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~~~~~Line Breaker~~~~~~~

Sephiroth stared down at the boy in his arms as he walked through the Nibelheim mansion. Despite watching him for years, he was always taken away by how beautiful the human was. Cloud was completely unique; unselfish, graceful, compassionate and powerful. Everything that the human race wasn't, and they didn't deserve him. He belonged to a higher being, something Godlike.

Someone like him.

Smirking, he brushed away the blond bangs to get a better view of his face. His skin was stained still from their fight, and his clothing torn. Bruises, blood, cuts, somehow Cloud made them look like a work of art. Unable to resist, Sephiroth licked away the blood that covered the boy's eyes, sending a shudder through his body.

He pulled away once Cloud began to stir. "Finally awake, Cloud?"

It took him a minute to fully comprehend his situation, Sephiroth could see it in his glowing-blue eyes. "S-Sephiroth?"

He tried to struggle, to get as far away from the monster that had killed his mother and maybe-soulmate. But Sephiroth was easily more powerful, and it amused him to watch the boy struggle.

"Let me go!" Cloud snarled, eyes glowing as his pupils narrowed. "Release me so I can finally kill you!"

Sephiroth chuckled, amazed at the change. Few humans ever had such a promising reaction to Mako, and it was unusual that the blond could still go back to being...well, human, after his anger got a hold of him.

The blond apparently didn't appreciate being laughed at when he was snarling at him, because instead of fighting to get away from him, he lunged at him. Sephiroth narrowed his eyes as Cloud's knee connected to his face.

Cloud rolled away from him, panicking. 'Where am I? What's going on? Wait...those bastards sold me out, the fuckers! Wait until I find them,' He stiffened as the silver-haired man straightened up, not even a scratch on him. 'I'm so screwed,'

"Was that necessary, Cloud? You know you cannot hurt me."

"Fuck you!" the blond hissed. "What do you want from me? What could you take that you haven't already?"

Sephiroth smirked at him. "Oh, trust me Cloud, there's a lot more that you can give me."

Cloud blinked, confused. What the hell did that mean? Still, he didn't like that tone, it sent shivers down his spine. He felt nauseous. 'Dammit, I need to escape so I can strangle AVALANCHE and then destroy Shinra,'

"My, my, Cloud, you surprise me." Sephiroth laughed, stalking towards him as the blond backed up. "Such innocence..."

Taking a moment to rethink his last phrase, Cloud felt his face turn red. "Y-you, you sick fuck!"

"Language," Sephiroth tsked him, grinning when Cloud cornered himself. "Are you surprised, Cloud? Why wouldn't I want to take you for myself? You're mine now."

You're mine now.

Cloud glowered at him. ", I'm not yours! I'll never be yours, I'd rather kill myself than let you touch me."

He flinched when Sephiroth trapped him, pressing his body against his. He felt disgusted when he felt the ex-General's hard-on through the leather. "G-get off me."

"You're all mine now, Cloud. No to save you, no one to stop me." He leaned forward, nuzzling the blond's cheek.

Cloud averted his face, blushing from shame. He remembered once upon a time that this was all he ever wished for. He used to adore the General, would do anything to be close to him. But then Nibelheim happened and he had never hated someone like he did now.

"What's wrong, Cloud?" He moved to his neck, lightly licking his neck. "Don't I deserve you?"

"No! Just...please, let me go." He pleaded, trying to duck around the taller male.

Sephiroth grabbed him by the neck, deciding that he had waited enough to finally enjoy his prize. He dragged him through the mansion until he came to the bedroom, the only room besides the basement that wasn't covered in dust.

He threw the boy onto the bed, grinning when he bounced slightly and then crawled away from him to the headboard. "Go ahead and fight me, Cloud, I'd love to see you break."

Cloud felt his heart began to beat wildly in his chest. 'No, I won't allow this to happen!' He wasn't some damsel in distress here, he wouldn't let himself be overpowered and raped. He was SOLDIER. Maybe not officially accepted, but he was infused in Mako and dammit he would fight him off.

'Probably my only chance...' He went to roll off the bed when he felt a hand wrapped around his ankle. 'Fuck,' He felt his body slide down until it was covered by Sephiroth's. Before his mind could catch up with him, he felt his cloths being shredded.

"Stop!" The silver haired man straddled his knees and took his wrists into one hand. Cloud began to turn frantic. "Please, stop, please."

The once General did pause, only to admire the other's body. His shirt had been removed, and he hadn't started on his pants yet. The pale skin was covered in blood and cuts, and he had a large bruise over his right rib. It seemed that maybe he had a fractured rib, but he didn't worry about that now. He'd deal with it later.

"You're so beautiful, Cloud." he muttered, licking one cut on the boy's navel. "Only I get the honor of touching you."

He began to pull down the boy's pants, watching the way the boy's eyes widened and how he tried to struggle. He easily broke his belt in his hands, then pulled away to remove his own clothing.

"Don't do this, Sephiroth." Cloud continued to plead, averting his eyes away from the silver haired man. "Please..."

Sephiroth decided to take a bit of pity on him and gently stroked his cheek. "I can't Cloud...You're mine, the only other person that my mother has accepted. With you, I can finally move on from what Shinra did to me, all I need is you."

"Why me?" Cloud muttered, still not looking at him. "What the hell makes you think that I'm anything special? I won't ever forgive you for what you've put me through, I hate you!"

The silver haired SOLDIER chuckled, running his thumb across Cloud's lower lip. "You surprise me, Cloud...I thought you'd be happy knowing that you've single-handedly saved your world."

"Fuck the world." Cloud hissed. "What has it done for me so far? I'd rather have had the honor of dying in battle than being your prisoner so that the world can continue fucking itself over."

Sephiroth didn't reply to that; instead, he leaned forward and kissed him, not surprised when Cloud firmly pressed his lips together. Somehow, what he had just admitted sent a burst of fire through his veins. He had thought that Cloud was the righteous Hero, like Zack had been, but he was mistaken. Bitterness and hatred had completely covered his heart, and it made him more beautiful than his previous purity.

"Such an unwilling Hero," Sephiroth murmured against his lips, eyes glowing. "But still, you're now my own personal martyr, Cloud. No one's coming to save you, you're stuck with me forever."

Cloud scuffed at him. "Until I escape." he corrected fiercely. "You have to let your guard down sometime, Sephiroth. And once that happens, I'm gone."

He laughed, glad that Cloud hadn't given up so easily. "You'll find that that won't happen like you think it will."

The blond just glared at him, angry at himself that he had previously thought that pleading with the psychopath would help any. He wouldn't make the same mistake again, and it was something he'd have to remember for when he finally got a chance to kill the people he once called companions.

'Just...please don't touch me again,' he thought as Sephiroth eyed him. 'I can handle him touching me, it makes me sick.' It was those same hands that had killed Aeris, that had sent fire to his home. Maybe not intentionally, but it had happened and forever haunted his nightmares.

It seemed that Sephiroth didn't much care for what he was thinking because he began to run his hands down Cloud's sides, leaving red welts from his nails. The blond barely felt it, though, he had been through much worse pain; nothing could compare to when he had gotten Mako poisoning.

As Sephiroth went to remove his own pants, however, he paused, eyes narrowing. Cloud was startled to see the angry look on his face, one he didn't remember ever seeing before. The silver haired man growled, putting his clothing back on.

"It seems I have a few nuisances to take care of first." Sephiroth muttered darkly, turning to look him over one last time. "Try to escape to your hearts content, but you'll find it harder than you think."

And with that, he disappeared in a burst of black feathers. Cloud waited a moment before putting his cloths back on, only somewhat thankful for whatever had interrupted them. It only meant delaying the inevitable, though, since he knew that the world wouldn't let him escape...not when he was the only thing keeping it alive.

'If I happen to die before he comes back though, that's fine by me,' he thought and proceeded to look for a way out.

~~~~~Line Breaker~~~~~

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