So the Season finale put my muse bunny in a coma. I started four different stories to try to work through
my feelings about it and none of them sat right until this one. Castiel gets his comeuppance. Dean, Sam,
and Bobby work towards forgiving and forgetting. All is rainbows and unicorns in the end. I can only hope
that the eventual canon solution comes even close to doing that.

Drop Kicked by God

"I'm your new God…a better you will bow down and profess your love unto me, your Lord...or I shall destroy you."

Dean heard those words and looked at Castiel in shock, but that was the last thing he, Sam or Bobby remembered before they saw another blinding light and found themselves back in Bobby's living room. Months had passed with no sign of their new God, so Dean was beginning to wonder if their new God had done exactly the same thing the old God had done and Castiel was sitting on a beach somewhere sipping rum out of a coconut. He couldn't picture it.

Life had gone on as usual…same hunts…same monsters. It was if the War in Heaven had never happened, and Dean started thinking that maybe it was all just one big Trickster prank. Did it really happen? Did Castiel really go dark side? He was sitting at Bobby's kitchen table going over it all for the millionth time and trying to make sense of it when his phone rang. He looked at the caller ID and saw it was the Hospital not far from Bobby's. Thinking back to that other call from a hospital after Castiel went AWOL he cautiously answered the phone.


"Is this Dean Winchester?"

"Could be…who wants to know?"

"My name is Karen, I'm a nurse at the hospital and we have a John Doe patient here. The only thing we could find in his clothing was a piece of paper with your name and phone number on it. Dark hair, blue eyes, about 5' 11", maybe mid- thirties?"

Dean's mind raced…of course that was Castiel, but with everything that had happened he wasn't sure he wanted to even be around him. In those final days Dean had completely turned his back on him. If he had any faith in Castiel at all maybe the souls wouldn't have affected him. No! It wasn't all my fault. Castiel should have come to us…let us help.

"Sir? Mr. Winchester? Are you there?"

Dean shook his head, realizing he had completely zoned out and turned his thoughts back to the phone call.

"Yes, I'm here. Is he OK? How long has he been there?"

"He's been here about 3 weeks. Wouldn't let us call you, but we are ready to release him in the next few days and he needs somewhere to go since he won't be able to take care of himself for a while."

"Why not? How bad is he hurt?"

"Well I can't discuss that over the phone…in fact I shouldn't have called you to begin with since he didn't want us to, but we were out of options. We'll need to see some proof that you are family before I can release any details."

"I'm not sure…I mean…yeah he's ours I guess…we just weren't on good terms when he disappeared."

"So you will or will not take responsibility for him? We'll need to get a Social Worker involved if not."

"Can I call you back? I'm not the only one involved here. We need to discuss it first."

"I understand. Just call the 5th floor Nurses desk and ask for Karen."

"I'll get back to you later today."

Dean put the phone down on the table and rubbed his face with his hands. What the hell do I do now? He dreaded talking to Sam and Bobby since Cas had crossed both of them on those last days. He pushed the chair back and walked to the kitchen to grab a glass. It was 8 o'clock in the morning, but he needed a drink. Just as he poured the scotch into the glass Sam walked up, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

Sam was doing remarkably well considering Castiel broke the wall, but still had moments were Dean could see the effects clearly. The house was never quiet at night, because every dream was now a nightmare for Sam. Dean was pretty sure whatever he had experienced in hell was like a weekend at the beach compared to what Sam had gone through in the cage. He was also fairly certain that he would not have been able to survive what Sam had to deal with. That made his next words difficult.

"Uh, Sam…we need to talk about something."

"I'm not in the mood to talk about it."

"Not that. It's Cas…tiel."

"What about him? Fucking dickwad."

The look of disgust on Sam's face almost stopped him, but he knew they had to get through this one way or another.

"He's here…in the hospital."

"I hope somebody kicked his ass clear to Purgatory." Sam said forcefully.

"I think somebody did from what they told me."

"Don't really care."

"Look Sam, I know he did some bad things, but haven't we done all those same things at one time or another?"

"You're sticking up for him? After what he did to me…to Bobby…to you?"

"Not exactly. I'm still pissed off, but I've been thinking about it a lot and I think we do have some responsibility in this whole thing."

"And you think going to his rescue is going to fix it all?"

"No, but how many times did he stick out his neck and save us in the past year when he could have just let us die? His master plan would probably have gone off without a hitch if he just let us die."

Sam's expression softened slightly and he shrugged. "I guess you're right, but I still don't like the idea of him being here all the time. I'm not sure I'm ready for that."

"Ready for what?"

Dean looked up to see Bobby coming out of his office where he had probably fallen asleep at his desk the night before. "Castiel…he's…"

"I don't give a shit about Castiel."

"He's in town…in the hospital."


"So, they called to see if I could come get him. My name and number were written on a piece of paper in his pocket…the only clue they had."

"So you are just going to forget everything he did and swoop in and save him?" Bobby said, a look of disbelief on his face.

"As I said to Sam, how many times did he save our asses in the last year when he could have just let us die? And anyway if he's in the hospital I'm guessing he's human again now…no threat to us."

"What about all the other people he pissed off? Crowley? God? Angels? Everything in Purgatory? What if they come after us 'cause we help him?"

"I'm guessing here, but if he's still alive then I'd say the danger has passed. Surely whoever wanted to would have had an easy time picking him off if they wanted." Dean said weakly, realizing Bobby was probably right.

"Maybe they just didn't know where he is."

"Possible, but something in my gut is telling me to do this."

Bobby rolled his eyes at Sam and continued on into the kitchen, repeating Dean's motions of getting a drink. Sam followed closely and joined in. They stood there for several minutes just drinking and looking at each other. Dean finally broke the silence.

"I'm gonna go get him. I think I have to do this. I'll get a room one of those monthly suites up the street so you guys don't have to deal with it. They're gonna call in a Social Worker if I don't…and that could bring up a whole new set of problems if he starts telling them weird shit. Maybe once I see what is going on I can find some place for him to go without you guys having to get involved."

Bobby looked at Sam and then at Dean. "Whatever you feel like you have to do. I know you'll do it anyway. If you want to bring him here you can."

"I'll get the room. Maybe if we ease everybody into it…including Cas? He doesn't know I'm coming I don't think, so he may be just as uneasy about it as we are."

Before anybody could talk him out of it he turned on his heel and grabbed his keys off the table. "I'll call and let you know what's up as soon as I can."

On the way to the hospital Dean's thoughts ran wild and he almost turned around and went back home, but he couldn't get past the feeling that something was pushing him into doing it. "God, are you up there? What am I supposed to do?" He didn't expect an answer and he didn't get one, but he continued on, completely forgetting to call that nurse back and let her know he was coming.

He sat in the parking lot of the hospital for 15 minutes trying to work up the courage to go in. What would happen? How bad was Castiel hurt? He shook his head and made his way through the cars to the front door. Walking quickly through the lobby he realized he wasn't watching where he was going when he ran into a man on crutches and nearly knocked him down. Reaching to grab the guy's arm to keep him from toppling over he finally looked up into wide blue eyes. "Hey dude, I'm sorr…Cas?"

After he was sure Castiel wasn't going to fall over he stepped back and wondered what to do next. Castiel just stood there shaking and didn't say anything, looking down at the floor.

"You OK Cas?"

Castiel shook his head and turned on his crutches to continue in the direction he was originally headed. Dean followed as he made his way slowly across the lobby and sat down slowly in one of the guest chairs with a wince of pain. Dean sat down beside him and stared at his hands.

"So, Cas. They called me. Do you want me to take you home?"

Castiel shook his head again and pointed to the elevators, then showed Dean 5 fingers.

"What's wrong? Can't you talk?"

"Jus go..tal to them."

At Castiel's slurred words Dean looked up, finally taking in everything about him. The left side of his face was covered in healing bruises, and a scar along his jaw line was still red and angry. He seemed smaller than before, almost fragile. A huge cast covered his right leg from toes to hip judging by the huge lump under the sweatpants he was wearing.

"Jeez Cas, what happened to you?"

Castiel showed him 5 fingers again and pointed. "Jus go?"

Dean got up and touched Castiel on the shoulder and he flinched away. "I'll be right back. Don't move."

Making his way across the lobby to the elevators he hit the 5th floor button and looked back at Castiel. Am I doing the right thing here? Who in the hell did that to him? The elevator came and he rode up with hundreds of horrible scenarios flitting through his mind. He asked at the desk for Karen and she came out to speak with him. He pulled out an old fake ID he had made for Castiel and showed it to her.

"I'm Dean Winchester. Your John Doe is my brother Jimmy Winchester."

"He's gone downstairs for a walk, but should be back shortly. I'd prefer it if he was here when we talk."

"Yeah, I ran into him downstairs…literally. He didn't want to come back up. Told me to come up here."

"He's only been up and around on the crutches for a few days, so he probably just needed to rest. I guess we can discuss it without him. Wait? You said he told you to come up here? How?"

"He motioned at the elevator, gestured five and said 'Just go talk to them'. Why?"

"That would be the first time he's spoken to anyone. Wouldn't attempt to say anything to any of us."

"What do you mean attempt?"

"His jaw was shattered. We had to fix it with plates and screws and then wire it shut. He hasn't been willing to try to talk until now."

"So that's why his speech was slurred. I was worried it was something worse."

"His CT scan came back normal, so we don't think there's any kind of brain damage. We weren't sure though since he came in with no brain activity at all."

"Not the first time." Dean had to chuckle at that and realized it was the first time he had laughed at all in months.

"What do you mean not the first time?"

"Nothing, just a previous hospital stay…a family in joke."

"Well, aside from the jaw, his leg was broken in three places and he had several broken ribs, one of which punctured a lung. Do you know how it happened? He looked like someone had run over him with a truck when he was brought in. They were about to declare him DOA when they started to see some flickers of brain activity."

"I have no idea. We last saw him a couple of months ago. Do you know where he was found?"

"Out on the highway near Singer Salvage. A jogger found him in the ditch about a half mile from there. You know where that is?"

"Yes…I'm…uh…familiar." So was he trying to get back to us or did whoever did this put him there on purpose?

"Maybe you can find out more from him now that he's talking."

"Uh...yeah…Maybe. When can he go home?"

"Probably tomorrow. You might want to go the medical supply and get some things first. A wheelchair would make things easier on him. Even though he's using the crutches those ribs are still healing so it causes some pain. We just didn't want him to leave here without knowing how to use them. He was sort of clueless about it like he's never been on them before."

"Clueless….yeah that would describe my Ca-Jimmy. No, I can assure you he's never had to use crutches before." Dean winced and hoped she hadn't heard his near slip, but she continued on.

"A hospital bed would probably make things easier as well, but that's up to you and him."

"I'll go talk to him and see what he wants to do…he may not even want to leave with me."

"Well, you need to decide since we have to release him soon one way or another."

"He looks awfully beat up still to be released."

"Well if you go talk to the office and give them his actual insurance information the answer might be different, but he'll be released to a Social Worker and then into a Convalescent Home if you don't take him. Here he comes now…you can go down to his room and talk. It's room 566."

Dean watched as Castiel hobbled down the hall looking sad and defeated. He walked down to meet him and tried to meet his eyes, but Castiel would not look up.

"Cas, let's get you to your room and talk about this OK?" He grabbed a wheelchair from the row along the wall and gestured to it. Castiel shook his head and continued slowly down the hall and into his room. He stood there leaning heavily on his crutches as if he didn't know what to do.

"Come on Cas, I'll help you into bed OK?"


"No what? You don't want help or you don't want the bed?"

"Don wan any of this. Jus wan die."

"You don't mean that Cas."

"Desewe it."

"No Cas, you don't deserve it."

Dean hadn't noticed that Karen had entered the room and was standing behind him.

"I thought his name was Jimmy?"

"Uh…it is…Cas is a childhood nickname. Sorry."

She smiled at Cas and guided him to the bed, taking his crutches and helping him into bed. "I'm glad to hear you can talk, Cas. Can you say something to me?"

"Tank you. Nice."

"You're welcome. You're nice too." She handed Cas a pad of paper and pencil that was on the bedside table and looked at Dean. "This is how he's been communicating with us so that might make it easier. I'll be at the nurses' station if you need me."

After she left Dean closed the door and pulled the chair up to the bed. Castiel still wasn't looking at him.

"Who did this to you?"

Castiel threw the pad on the floor and turned away.

"Come on Cas…I'm making an effort here and I don't have to. Just talk to me? Who did this to you?"

Castiel turned and looked up, meeting Dean's gaze for the first time. "God."

"You mean THE God?"

Castiel nodded slowly and looked down at his hands.

"So you were too big for your britches and got drop-kicked by God?"

The familiar head tilt and confused look that Dean hadn't seen in ages made Dean start laughing and he couldn't stop. That elicited a bitch-face from Castiel that Sam would be proud of. He turned away again and refused to say anything else.

"Look Cas, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to laugh." Dean said, trying to look sympathetic. "You're embarrassed about it aren't you?, Dean continued. "I get that. It's like when I took one of Dad's shotguns without his permission when I was five. I took it out in the yard and tried to shoot it and it kicked back and knocked me on my ass, broke my arm, and left a trail of buckshot down the side of the Impala. Dad found me and kicked my ass for good measure. Dads are like that."

"Noh th same."

"OK in your case a much grander scale maybe, but it's the same idea. I took something that was too powerful for me and used it…it did damage. You did the same and your Dad kicked your ass just like mine did…in this case to kingdom come."

"Dint haf to take my Gwace."

"He's teaching you a lesson. Just roll with it. Maybe he'll give it back. He obviously didn't take it all since you aren't brain dead."

"Jus enouf to heal tha…noh tis oter shit."

"Did you just say shit?"

Castiel nodded and Dean thought he saw a small upturn of Castiel's lip. At least the frown was gone even if it wasn't a real smile. Close enough for Castiel.

"Better watch that cussing…Dad will come kick your ass again. Now let's get you out of here, OK?"

Castiel nodded and Dean went out to let them know he was taking responsibility. He was still pissed about the events leading up to this and not sure where it was all headed, but he knew he couldn't leave Cas like this to fend for himself as a human. Even though God hadn't answered his prayer in the car, he was fairly sure He was the one pushing him to do this...especially after he found out who drop-kicked Castiel into next week. Castiel's Dad had work for him to do again. Making sure Castiel was OK and maybe even making sure he'd learned his lesson. That was a job he could do...after all he was an expert on Dads. Maybe this would also be a lesson for him, Sam and Bobby.

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