm during the kiss between his thumb and index finger.

"Hey! That's not fair! I was distracted!" He says, hardly able to believe he was beaten at his own game.

Kurt laughs rather than responding to Blaine's accusation. "Blaine, you make it to easy."