Harley felt as if her mind was the greyhound track she often bet on.

Well, that's the end of the race folks. It seems that "I haven't washed my hair" has come in third, barely rounding the corner. "Why won't I just die" has come a close second, but "Confusing Feelings" has won folks! I envy the rich bastard who bet on him, because that grey hound has reached the finish line and is still going!

She hated the thoughts that were running around in her head, she couldn't tell what she wanted anymore. It was those damn feelings that were making her run to the hospital. She knew no one wanted her there. Mr. J didn't want her there, Batman didn't want her there and the police sure-as-hell didn't want her there.

Not that she wanted to see the police either; those cops have been looking for her ever since she escaped from Arkham. They probably wouldn't even care that she was one of the good guys now.

But was she? Was she really one of the good guys now?

The hospital loomed ahead of her, blocking the orange and pinks of the fading sunset.

She wanted to sit and watch it, watch the sun sink below the Gotham skyline. Although given the choice she would want to be one of the people in the offices, watching it through her window, a picture of her shining children and her husband on the desk she would be sitting on. But she had made her choice; she was about to walk into a trap, not knowing whether she was the captor or the bait. She couldn't live the live she would have despised living only a day ago.

A dark shadow flew above her.

"Batman! Down here" she screamed.

He landed in front of her, his dark cape pooling around him.

"You actually came" He said, a smile briefly spread across his face, before he pushed it away. "Well you shouldn't have, you shouldn't be here."

"Well, I am, and you can't keep pushing me away. I'm going to help." She said, the pure anger rising in her voice. "I know you don't have a proper plan, I was with you all of last night and I know you certainly weren't thinking of one when your dick was inside me, now were you?"

She pushed Batman aside, stepping ahead of him up the hospital stairs.

"I'm going to do what I do best and act like bait. When I tell you too, jump out from your hiding place and get him."

Harley opened the door, leaving him to disappear into the incoming night sky.

As she entered she was faced with her old crew, bomb-experts, explosive technicians and murders, faces all draped in clown masks. The Joker stood in front of them, his eternal smile looked confused as he faces his prodigal lover.

"Oh Puddin' I'm so sorry I ran away!" Harley sighed, her eyes welling with fake tears. "I'll never do something like that again, I should never have left you!"

"And don't you ever forget it, whore," The joker said, "Oh I can't kid myself I do almost need you in this, you were always good with the chemistry mumbo-jumbo"

Harley pulled the Joker in close; close enough to feel the heat of his breath on her face. It didn't smell of cheap whisky like yesterday, only his usual foul breath. That was probably the only reason she wasn't greeted with a beating upon her arrival.

"So let me help you, Mr. J," she murmured, grasping his tie in her hand. "I want to help y…. NOW!"

Batman crashed in through the Hospital sunroof, glass shattering around him.

He took out three goons, their unconscious bodies lying limply in heap. Harley watched as he roundhouse kicked one of her past comrades. The Joker grabbed Harley by her shoulders, turning her away from him, and Harley felt the cold metal of a pistol against her head.

"Don't move, Bat-Freak, or I blow her head off!" The Joker snarled.

Batman froze, his hand grasping the neck of one of Joker's associates.

The Joker pulled the gun away from Harley's head, aiming it at Batman. This was Harley's chance. She twisted away from his grasp, her leg flying upwards in an attempt to kick him. Her sneaker collided with his face and he fell to the ground.

Harley bent down, grabbing his wrists together. As the Joker regained motor-ability, she whispered something to him. Batman didn't hear what was whispered, he assumed it was a final goodbye, probably dripping with hatred for her abusive ex-boyfriend.

The Gotham police were waiting outside, arms at the ready for the ruthless villain. The Joker was thrust through the door, his bound body tumbling down the stairs. He seemed to wink at Harley before making his grand exit. But Batman didn't notice, his concentration was focused on Harley, as she walked up to talk.

"Look, If this is going to be a 'Gone with the Wind' moment then I'm just going to leave, I don't want to play Scarlet and if you don't want me as one of the good guys then spare me any talk and just step out of my way." Harley said.

Her hand was on his chest, prepared to push him away. But he placed his gloved hand on hers, clutching it in his fingers.

"You proved yourself today," He said with a smile, "If I ever need help, I promise I'll come to you. You're part of the 'Good Guys' as you call it"

"I better run, the police still don't want me here even if you do now" she laughed, dashing through the back of the hospital.

Harley's hand brushed against the vine-covered door, her fingertips reaching for the handle.

"I'm back!" She called, out of Harley's view, a singsong voice replied to her announcement, calling her to the back of the room.

"Well I did just what you said, and now they both believe I'm deeply and hopelessly in love with them." Harley's mocked, her hands clutching her heart in a fake sigh.

Harley lit a cigarette, the strong smoke forming a perfect 'O' as it fell from her full lips. She moaned, the puff of nicotine set her heart racing and she could practically feel the blood pumping quickly through her veins.

"I never would have thought to try these before that injection you gave me, but now that it wont kill me, well I'm definitely enjoying them. I didn't even need it for the plan. All that rushing with the toxins was for nothing, we could have talked for longer than that hour after I left his house, you know caught up more."

"See I am good to you," came her singsong voice again, sitting down across from Harley. "Well we can catch up now, tell me what happened at the Hospital."

"Well The Batman believes I'm on his side and Mr. J believes that I'm going to be his own personal fly on the wall. No one even suspects that I'm working with you." Harley said, the anger growing in her voice as she took another puff. "That'll teach the bastard for just banging me and dumping me, promise you'll make him pay, with the information I find out. You will won't you, Red?"

"Of course I will babe."

Poison Ivy's ruby lips formed a smile as she looked at her new partner

"We'll make him pay."

...The End...