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There was something great about blood.

After Miami, after her darkness was gone, after they were all dead, the sight of blood made her breath catch.

Her old friends noticed it, of course. They were good friends. One's that had been sick with worry when she had disappeared, one's that had started a Facebook group dedicated to finding her. It had thirty followers when she got back home. Five of them she didn't know. Lumen wasn't sure it would have ever actually found her. Not if she didn't want to be found.

Dexter was good at hiding.

But she wasn't thinking about him. Or knives. Or plastic wrap. Or duct tape. Or blood...

No, she didn't have any darkness left.

"Jesus Christ, eh, Lumen?" Rebecca Smallwood, a friend of Lumen's for over a decade, said.

They were sitting in a small coffee shop, Lumen intently eating a bagel, Becca reading a newspaper.

"What?" Lumen asked after swallowing.

"A girl was found dead. Beaten to death. They guy who killed her got off because of a problem with the warrant." she shook her head in disgust. "The legal system is so screwed."

"How do you know he did it?" Lumen asked.

"Uh, they had all kinds of evidence. Look! Read the article!" Becca tried to shove the paper in her face. Luman batted it away.

"Stop that. It's too depressing. I'm trying to eat breakfast, I don't need stories about dead girls at breakfast." Even as she protested, her mind was already making the list of everything she would need. Plastic wrap, duct tape, garbage bags, a knife, a saw-

No. No, that wouldn't do. She didn't have anymore darkness. None.

Lumen stood up suddenly, trying to control her breathing. Becca looked at her curiously. "Bathroom," she explained quickly, making her way towards it.

Once she reached the bathroom, she closed the door, quickly checking the stalls for occupants before she slid the lock into place, blocking everyone out, then opened her phone, pushing in his number.

It called Dexter.

Dexter, as it so happened, was in the middle of something. The man currently lying in front of him was whimpering quietly, the two young woman that were now dead by his hand's pictures taped to the wall in his line of sight.

Dexter turned towards the ringing phone, pointing his shiny knife at the man. "Be quiet well I answer this, or I will cut out your eyeballs." the man was quiet. Dexter flipped open his phone without looking at the ID. "Hello?"

Lumen inhaled deeply. "Dexter. It's- me."

"Lumen," Dexter exhaled her name like a prayer to a god he didn't believe in.

"Dexter, are you busy right now? I kind of need to... talk."

"I'm just in the middle of a project, but it can wait."

Lumen smiled. "Project like you're planning to kill someone, or project like you have someone on your table right now?"

Dexter chuckled. "The second."

"What he do?" she wondered.

Dexter looked at the two woman, both blonde, both dead. "He killed two women. Left their bodies to be eaten by alligators."

"Say goodbye for me." Lumen frowned.

"I will." Dexter paused. "What do you need to talk about?"

Lumen sighed. "I've been having a... problem." she cleared her throat. "I've been having... thoughts... about killing."

Dexter hesitated. "Uh huh?"

"I just... I feel, like, maybe my darkness isn't all the way gone. Like maybe I need to, I don't know, get justice for more people? I'm not the only one that's ever been hurt."

Dexter nodded, then remembered she couldn't see that. "Yeah," he agreed.

"I think, sometimes, that the only reason I left was because Deb almost caught us." Lumen spat out quickly. "I don't think I would have left if that didn't happen."

Dexter hesitated again. "Well, you know, she hasn't almost caught me since then. No one has."

"Hmm." Lumen said.

Dexter cleared his throat in a very un-Dexter like way. "And, you know, Harrison really missed you. I'm sure, he would, ah- love to see you again."

Lumen shut her eyes against the tears that were gathering. She couldn't tell if they were happy or relieved. "Maybe I'll have to stop by Miami soon."

"Harrison-" Dexter paused. "I would like that."

"I would like that too."

They both stood in silence, separated by distance but connected by their phones.

"Well, I guess I should end this guy." Dexter finally said.

"Do you mind- if I listen? God, that sounds really weird..." Lumen trailed off.

Dexter smiled. "No problem." he set the phone down and got to work, and Lumen shut her eyes and imagined the blood.