Summary: When Sephiroth doesn't die as expected, there's only one hope that the rest of the world will live: give up their one true hero. [SephirothxCloud] DARK VERSION/NONCON

You guys requested it, so here it is. The darker version to White Sacrifice. :3 Enjoy.

~~~~~Line Breaker~~~~~

"What were you expecting, Cloud?"

Cloud fought to keep his hands steady as he held his sword, vision swimming. No, this wasn't…wasn't real. He couldn't force himself to agree with what he was seeing. He had fought hard, had survived Sephiroth's worst attacks, and had finally used Holy. But now, the man was staring down at him again, and he wasn't close to being dead.

"I hate you." The blond hissed, knees buckling and he fell slightly, using First Tsuguri as a crutch. "I fucking hate you. I don't care how long it takes, I'll kill you."
Sephiroth smirked, eying his supposed nemesis's comrades. They were all weary and tired, all bloody. He had managed to kill two of them, besides the girl, Aeris. He had killed Nanaki, though he felt slightly guilty. It had been the last of its kind, after all. And then the cat thing; he had managed to kill both the robot cat and Reese. Not that it had been hard.

"Cloud…" Barret was messing around with his arm, wires and such sticking out of it. "Cloud, we're fuckin' finished! We ain't got the strength to go on!"
"He's right." Yuffie muttered. Her right arm was broken, and her eyes puffy. It took Cloud a moment to remember she was still a child. "Please, Cloud, make it stop."

"This is a war, not a game." Cid snapped at her. "We can't throw the fucking switch and start over. We're playin' for keeps, little girl."

At this, Tifa seemed to finally falter from her stance behind Cloud, the blond instantly reacting to the fact that his childhood friend had fallen. He caught her, letting her lean her forehead against his chest.


She was panting, covered in cuts all over. He hadn't realized until then that there was a large puddle of blood where she'd been standing.

"Someone take her." He said, looking over at them, then throwing a suspicious look back at Sephiroth.

Vincent came forward, easily picking her up with one arm. Still, Cloud could see that all of them were finished. They're strength was gone, their supply of healing items diminished. He was the only one that could keep going, and it was only because of the dark hatred that oozed from his heart.

"Look at this, Cloud." Sephiroth practically purred as he watched the younger male. "Just us; as it should be."

"We're right here, asshole." Yuffie yelled, but quickly hid behind Vincent when he glared at her.

"Worms, all of you." The silver haired man muttered, eyes glittering. "This isn't your fight. You are nothing but a group of mismatched, misguided fools thinking you can save this world. What makes you so special? What right do you have?"

Barret snarled at him. "Fuck you, you sonova bitch! This is our planet, and we're going to protect it!"

However, a look-over at everyone else's faces didn't relay what he said. Cloud frowned, thinking. As much as he hated to think it, Sephiroth was right. They had no right, nothing special to them that showed they could stop Sephiroth or Meteor, or Jenova. Yuffie was still a girl, and was scared, terrified to die. And Vincent had stopped caring for this world since everything he loved was already dead.

"I'll make you all a deal." Sephiroth said, his smirk widening. "I shall spare your lives, and this planet. You can all go home to your families, under one condition."

As much as he hated to consider any compromise of his enemy, Cloud couldn't help but falter. Course, it sounded too good to be true…and he knew that no matter what, he wasn't going to simply let Sephiroth go. The man had taken everything from him, and the ex-SOLDIER would see him dead.

"Wha…what would you want in return?" Yuffie asked softly, curiously. There was a small glimmer of hope in her eyes as she still hid behind Vincent's cape.

The rest of the group, minus Vincent and Cid, also looked hopeful. It made Cloud sick, but he understood that this wasn't really their war. He was the only one to lose everything here, and they were planning on returning to their lives once this was over. He had hoped that there was a life for him, but he couldn't stand the thought of returning back to Midgar.

The silver haired man chuckled darkly, sending a shudder through Cloud's body. "I want Cloud."

Silence; the blond paused, his heart stopping for a minute. He was trying to work out the words into what the man had really said, surely he had heard wrong. He was silently cursing himself; it must've been some remnant of the crush he used to have on Sephiroth before Nibelheim.

"You want…Cloud?" Barret echoed, in the same state of shock as he shared a look with the rest of them. "What the fuck are ya' on?"

'Apparently my hearing is working just fine,' the cynical portion of his mind hissed at him. Cloud suddenly forgot everything about his exhaustion, about his pain. This…this was madness. In all the years of being a Cadet, of being Zack's friend, he had never given any hint that the Silver General even noticed his existence, much less had an interest in him. He thought that man hated him after the incident in Nibelheim, much like how Cloud, himself, hated him. Something was obviously very wrong in this situation…

"No!" Tifa yelled, finally standing on her own. "You can't kill Cloud, it's…it's not how this is supposed to go…"

To their surprise, the man just laughed. "And here is the proof of the idiocy of your race. I don't want to kill Cloud." Said blond felt his eyes widening at this, an odd surge of fear going through his body. "I'm going to keep him."

"Fuck you!" Cloud snarled, seeing his companions jump. "I'm not a pet, I'm not going to let this happen. You die here or I do."

Sephiroth smirked, turning to the odd group of humans. "I'll let you all walk away now with your lives. You will no longer fear for your world, or your people. I personally will take on Shinra and destroy them for what they've done to my Mother; you can go back to your peaceful life."

"Are…are you being serious?" Yuffie asked, cradling her broken arm. "You'd…let us go?"

"Yes; as long as I get Cloud's cooperation."

Cloud felt himself begin to tremble. There was a glint in Sephiroth's eye, something in his voice, that made him believe that he was very, very serious. Why? Why would Sephiroth be interested in him at all? He had never actually made SOLDIER, he had left Shinra as a Corporeal. Hell, the only reason he could get close to the man in Nibelheim was because Zack had obviously worn him down.

"As I recall," the ex-General went on, deciding he liked playing Devil's Advocate. "You have children to look after, land to rule. Am I right?"

'The bastard, the bastard's playing with our weaknesses,'

"Spike-….Cloud," Barret spoke up suddenly. "I hate to say it, man, but he's right. I gotta lil' girl to look after, I…."

It hit him right then as he looked at his Companions…He hadn't known these people for that long. Besides Tifa, he had met them at random times through-out this so-called journey, they weren't anything more than people he fought with. Sure they protected each other but that was mostly for convenience.

"I-I can't do this." Yuffie said suddenly, eyes wide. "I need to go back home, I need to lead my people…I-"

"We…" Tifa unwillingly made eye contact with Sephiroth. "We can really just…walk away? No more worries about Shinra, Jenova, or the planet?"

He nodded. "None of that interests me anymore."

"You…" Cloud suddenly found his voice, any and all panic he was feeling morphing into a deep, burning rage. "You really expect me to roll over and be your champion martyr? That I'd give up my freedom for you when it's clear from the start I was some kind of tool you could and throw around?"

Tifa hesitated, remembering the promise Cloud had kept so long ago. "Cloud, please-"

His eyes burned blue from mako, causing her to flinch; she'd never seen him angry before and it was actually truly frightening. "No! Fuck you and fuck this planet! I'd rather die than know you people can go back to your pathetic lives!"

It was then that something odd happened. Sephiroth reacted to it immediately, blocking the ex-Turk's claws. Cloud stared, confused. Vincent…Vincent had attacked Sephiroth, his eyes gleaming.

"If you do not wish it, Cloud." He whispered hoarsely. "Then I can't allow it."

"What the hell?" Barret shouted at him. "Fuck, what do you think you're doing? Stop it, I have Marlene!"

Cid had tried to keep quiet, trying to get what exactly he was seeing. Instead, he walked next to Cloud, brandishing his spear. "Spike, you know as well as I do that none of us are able to take him out but you."

Cloud glanced at him, bristling. "And?"

"Vince ain't gonna be able to either." The older blond muttered. "From what little we've been able to see, you're a good kid, Spike. Me and Vince…we'll find a way to help you."

"…I…You mean that?" he asked softly, oddly touched that the air captain would make such a promise to him.

He only nodded. "I heard rumors that SOLDIER were made from monsters…" He gave an odd little smirk. "It's ironic that it's a SOLDIER then that protects our quaint little planet, huh?"

Cloud sighed, gathering what little strength he had and jumped into where Sephiroth and Vincent were fighting. He blocked them both, eyes hardened at what he was about to do.

"For all I care," he began, snarling at his so-called companions. "This world can rot away. But I can't allow someone else to die for me." He turned to Vincent, faltering only slightly. "I'll go…but not for them. When I come back, expect me to kill you all myself."

The black haired man nodded silently and pulled away, allowing Cloud to make his decision.

"I mean it," He hissed at the others, eyes glowing again. "I'll come after you all, I'll kill each of you."

He turned to Sephiroth, hoping that he couldn't see that his hands were shaking or that his eyes were watering. He could still hear his mother's screams as she was burned alive in his house and he remembered the smell of blood when he carried Aeris into the water. If having to live through those things meant for him to become a simple torture doll for this…this psychopath than he found himself losing all hope for humanity in himself.

"I'm not going quietly." He muttered, swinging First Tsuguri.

He only managed to be blocked four times before his arms gave out on him. He fell to his knees, panting and realizing that he must've gotten cut because blood flowed over his right eye, causing him to shut it. When that had happened, he had no idea.

Sephiroth smirked, looking down at him. "I hope that your companions don't live to regret their decision."

He quickly smacked the blond with the hilt of Masamune and sheathed it, picking him up gently. He glanced at the humans left, sneering at them. "Have fun with your lowly lives."

He flew away in a burst of wind and black feathers. Watching a couple fall, Vincent then turned and left with Cid following with him.

"Where…where are you going?" Yuffie asked. Her voice wavered slightly.

Cid sighed, stretching his back. "Gonna find a way to save Spike, of course."

"We didn't have a choice!" Tifa suddenly yelled, bursting into tears. "We didn't! We were all going to lose anyway, he was too powerful! We couldn't…couldn't do anything to help…"

Cid huffed. "Whatever makes you sleep at night."

They all stood for a moment, quiet. Then they began to make their way back to civilization, wondering how exactly they could live with the guilt at the fear in Cloud's eyes, and how they were going to tell Marlene…

~~~~Line Breaker~~~~~~~

Finally! Some of it seems a bit rougher than the original but I wanted to give more of a reason as to way Cid and Vincent care. Mostly because I thought they were more interesting than the rest of the group. . Also it creates more sub plot and gives Cloud a little more hope.

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