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icefox: yes. Thank you Tropicall, for being so enthusiastic about the story. I really hope you like it. I tried to keep everyone in character, but I might have messed up a bit on Ace and Luffy. And anyone who isn't completely caught up with One Piece, make sure you are at least somewhere around the 2 year time skip. If I planned this story out correctly (a planned out story? OMG! :D) then the story should end somewhere after the Strawhats meet up at Sabaody Archipelago.

Also, IF ANYONE KNOW'S WHAT LUFFY'S NICKNAMES FOR PEOPLE ARE, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I know he has nicknames for pretty much everyone he meets, but I don't know what any of the newer ones are if he has any. Like for Rayleigh, Shakky, Whitebeard, Marco, etc.

Warning: there is some violence that might bother some people along with a gender bend, rape, and d-cest in future chapters. Haven't actually written any ace/luffy yet, but I'm planning for this story to be an ace/luffy story. Don't know why people get so upset over the ace/luffy pairing. They're not related by blood, so they're not doing anything wrong unless you consider homosexuality to be wrong. Yes, they consider each other to be brothers regardless of blood relations, but I don't care.

Chapter One: Escape From Marineford

(Luffy POV)

"Ace." My brother's name came out as a whisper, not because I didn't want him hearing the worry in my voice if I yelled, but because a whisper is the only thing my raw throat can manage at the moment. I take a step forward to run to his side when my legs give up on me and I fall to my knees, dropping Ace's vivre card in the process. Barely hearing Jinbe tell me I can't fight, I reach for the little white piece of paper that told me how long my brother was going to live. I'm relieved to see that the size has doubled since the last time I looked.


Hearing my brother scream my name, I looked up to see Akainu coming towards me with his magma fist and Ace a little behind him running towards me to more then likely shield me from the attack. I feel my body go cold.

'No! Please! I already lost Sabo! I don't think I could handle losing Ace too!' Ace is mere feet away from losing his life to the Admiral's magma fist, when a strong pressure is placed on them, making Admiral Akainu stop in his tracks and become unable to use his Devil Fruit powers. Before anyone could figure out what happened, a humongous snake slithered in between me and Akainu, soon followed by a raven haired beauty in a purple china styled dress. I stare at Boa Hancock with surprise as she glares at the magma user from within the coils of her snake with both hands on her hips and her right leg bent in front of her, ready to attack.

(Normal POV)

"I do not think I have ever been so furious in my life! I am even more furious then when I saw Commodore Smoker pinning Luffy to the ground with his jutte! Shredding you to bits and feeding you to my Seakings would not be enough for you to make up for this!" Hancock screamed, her livid blue-opal* eyes wide with fury. Her gaze softens as she turns her eyes towards Ace who was standing stunned a few inches away from her.

"Portgas D. Ace." Hearing the Pirate Empress speak his name made Ace pull out of his stunned state to look at her questioningly.


"I know you are upset with the Admiral's words toward your captain, but you must not stay here much longer. You need to leave now before it's too late." Hancock starts.


"If I didn't step in just now, you would be dying in your little brothers arms!" Hancock said firmly, almost coldly, making Ace stiffen. "Being an older sibling myself, I can't let you die and leave Luffy here crushed. I'm positive that if you were to die, especially for him, his mentality would have shattered at the very least." While she said this, her snake Salome bent his head down to give Luffy back Ace's vivre card and help him stand, only to catch him when his legs couldn't hold his weight. Noticing this, Hebihime-sama(1) continued. "Besides, all men are my enemy with Luffy being the only exception, so why do you think I care if you live or die? I'm concerned about how long Luffy can last here." With that said, Ace turned to look at Luffy in time to see his second attempt at standing fail, making Salome catch him again.

"Luffy!" Ace yelled as he ran to Luffy's side while Hancock continued to glare at the furious Admiral that couldn't do anything thanks to Hancock's Kuja Haki.

"Damn pirate wench! You're a Shichibukai(2). You're suppose to be on our side. What are you doing helping Mugiwara(3)?"

"Silence!" Hancock yells as she looks down on Akainu, leaning back facing the sky with one hand on her hip and the other pointing to the magma user.

"Wow, she's really looking down on you!" stated Admiral Kizaru in his laid back tone as he walked over.

"So it seems." Akainu growled.

"I said silence! All men are my enemy whether they be pirate or marine. I protect Luffy because he is the only exception!" Here she looks down slightly to smirk at Akainu and put in one more threat. "Try to hurt my beloved again and I will let Salome slowly eat you alive while chained up with seastone chains and shackles."

"Cocky bitch." Akainu mutters and glares at her as he tries to punch her. Hancock, being the acrobat she is, flipped away backwards and landed gracefully on Salome. By this time, almost all of the pirates were on their ships and leaving, Luffy and his brother among them.


Hearing her name shouted, Hancock turned to see Luffy smiling and waving from on Ace's back on the deck of Trafalgar Law's submarine (how the Surgeon of Death got there escapes her).

"THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH THIS MEANS TO ME! SEE YOU LATER!" All of this is said with the most gorgeous smile Hancock has ever seen and tears in his eyes from almost losing his big brother. Hancock sat on Salome stunned for a minute before holding her burning, beet red face in her hands and turning away shyly. Luffy laughed quietly to himself at Hancock's antics before putting his arms around Ace's neck so he wouldn't fall off his back and laid his head on his nii-chan's(4) shoulder tiredly. "I hope Hancock won't get into too much trouble for helping us."

"I'm sure she'll be fine. Firefist, get Mugiwara-ya inside. He needs an operation right away." Law instructed with a slight urging tone as he watched everyone fighting. Ace ran inside with Law's polar bear nakama Bepo as Law helped a heavily injured Jinbe aboard. Jean Bart rushes Jinbe inside the submarine as well to prep for surgery, leaving Law standing on deck clutching his large nodachi.

"Captain! It's dangerous." Bepo said, running back on deck after he noticed his captain was still staring at the battlefield. "Sure, you can't often see The Four Emperors, but close the door already!" Law heard the frantic polar bears words but ignored them and continued to stare at Marineford almost boredly. Bepo screwed his eyes shut with frustration and continued to urge his captain into the yellow submarine. "Captain! Captain! They're gonna attack us if we don't submerge soon! Please close the door!" Law looked at the battlefield for a minute more then finally turned to look at Bepo.


Before the polar bear could close the door, the Heart pirate captain heard a frustrated yell from the frozen ocean a few yards in front his sub. Law turned back around to see Buggy the Clown running towards them with his upper body detached from his lower body and holding something in his hand.

"Hold on a minute."

"I can't wait anymore!" Bepo yelled, still not noticing Buggy. Buggy runs to the edge of the ice and lets his upper body fly into throwing distance.

"This was left behind! Here, catch it!" The clown said as he threw whatever was in his hands at Law. Law catches it and recognizes it as Mugiwara-ya's infamous straw hat.

"Captain! Hurry up! Hurry up!" At Bepo insistence, Law runs into the sub and into the surgery room. In the room was most of the Heart pirate crew prepping Luffy and Jinbe for surgery and blood transfusion with Ace sitting again the wall closest to Luffy, but out of the way, looking at the now unconscious straw hat with worried, fearful eyes. Law gives Ace Luffy's straw hat on his way past him to grab a pair of white surgeon gloves.

"Firefist, you're not in the way where you are, but there is going to be a lot more blood and all of Mugiwara-ya's organs and a lot of his bones will be showing when I fix his internal injuries, so it might be best for you to wait outside." Law informed as he snapped his rubber gloves on and turned to Luffy's gurney with a slightly scary look.

"Luffy has O- blood**." Ace said, staring unblinkingly as one of the Heart pirates puts a breathing mask over Luffy's nose and mouth. Law paused for a minute.

"I don't have any O- blood stocked. What's your blood type?"


"Good. Niccoli!" a young doctor ran over at his captain's call.

"Yes captain?"

"Get some blood drawn from Firefist. We'll need it for Mugiwara-ya's blood transfusion."

"Yes captain!" Niccoli turned to get a needle and bloodbag for Ace while Law does a 180 to face Luffy's gurney once again.

"Alright, let's do this."

A few hours later

Ace is standing on the deck of the surfaced submarine absently staring at his hands clutching the railing when he voiced something that had been bothering him for the past few hours.

"What on earth did Luffy do to get himself so injured he couldn't even stand?"

"That's what I would like to know."

Ace jumped, startled by the feminine voice, and turns to see the Pirate Empress and her snake standing a few feet away in the sub's deck.

"Hebihime-sama!" a few Heart pirates exclaimed, then turned to look at the Marine ship she arrived on with fearful question.

"Don't worry. I turned all the Marine soldiers to stone. So how is Luffy doing. Is it bad? He'll recover, won't he?" Boa Hancock said then asked. Everyone was silent for a moment before Bepo spoke.

"How did you know we were going to surface here? I was scared that the Navy was still chasing us."

"I made Salome follow you underwater." she answered, holding her hand out towards the snake who hissed pleasantly, almost in greeting.

"I see." the polar bear said, punching his paw with his fist.

"Don't change the subject, you fuzzy beast!" another few minutes pass after Hancock's comment, before Bepo get's a sad look on his face and he bows his head.

"I'm sorry."

"So weak!" his two nakama exclaim.

"How can they be so comical at a time like this?" Ace wonders aloud as he watches the show. Salome hisses beside him as if to say, 'I don't know'.

"How is Luffy doing? Tell me now..." Hancock started

"I would like to know as well. I left the room after I donated blood for Luffy, so I have no idea how he is doing." Seconded Ace. The door creaks behind the group who turns to see it open with the Captain of the Heart Pirates standing in the doorway.

"I did everything I could." Law starts as he walks out wiping his hands off with a white rag.

"You mean he's okay?" Hancock asks anxiously.

"We were able to stabilize him. However... ...He took greater damage then you think. There is no guarantee that he will survive yet." Hancock looks down and bites her lip while Ace's face get's hidden behind his hair when his head tips forward.

"It's no wonder!" A new voice booms out of nowhere, making everyone look around in surprise. What they found was an okama with a blue afro, a dual colored man with a champagne glass and the freaks from Impel Down all on the Marine ship that Hancock commandeered. "Mugiwara-boy couldn't even stand up at Impel Down once!"

"Strawhat was risking his life!" one freak said.

"We got out of the prison thanks to him!" another added.

"Because of him, we can make our dream come true – to go to the Kamabakka Kingdom." a third exclaimed.

"Let's go! From the New Kamas' home to the New Kama Land!" They shouted then they all cheered. More silence from the group aboard the submarine as they looked at the newcomers curiously.

"Who are they?" Bepo asked anyone who had an answer, which would be Hancock.

"They are prisoners of Impel Down. Look's like they're Luffy's friends. They have snuck into the ship." After Hancock's introduction, the okama with the blue afro jumped on board Law's submarine.

"I can't believe that he pushed himself that hard! That's how much he wanted to save his brother, Ace!" Here, everyone looks at the now miserable freckle faced man.

"That's right! We know how much he pushed himself to do it!" A former prisoner yells. Ace gave a pained smile.

"Luffy, you reckless idiot!" he whispered.

"It's a good thing that Hancock was there to stop Bakainu or you would have died right in front of his eyes to protect him! I bet he would have broke down if that happened. There is no justice in the world!" Ivan-chan the okama said as he unsuccessfully held back tears of sympathy for Luffy.

"Damn it all! Hang in there, Strawhat!" a rabbit looking man said.

"You got to live, Strawhat! You got to!" A deer adds. After that, everyone starts to shout encouragement for the boy fighting for his life once again in Law's ER. Once the cries of encouragement to Luffy die down enough to talk, Ivan-chan tells them everything that he knew happened in Impel Down and Marineford. Throughout all of this, the three Heart Pirates on board shift there wide open eyes from the okama, to Ace, and finally the door leading into the submarine. Law just listens with an impressed smirk on his face while Ace's body is trembling from pent up emotions and Hancock has her teary eyes hidden away in her hands.

"Wow, that kid really did all that?" asked one of the crew members, looking towards the door to the young pirates room with new found respect.

"Well, he is Firefist's little brother. Are you really all that surprised?" asked Law.

"What does that have to do with anything? They're not related." asked the other crew member.

"So what if we don't share the same blood! We're still brothers!" Ace yelled with a glare directed the pirates way. Said pirate squeaked and hid behind Bepo.

"Yeah, it doesn't matter that they're not related. They're still brothers. And if you don't like that explanation, other then his strong will and determination making him so strong, remember he is the Revolutionary Dragon's son." Law intercepted before things got violent.

"Wow, really?" asked Bepo, making all of the Heart pirates sweatdrop.

"Bepo, you were there with me at Sabaody watching the broadcast when this was all revealed." Law said, shaking his head slightly.

"I wasn't paying attention." the white bear responded.

"Anyways, what we should be worrying about is Mugiwara-boy." Ivan-chan said after a moment of awkward silence.

"Like I said, he was more injured then he looked. He lost a lot of blood, nearly all of his bones were broken, a few of his internal organs were punctured by broken ribs, he had a nasty burn mark on his chest courtesy of the Marines' magma user, and traces of a very potent poison."

"Wait a minute, when did Luffy fight Akainu? He couldn't have gotten that burn when Akainu tried to kill him. Hebihime and her snake stopped him before he could reach Luffy."

"It must have been when he faced the three Admirals and demanded that they give you back." Hancock commented, smiling at how brave Luffy was for standing up to the Admirals.

"And what about the poison? I don't remember seeing Mugiwara-boy get injured with anything poisoned at Marineford and I took care of all of Magellan's poison at Impel Down." Ivan-chan included.

"You must have missed some, because it was poison I had never come across before. It took me a while to figure out an antidote for it and cure him." Law answered with his sleep deprived eyes fixed on the young pirate captain's door.

"But you found a cure for it and healed him?" Hancock asked with a worry tinged voice.

"Yes, but he still has a long way to go till he's healed enough to not worry about. There is still a real possibility of him dying."

After Law finished speaking, Ace looked to try and hide the pained expression on his face and the tears threatening to fall. Unfortunately for him, everyone had already seen them when the former Impel Down prisoners were talking about Luffy but pretended they didn't. "This is all my fault."

"What do you mean?" Hancock asked, only slightly caring. She hates men and sees them as her enemy but this man is very important to Luffy, so she will try and help him if he is upset over Luffy getting hurt for him.

"If I hadn't went to fight Blackbeard, then I would have never gotten captured and Luffy would have never gotten so hurt."

Hearing this made Hancock sigh. 'Damn, my concern is turning genuine. Well, might as well start to try and get along with him. He is my brother-in-law.' the Pirate Empress thought while remembering Luffy's 'proposal' to her at Marineford before replying.

"Do you know where Blackbeard would have gone and what he would have done to become a Shichibukai if you hadn't have fought him?" Ace thinks a minute with his head still bowed then replies.

"After unsuccessfully trying to recruit me for his crew, Blackbeard said that he was planning on going after Luffy for his bounty. He would have killed him."

"See?" Hancock asked before tilting Ace's face up to look at her now genuinely kind smile. "If you hadn't of fought Blackbeard, then Luffy and his nakama would have died. You saved his life and the lives of his precious friends, so cheer up. You will make Luffy worry if you let him see the pained look on your face." Ace smiled and nodded.

"Thank you, Hebihime." he said, making Hancock hide her kind side with a haughty look.

"I didn't do it for you. I did it for Luffy."

"I have a question for you, Pirate Empress." asked Law. Hancock turned her holier-than-thou gaze on Law and raised an elegant eyebrow questioningly.

"What do you want, Surgeon of Death?"

"What exactly is your relationship with Mugiwara-ya?" he asked, making Hancock's blue-opal eyes widen before her face blushed a dark red and she stammered something unintelligible.

"You're in love with Mugiwara-boy, aren't you?" asked Ivan-chan, making Hancock blush even more (if possible) and fall to her knees, clutching her heart dramatically with one hand while holding herself up with the other. Salome hovered by her worriedly, afraid her love sickness was going to leave her bedridden again.

"I guess we should take that as a yes." Law replied. Everyone nodded in agreement while Ace looked slightly worried about the revelation. Sure, Hancock was a wonderful woman (to Luffy) that was strong enough to take care of herself and Luffy if the need arose. Plus, she does seem to genuinely care for Luffy and she is gorgeous. The most beautiful woman in the world. Anyone would be lucky to have her as a friend, let along lover. The problem with Ace is the age difference. Hancock is 29 years old while Luffy is only 17. After thinking about this for a few minutes, Ace decides to worry about this later and gets permission from Law to see Luffy.

End Chapter One

Hebihime-sama- serpent/snake princess. The "sama" is usually pretty much a suffix meaning lord or lady and is there to make serpent princess more formal. "lady snake princess" would be my guess for the full translation.

Shichibukai- there have been many ways to say this. The one I am familiar with is "7 warlords of the sea"

Mugiwara- straw hat

nii-chan- an affectionate form of big brother

AN: wow, I think that was the longest chapter I have ever written! I'm feeling proud of myself. It took me a long time to get this typed up because I changed a lot of things that I had originally wrote. Sorry Tropicall! . though now I'm kinda glad I handwrite my stories in notebooks and then type them up. It's easier to find things to fix and revise that way. The grammar probably isn't all that great though. I still suck at it even though I work on grammar every friday in my writing 115 class. XP If anyone noticed some problems, please let me know. In a nice way. Please? And about hancock keeping Akainu away with her kuja haki, I know that he is really experienced with haki and probably could have canceled hers out right away. I learned this after I had written it and I couldn't really think of any other way to save Ace and I liked writing about Hancock, so I just left things as they were. So, about the things with (*) next to them...

*have you ever seen opals with so much 'fire' in them that they looked blue? Well, if you haven't, type 'blue fire opals' or just 'blue opals' in google images and you will see what I am talking about with hancock's eyes. Aren't they gorgeous? Some of them have tons of other colors in them, making them more like piper mclean's eyes in the lost hero by rick rhiordan, but most of them are pretty much all blue, which is what I was going for for hancocks eyes. (especially the darker blue opals) I thought having eyes similar to such a beautiful stone would be both unique and perfect for a woman who is known as the most beautiful woman in the world, so since you don't really have much to go on with one piece characters and their eyes I took a creative license with hancock's.

** I have no idea what Luffy's or Ace's or any ones blood type except for Sanji's (RH-) is so I made something up. O- blood is a universal donor that can only except O- blood with about 7% of people having O-. it was either O- or AB- and i chose O- just because. .

there is also a few fanfictions I read a while ago and wanted to reread, but I can't find them anywhere and I don't know what they were called. Perhaps one of you readers could help me? One is a yu yu hakusho and harry potter crossover where hiei has to go to hogwarts with Kurama having to pretend to be his pet fox most of the time. The story is finished with 9 or 11 chapters, if I remember right. The next one was a Naruto fanfiction where Neji and Naruto were therapists that had to help Sasuke and Gaara deal with being experiments for Orochimaru. This one was finished too, though I don't remember how many chapters it had. I think it might have been around 11 as well, but I'm not sure.


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Fight Together by Namie Amuro (One Piece)

Treason by Kutless

The Ballad of Mona Lisa by Panic! At The Disco

Kratos's Theme by whoever created the ToS music (Tales of Symphonia)

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