Chapter 15: Curtain Fall

It has been a month since Malzel's defeat. All has been peaceful on Earth, and especially in the skies where the Cradles were floating safely. Ever since ORCA had been officially eliminated, nothing had gone wrong. In fact, with the aid of Collared, the majority of the planet was inhabitable, free of Kojima particles. Domes, as to not let in more particles, had separated these areas but those areas would soon be restored and replenished. The once darkened oceans were now turning blue again finally. However, there are still very little signs of upper-oceanic fish, so fishing won't be a good job until the fish breed and adapt again.

The birds had started to return as well. Apparently they were acting somewhat like bats, and were underground, hiding from the deadly Kojima particles. They appeared weaker, and had thinner coats, but with time they would grow again in the controlled habitats. Even the former Kojima islands were starting to dissipate. The lack of condensing particles caused the particles to break down their bonds and split apart. This, however, littered those areas with random Kojima particles. That's something we have yet to get to.

Overall, ever since we defeated ORCA, the world has been peaceful. No remnants of ORCA, no rebellion, nothing. We are enjoying a moment of peace, and hope to make it last as long as we can.

The boy looked up to his father as he closed the large book.

"Is that the end?" Sankari asked his father, taking the book and flipping to the back page. His golden eyes scanned the pages, looking for more. "There has to be more action…" The young boy whined.

Sankari's father chuckled. "Not all stories are like the ones nowadays." He gently took the book from him and placed it back on the makeshift shelf behind him.

"Dad…? Is that story real?" The boy asked, sitting back down next to his father.

Sankari's father gazed off into the distance. "I hope so. If that story is real, that means that the righteous Armored Cores in our world will soon triumph over the evil ones eventually." The man continued staring into the distance, his dark gold eyes worn down from the war.

"I hope you're right. We have yet to find a hero that can save us." Sankari sighed heavily.

The man smirked. "There's a reason we gave you the name 'hero' in Finnish, and made your middle name 'Silver'. We hope someday you will become that hero you speak of."

Sankari smiled happily before closing his eyes. "I know. I plan to become a great hero and stop all this destruction when I can pilot an Armored Core."

Both of them stared off into the distance as the sun set. They could hear the faint roar of an Armored Core, and hoped that it wasn't an enemy as Sankari started to drift off to sleep.

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