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Summary: Sometime in the future, the remnants of the Five recount one of their darkest hours.

London, 1888

The early morning sunlight filtered in through thin white curtains, highlighting a very messy room. Papers, spare electrical parts and a shattered bottle of wine littered the floor and bookshelves. Lying on the floor, was a man. A very angry man.

Blood pooled out from under his hands, coagulating into a puddle on the floor. His eyelids fluttered; he was fighting sleep, and had been for the past day. He could hear his vertebrae (or he thought so) reattaching themselves. Maybe in a few hours he would be able to move.

He was going to kill John. Very slowly. John would be begging for mercy, if that broken arm had been any foreshadowing of what exactly he would do the man. Whoever had put a bullet into him had Nikola's eternal gratitude.

A pounding on the bolted door momentarily jolted Nikola out of his murderous thoughts. Then the doorknob was tried, but John had locked the door. Nikola would have started yelling, but as his throat had just finished repairing itself, he could barely manage a whisper.

"Nikola! Open the bloody door!"

Despite the situation, he chuckled silently. Oh, the great Helen Magnus, stopped by a door. And judging from what he could hear, so was the esteemed James Watson. That being said, he did need some help.

"Nikola, I swear, if you don't open the door in one bloody minute I'm calling your landlord!"

"Helen," Nikola heard Watson say "If John's gotten to him as well, I highly doubt he's in any state to answer the door."

The door was hit (kicked?) again.

"The tenant downstairs said there was a ruckus last night."

Nikola heard a sharp intake of breath. Their conversation moved to whispers, of which Nikola only heard 'gun' and 'shoot'.

"Nikola," Helen said finally "if you're able, move away from the door."

"Just wonderful." The vampire whispered to himself.

He heard a dull thud and the door burst open, revealing (was he ever wrong?) Helen Magnus and James Watson. Both their eyes widened until they were nearly the size of saucers.

"They were not!"

"Yes they were," Nikola argued. "I was there. I saw it."

"Nikola." Helen said, leaning forward. "You were in a great amount of pain, delirious and had not slept for a few days. They were not."

Across from them, Will, Kate and Henry shifted uncomfortably, as if unsure whether to laugh or walk away. John rolled his eyes at all of them.

"Can we continue?" Kate asked finally, after a moment of intense discomfort.

"Yes," John said with a hint of his former menace. "I'd like to get to my part, please."

Nikola gave him a patronizing smile that only revealed part of his fangs.

"Fine. Helen, I believe it's your turn."

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