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Chapter 5: Ringing the Ox Bell

"W-what?" Luffy stutters, voice sticking in her throat uncomfortably.

"I said you are pregnant, Luffy-sama." Belladonna reiterates quietly. An uncomfortable silence fills the room with the woman's repeated words.

"Lu? You gonna be okay?" Ace asks with concern heavily lacing his voice, wrapping his arms around the shaking girl's shoulders.

"How am I gonna continue being a pirate and become King of the Pirates with a baby? How am I even going to take care of a baby? I can barely take care of myself!" Luffy panics, getting close to having an anxiety attack.

"Calm down Mugiwara-ya. Panicking will only makes things worse." Law says and walks the black haired woman through deep breathing until she calms down. When Luffy is calm again, Law continues. "Once the baby is born, you can do one of two things. You can either wait until your baby is old enough and strong enough to sail with you, or you can just wait until your baby is old enough to let someone else take care of it and train until you are confidant you can protect your baby wherever you sail. And than there is always leaving the baby for someone else to take care of or aborting it, but I have a feeling you don't want to do either of those."

"Aborting? What's that?" Luffy asks. You couldn't see her expression because her face was hidden in Ace's chest, but you could hear the confusion in her voice.

"That's when you kill the baby before it's born."Ace answers.

"NO! I AM NOT KILLING MY BABY!" Luffy's head snaps to look in Law's direction so she could glare at the man who was stupid enough to suggest killing her baby while she yells at him.

"Hey, I was just giving you all of your options. It's not like I'm telling you you have to." Law defends himself, putting his hands up.

"So how long until she will show?" asks a new voice.

"Hi Rayleigh." Luffy says, only half as energetic as normal.

"Anywhere between 7 and 20 weeks depending on many factors. The average is between 16 and 20 weeks with women only showing as early as 7 weeks because of multiple children." Belladonna answers professionally.

"And how long after Luffy has the baby will she be able to train?"

"Two years at the very most. Depends on Luffy-sama and the baby. Could be as early as six months."

"Hm... is Luffy healed enough to do more than walk around?"

"Yes. Luffy-sama is a fast healer, so she is mostly healed now."

"Why all the questions?" asks Ace.

"Well, without any information on him and wanting to keep their promise to meet up, the scattered Strawhat Crew is going to want to come back to Sabaody Archipelago as fast as they can and sail to Fishman Island. The problem is, they aren't nearly strong enough to survive going into the New World right now. It would be better if they stay wherever they are and train until they believe they are ready. I want Luffy to send a message to his crew through the media to tell them to just stay where they are and train for a certain amount of time until they are suppose to meet up. To do that, I need to know around how long it will be until I can train Luffy to use his haki." Rayleigh explains than turns to Luffy. "Well? How about it Luffy? You want to go back to Marineford?"

"Yes. When do we leave?" Luffy answers with a determined look on her face. The Dark King just smirks.


The Next Morning (Aboard the Whitebeard Pirate's ship)

Marco is just getting ready to grab some breakfast after dragging himself out of bed when the newspaper comes. He catches the paper the news coo drops and watches it fly away before reading. The pineapple headed blond yawns and lets his eyes drift down to the front page. He was half asleep when he first looked at the paper, but when he actually sees what is on the front page, Marco is shocked fully awake.

There, on the front page, is our favorite straw hat wearing pirate. She has her chest bound so she looks normal and has her head bowed and eyes closed with her beloved straw hat held over her heart. Where there weren't bandages, you could see an odd tattoo on her right arm saying 3D4Y with the 'D' crossed out. When he reads the article, he finds out that Strawhat Luffy, accompanied by Dark King Rayleigh, Former Shichibukai Jinbe, The Surgeon of Death Trafalgar Law, and their own Firefist Ace, sailed around Marineford and than Luffy ran into the courtyard by herself to ring the Ox Bell to supposedly pray for the people who died during the war. Marco just smirks at the article. 'I'm gonna have to call them yoi.'

"Mornin' Marco. What's in the paper?" asks Haruta. Marco glances over at Haruta to see her as well as Vista, Izou, and Jozu staring at him curiously. He smirks slightly and tosses them the paper.

"Find out yourself yoi. I have a snail call to make."

Amazon Lily

"So, do you think everyone got the message?" Luffy is eagerly asking Ace as her big brother grins at the paper he is reading. The Whitebeard commander looks at his sister and smiles a bigger smile.

"I'm sure they got the message." He assures and is going to elaborate when his baby Den Den Mushi starts to ring. Ace pulls the snail out of his pocket and answers with a "Hello?"

"Hey Ace. I just read the paper yoi. What in the world were you guys doing?" The way Marco worded his question sounded like they were in trouble but you can tell by his voice that he is just curious.

"Just getting a message out to Luffy's scattered crew to stay put and train for a while instead of meeting up right away. Can me and Luffy talk to you without worry of being overheard? You can tell everyone later, but they more than likely will explode and I don't want to talk over everyone yelling."

"I'm alone in my room. What do you need to talk to me about yoi?"

"Do you want to tell him or should I?" Ace asks Luffy.

"You tell him." comes the quite answer.

"Okay. Well, Marco, you have another reason to kill the bastard that hurt Luffy if you ever see him."

"Why?" Marco asks, slightly dreading the answer.

"Luffy is pregnant."

Marco's eyes widen in surprise, than narrow in anger. Now he really will kill the curly haired CP9 member if he ever sees him.

"How you doing kid yoi?" Marco asks Luffy after he calms down.

"Honestly, I'm scared. I'm scared I won't be able to take care of it or protect it, but Law and Belladonna say that's normal and not to worry about it."

"So, you're keeping the baby yoi?"

"Yes. I'm not killing it and I don't think I would be able to leave it with somebody else to raise even if that is what's best for it."

"I understand that yoi. If I had a kid, I wouldn't want someone else raising him or her yoi." Marco answers than thinks of something. "What if the father comes and tries to kill it or take it away yoi?"

"I won't let him!" Ace growls.

"I won't either!" Luffy seconds.

"Good." Marco says with a smile.

"Hey Marco! Come get some food before we eat it all!" Haruta shouts while pounding on the door.

"In a minute yoi!" Marco yells back. "Sorry. Looks like I have to go if I want any food yoi."

"No problem. Have a good breakfast!" Ace says with Luffy joining him on the second sentence.

"You too if you haven't already yoi. I'll tell the crew what happened after breakfast yoi. I kind of fear for my ears. They were so vocal with their outrage when I told them what happened to Luffy I thought I would go deaf yoi." Marco answers, play complaining at the end. This made Ace and Luffy laugh.

"Good luck!" They chime simultaneously.

"Thanks yoi. I'll need it." The blonde responds before hanging up.

"Wow, you're so loved Luffy." Ace comments with a smile.

"What do you mean?" Luffy asks, blinking cutely.

"You heard what Marco just said. Everyone was really pissed off when they heard what happened to you and will probably kill the bastard that hurt you if they ever see him. I wouldn't be surprised if the crew demanded Marco to call me so they could talk to you. They already thought of you as family even before they met you because of how much I talked about you and that affection more than likely grew with your actions at Marineford." Ace answers with a laugh.

"What would they all want to say?"

"Well, Vista would probably say something about what happened being unromantic and start acting like an overprotective big brother... actually, the whole crew would probably be like that, so just assume that with everyone. Jozu would probably ask you if there was anyone you needed him to beat beat up, but in a gruff quiet voice 'cause he doesn't like to talk. Izou and Haruta would do their best to comfort you and let you know you can talk to them about anything whenever you need someone to talk to. Curiel would..." Ace continues to talk about his nakama with a big smile on his face. Luffy smiles happily as she watches her big brother talk about his family aboard the Whitebeard Pirates' ship. Unfortunately, that cheerful smile is soon tinged with sadness. Ace's cheerful talk of his nakama reminded Luffy of her own scattered across the globe.

'I really miss everyone. I hope they're all okay wherever they are. I wonder how they will react when they find out what happened and see my baby. Will they even let me sail with it? Well, no matter what happens, my baby is staying with me, but I don't want to upset anyone.'

"-and you should have seen the look on his face when Thatch did that! God, I miss him!" Ace laughs, than looks over to see Luffy's happy smile has turned into a frown. "Hey. What's the matter Lu?"

"Huh?" The woman says ever so eloquently as she comes out of her daze to look at her brother with a questioning stare.

"You looked upset. Everything okay?"

"Yeah. Just thinking about my nakama." Luffy says with a slightly pained smile.

"You miss them." Ace says, more of a statement than a question.

"Yeah, I do. And the thought of having to wait four years makes me miss them even more."

"Hm. Well, no need to worry. You're nakama are strong and will get even stronger in the next four years. In the meantime, I'll make sure you have so much fun hanging out with me that the years will feel like days!" The tattooed man exclaims, hugging Luffy and making her laugh.

"Alright! I'm counting on you!"

"Yes sir!" Ace shouts, saluting. Luffy's answering laughter is so loud it almost drowns out the Baby Den Den Mushi trying to get Ace's attention. Almost.


"Ace?" asks a certain pineapple haired commander.

"Oh, hey Marco. What's up?" Ace says.

"Hi Marco!" Luffy greets between laughs.

"Hey kid. What's so funny yoi?" Marco questions, lazy grin audible in his voice.



"Hey, don't say 'oh' like it explains everything!" Ace grumbles.

"But it does yoi."

"MARCO!" The Whitebeard commander whines, making Luffy laugh some more.

"Hey Ace, what happened to 'complainers get left behind'?" The tan female inquires.

"Don't you start that. I stopped saying that a long time ago." Ace says while glaring at the giggling girl who burst into laughter. Again. "Anyways, was there a reason you called Marco?"

"Yes, actually. Luffy, do you feel up to talking to everyone yoi? They really want to talk to you yoi." Marco says with his slightly bored voice.

"See? Told you." Ace says with a small smile.

"Um, okay." Luffy answers, trying to get her laughter under control. Ace and Luffy hears footsteps and a door opening before hearing quiet chatter from about a dozen or so people. When Marco said he would tell the crew, he must have meant the commanders.

"Okay guys. Here's Ace and Luffy yoi." They hear Marco say before the barrage of questions and statements hit them. Luffy notes that her brother was right on all counts when it came to his nakama's words and actions. Everyone is angry at what happened and wants to make sure Luffy is alright. A lot of them demanded that Luffy come with the baby once it's born so they could meet their baby niece or nephew. The son or daughter of Luffy would obviously be their niece or nephew since him being Ace's little brother automatically makes Luffy their brother. Ace would butt in every now and then with comments about Luffy and the baby visiting and what not, but for the most part stayed quiet and let Luffy talk. His little sister looks so happy talking with his family aboard his ship that he is just content to watch and listen unless directly addressed.

They were still talking hours later when a certain Dark Doctor knocks on the door.

"Come in." Ace says as someone on the snail asks who is there.

"Mugiwara-ya., it's time to check your injuries and change your bandages." Law says with his lazy smirk as he walks into the room.

"Aw, do I have to right now?" Luffy whines with a pout.

"Yes. You can call them back later." Law and Luffy stare at each other for a minute, before the mugiwara wearing woman sighs and relents.

"Fine. Sorry everyone! I'm gunna have to talk to you later. Law is here to change my bandages and stuff." Everyone responds in their own way that it's alright and they would talk to her later before Ace hangs up and puts the now sleeping snail back in his pocket.

"So who were you talking to if you don't mind me asking?" Law inquires as he unwraps the bandages on Luffy's torso.

"Ace's nakama." Luffy answers.

"The Whitebeard Pirates?" Law gets a slightly confused look on his face at the girls nod. "That didn't sound like enough people to be the Whitebeard Pirates."

"It was only the commanders." Ace answers, clearing the confused look from Law's face.

"That makes sense."

"How long are you going to be here, Law?" Luffy asks suddenly, making Law smirk at her.

"Why? Do you want me to leave?"

"Don't you have better things to do than heal me?"

"Hm. Well, I plan to stay here until you are healed enough to run around without worry of reopening your wounds, at least. Finding One Piece would be boring if you died before I could fight you over it." Law smirks again at Luffy's answering laugh, than finishes up what he is doing in silence. About five minutes later, Law is finished fixing Luffy up and is at the door when Luffy breaks the uncharacteristic, yet comfortable, silence.

"When will I start to get symptoms of being pregnant?"

Law looks back at her with a surprised look on his face, not expecting the woman to worry about something like that. From his experience, Mugiwara-ya has only worried about things troubling her in the present, not past or future.

"Well, like Belladonna said, you will start showing anywhere between six and nineteen weeks from now. I wouldn't be surprised if you start showing in ten or so weeks with you being rubber, the baby wouldn't have to worry about not having enough room to grow. You also might get morning sickness in about five weeks. I say might because women don't always get it, but they more often than not have it, so expect it in a few months."

"What's morning sickness? And what do you mean by showing?" Luffy asks, back to the typical, clueless, captain we know and love.

"Morning sickness is when you become nauseous and sometimes throw up. It can happen any time of the day, but it's usually in the morning. What I meant by showing is when the baby grows enough to show by making your stomach bigger." Law explains.

"So, I'll start to throw up in the morning than my stomach will get bigger?" questions Luffy, nose crinkling up at the thought of losing precious food every morning for who knows how long.

"It's a possibility. Like I said, some people don't get morning sickness and women usually do not show until week 16 at the earliest unless they're having twins or more. More than likely, you will either have morning sickness before you start to show, or you will just start showing without ever getting morning sickness."

"Let's hope you don't get morning sickness. Shakky would hate to hear about her precious Monkey-chan getting so sick. She's really worried about you, you know." A voice comments from the door, making Law jump.

'How did he get so close without me noticing?' Law asks himself, clutching his chest over his frantically beating heart and widening the one inch distance between himself and the Dark King smirking at him.

"Do you do that on purpose?" Law questions while Ace and Luffy laugh in the background.

"Plan what? Surprising you? Yeah, kind of. You're always so calm and serious when you're not calm and smirking, so I couldn't stop the urge to startle you." Rayleigh says with a laugh.

"No. I meant sneaking into the room in the middle of a conversation. This is the third time this week." Law answers while leaning on the wall with his arms crossed over his chest, a safe distance away on the other side of Luffy's bed.

"Sometimes. You guys make it so easy by leaving the door open and talking loudly. Plus, it get's boring just knocking and walking in when the door is open."

"Rayleigh, you were saying something about Shakky when you came in?" Luffy inquires curiously.

"Hm? Oh, yes. Another reason I came here at first was to see if you were okay. Both Shakky and I have been worried about you."

"Does she know what happened?"

"No. I haven't told her. I figured you would want to be the one to tell her."

"Is she here now?"

"she wasn't at first, but after I told her something happened but not what, she locked up the bar and came here right away. I came to your room to tell you she was here in case you wanted to talk to her." Rayleigh says and smiles as the rubber started to practically bounce in her bed.

I DO! I DO! I DO! WHERE IS SHE?" Luffy yells, excited. She really likes Shakky. She is really nice to her and fed her as much food as she wanted. In some ways, Shakky kind of reminded her of a certain green haired motherly figure back home who always fed her and fixed her up when she was hurt and talked to her when she was upset. 'I wonder how Makino's doing?' Luffy ponders for a minute. All thoughts of home disappear when the black haired woman walks in the door.

"Hello, Monkey-chan."

"Hi Shakky!" Luffy chirps, than gestures to Ace. "This is my big brother, Ace. Ace, this is Shakky. She's a friend of Rayleigh's that owns a bar at Sabaody Archipelago. She's really nice and let us stay at her bar and fed us really good food."

"Is that so?" Ace states more than questions before standing up and bowing to Shakky and Rayleigh. "Thank you both for taking care of my little brother."

"What a polite young man. Thank you for taking such good care of Monkey-chan growing up so that I could meet him." Shakky answers with a pleasant smile.

"Doesn't she kind of remind you of Makino?" Luffy asks her brother, earning a curious look from the black haired woman.

"Makino is the owner of a tavern in the village Luffy grew up in. Yes, she does." Ace says, first clearing the curious look from Shakky's face, than answering Luffy's question.

"She was like a mom to me growing up!" Luffy supplies with a smile.

"Since I remind you of her, would that mean you see me as a mom as well?" Shakky asks.

"Mhm!" Luffy hums, making Shakky smile just a little more than normal.

"So, I can think of you as my child?"

"If you want to." Luffy answers with a smile, making Shakky laugh.

"Good. I've always wanted a child."

"So, since you are mother and child now, are you going to tell you're poor worried mother what happened?" asks Rayleigh.

"Mhm." Luffy hums again, this time less energetic. For the next half hour or so, Luffy informs Shakky of what has happened to her since leaving Sabaody Archipelago with Ace and Law adding a few things when the scarred girl forgot. Shakky just sat calmly next to Luffy and listened. When the poor girl was done telling her about finding out she was pregnant and talking to the Whitebeard pirate commanders the next day, Shakky leans forward and hugs the now teary eyed girl.

"My poor Monkey-chan. Go ahead and cry if you need to. Mama's here to make everything better."

Luffy sits there trembling for a minute, trying to fight the urge to cry again, before giving up. With a small cry, Luffy wraps her arms tightly around the older woman's torso and sobs into her chest. Shakky smiles her gently smile, petting Luffy's head with her right hand and wrapping her left arm around Luffy's shoulders, then starts to hum. The humming makes Luffy cry more and Ace jump in surprise.

"Where did you hear that song?" Ace asks with a stunned look on his face. Shakky stops humming for a moment to stare at Ace leaning on the wall next to her.

"On an island in the East Blue a long time ago. It was a pretty popular song there, sung in an ancient language native to the island, so I thought it might comfort Monkey-chan when I remembered he was from the East Blue."

"Makino always sang that to us when whenever we were upset or couldn't sleep. After I memorized it, I would sing it to Luffy when we couldn't see Makino. Do you know the lyrics?" Ace answers than questions, making Shakky shake her head.

"I only know the melody."

"Listen then." Ace says, before singing in a deep, comforting voice.

Imba wimbo wa upepo.

Wakati unajiwa na.

Imba wimbo wa upepo.

Wakati ndoto tamu.

Lala mpaka usiku uisheni.

Upepo wa usiku wimbo wanko na.

Wimbo wangu inaendelea milele.

Upepo wa usiku wimbo wa pona.

Her big brother's soothing voice mixed with her new mother's calming pets lulled Luffy to sleep. The quartet in the room smile at the now smiling face of the rubber woman while Shakky gently lays her back on the bed in a more comfortable sleeping position.

"You have a beautiful voice, Ace-chan. What language was that? And what is the name of the song? I never heard it during my visit."

"The name if the song is called 'Windsong' and it's in Swahili*. The lyrics mean 'Sing a song and for a moment you will be visited be the wind. Sing a song and for a moment dream sweetly of the wind. Sleep now until the night is dawn. The wind and the night song, they are there. However the song, my child, will go on forever. The night wind of the whole song.'"

"Haha! Never thought I would hear Ace sing, yoi!" teases a voice that shouldn't be there.

"Marco?" Ace asks confusedly while looking around, before seeing a smirking Law standing next to Boa Hancock holding her currently awake baby den den mushi. "I am going to kill you Trafalgar Law." Ace hissing, refraining from yelling for the sake of his sleeping sibling next to him.

"But you have such a nice voice, I couldn't help but ask Hebihime to call Phoenix when you started to sing." Law defends himself with a quite laugh.

"And when did you come in?" Ace asks Hancock while keeping his glare on the smirking Law, making the black haired woman put a hand over her mouth to stifle her laughter.

"When Shakky-san started to hum, ja."

"Is anyone else with you?" Ace groans while his fellow commander laughs.

"No. I'm in my room, yoi."

"Are you going to tell anyone?"

"No. I remember what happened the last time we found out a nakama could sing, yoi."

"Poor Jozu. It's no wonder he hardly ever talks now."

"Yep." Marco agrees with another laugh, than the sound of a fist hitting a palm is heard. "Oh, before I forget again, we found your hat, bag, and Striker on Banaro island yesterday and we were able to get your knife back from Hawkeyes Mihawk, so do you want someone to bring them to you, yoi?"

"Hawkeyes Mihawk? The Shichibukai?" Ace asks, confused. When Marco answers with a yes, Ace just shakes his head with more confusion than before. "Why would he get my knive from the marines?"

"Because I asked him to, ja." Hancock answers, making everyone look at her with shock.


"Because you are important to Luffy, ja. After Luffy helped keep mine and my sisters deepest secret from the islander even after we tried to kill him and chose to save three girls he barely knew over meeting up with his nakama, I decided I would do whatever I could to help him when he needs it, ja. That includes helping those important to him, which you most certainly are, ja." Hancock answers, a sweet smile on her face when she mentions what Luffy did for her and her sisters as well as the three girls that saved him the day he came to the island.

"Hm. Well, thank you, Hancock, for helping me and for looking out for my little brother." Ace thanks, bowing to Hancock, who simply smiles in response.

"Marco-san, do you know where Amazon Lily is, ja?" The Pirate Empress asks.

"I've been there once, a long time ago, yoi." Marco answers, the tone suggesting it was more than ten or 20 years ago.

'How old exactly is he?' Ace asks himself.

"Than I will allow you, and only you, to bring Ace-san his belongings, ja. This island is suppose to be forbidden to men and already has enough here."

"Yes, ma'am, yoi." Marco answers. The pineapple haired commander informs them that he would bring Ace's things once he finds someone to take over for him when he is done before hanging up.

"You are very kind to be doing this, Hancock-chan. Are you sure you are doing this just for Monkey-chan?" Shakky comments and inquires, causing Hancock to blush and get her holier-than-thou attitude back before walking out of the room with her head held high. Her enormous boa Salome bows his head to the group standing around Luffy's bed before slithering after his master.

"Hancock-chan is so cute when she is embarrassed." Shakky says with a thoughtful smile on her face. Luffy smiles happily in her sleep as her friends and family laugh in response to Shakky's comment.

End Chapter Five

*Windsong: So, at first, the lullaby Windsong was added just because I was watching Mighty Joe Young (starring Charlize Theron) while I was writing this chapter and felt the need to include the lullaby, but than I actually thought about it. With the jungle Ace, Luffy, and Sabo lived in being the way it was and the animals that lived in it, it could very well have been an African island that spoke Swahili, so I kept the lullaby.

icefox: so... before I end this chapter, I have a little problem. See, I haven't actually gone through pregnancy, so I've been looking everything up that I have mentioned in this story. When I was looking this stuff up, I realized something. I have no idea how I can write the labor and delivery scenes. If Luffy was a normal person, I could just write it like any normal preg story, but since this is Luffy, it would be more like morticia addams thanks to his devil fruit abilities. The pain from labor is the contractions of the pelvic bones moving apart from each other to accommodate the baby and the delivery pains are from the mother squeezing something the size of a watermelon out of a hole the size of a lemon. These things would not bother Luffy in the slightest since his devil fruit would easily stretch his body to do these things. You see my predicament? I don't want to hurt Luffy, but at the same time, I don't want him to have an easy pain free delivery like morticia where he just kinda lays there bored while pushing the baby out. So, in your review, please tell me what you think. Even if I don't go into detail about the birth, there's the water breaking and any sounds and commotions everyone waiting for the baby would hear, so I can't just forget about it and write in everyone else's point of view. Also, let me know if you want Lucci back in the story and if you do, how you would want him back. A few people have asked me if he would return and I was feeling like this story needed a little more than Luffy giving birth, I just don't quite know what.


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