Notes: This chapter is a bit of a take on Helen and James' relationship in 'Normandy' and how it might have begun to develop, or at least…oh never mind.

"Then what happened?" Henry asked. He was getting caught up in the story. This was just like a comic book. Only much, much better.

"Patience, Heinrich." Nikola snapped. "Nothing happened for a month or so. John was missing, Nigel and I were healing and James was using extreme amounts of cocaine, and was no help to any of us."

"And Magnus?" the doctor in question had left the room for a moment.

"I was very busy with morning sickness." She said from the doorway, carrying a tray of food. "If we're going to keep telling this story until it finishes, we might be here for a while."

She sat down again, between John and Nikola.

"We managed to get everyone else to my father's home. He was on a business trip to attempt to gain funds for the UK Sanctuary that he would build a few years later."

Helen's nausea had stopped long enough for her to get outside and take a short walk. She wasn't particularly worried about John showing up and trying to kill her. Somehow she knew he didn't want to hurt her. The rest of the Five were simply another matter.

Even if he did show, the contents of her purse weren't simply a woman's personal items.

Her stomach turned as she caught the smell of fresh meat from the butcher's shop. Every scent seemed too amplified, too clear in her brain. She quickly turned from the marketplace and headed back to her house, only to find Nikola perched on the roof, back to her.

"What are you doing up there?" she shouted at him.

Nikola glanced at her but turned his head back to something she couldn't see.

"Nikola!" He turned around.


Helen repeated the question, coupled with why he wouldn't go inside.

"When you kick that cocaine-addled man out of your home I will!" he shouted.

Helen sighed. James had been taking in so much cocaine (at least she thought it was cocaine) lately, he wasn't any help at all, what with his mood swinging between high and low depending on the hour.

"Where's Nigel?" she called. From the other side of the rooftop, Nigel peeked out and waved.

"Nigel! How did you get up there?"

"It was my idea." The Invisible Man said simply.

"Get down from there! Both of you!" she shouted, and began feeling nauseous again. "I'll talk to James."

Inside she could smell the bitter odor of something burning.


"In here."

Helen opened the door to his room to find a morose James Watson nursing a bottle of brandy. He looked ready to cry. She sat across from him.

Helen's sympathy for the man grew. Here he was, the analytical genius who had discussed police reports with the murderer, who was best friends with the murderer. And here she was, ex-fiancée to John.

"I suppose it's too much to ask that you stop your drug abuse?" she asked rhetorically.

James nodded. "I am blind Helen. For all I could see, I was blind to what mattered most. To all of us."

Helen sighed and grasped the man's hand. James looked at their hands as if they were foreign objects.

"We were both blind. All of us were blind. Even Nikola couldn't pick up a whiff of blood on him."

James avoided her eyes and stared out the window. "What have we unleashed?" he asked.

Helen could only shake her head. This had gone completely wrong.

"We have to deal with it somehow. The four of us can-"

"Can what Helen?" James abruptly stood up. "Lurk in the alleys until he decides to slice us up? Hide here until he finds out Nigel and Tesla are alive and come back to finish the job?"

Helen stood and pushed her chair in roughly.

"James, I have no idea what to do! I came to tell you to stop this ridiculous display of yours and help us decide what to do!" she shouted, aware that Nikola and even Nigel could hear her.

Helen walked forward until she was half an inch from James' face.

"We need to do something about him! I can't do it without you!"

Perhaps it was an accident, perhaps not. Helen, in the years to come decided the bottle of brandy had contributed to what would follow.

James leaned forward and kissed her. He did taste like brandy. Helen recoiled instinctively as James realized what he had done.

"I'm so sorry!" he had started shouting again.

She could only stare at him. The door opened—

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