Warnings: smut, kinda dark themes, partial blindness

Rating: M

Genre: Romance/Hurt/Comfort

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh or any of its characters.

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Everything was so loud… alarms, people screaming…

I intertwined my fingers with Seto's, watching him attempt to wipe away my tears. "You're going to be okay," he insisted to me, checking again to make sure I was strapped in. "Just make sure you get home and find Mokuba, okay?"

"No," I sobbed, shaking my head frantically. "You're coming home with me! We're both going to—"

He just smiled, kissing my forehead and giving my hand a squeeze. "I love you, angel," he whispered for only my ears.

Suddenly, all the alarms stopped, and my vision flickered into nothingness.


I shifted in bed, turning onto my right side and opening my left eye. Fear paralyzed me for a moment as I stared into pitch-blackness, but Seto grabbed my hands and kissed my fingertips. "Angel, it's okay. Open your other eye," he murmured hurriedly.

I did as he asked, almost sighing in relief as I saw the morning sun slanting across his face. "Sweetheart," I muttered, leaning forward to kiss him softly; he returned the kiss with a grateful smile. "Thank you..."

His beautiful, matching sapphire eyes were trained on my good one. "No thanks needed, my little angel. Don't scare yourself like that."

"Can't help it." I hid my face in his chest. "Why'd you wake me up?"

Seto's warm arms wrapped around me and pulled me closer. "I think you were having a nightmare. You were screaming..."

I flinched. "Sorry."

He kissed the top of my head, laughing lightly. "Don't worry about it. Let's go out and get some breakfast."

I appreciated more than he knew. Before the accident, we used to eat at the mansion most of the time. Not that I was nervous to go outside alone, whenever we were together he would take me out somewhere.

"Where do you want to go?" I asked, raising my head. He took that opportunity to lean down and kiss my left eyelid. I paused, sighing. "That won't heal me," I muttered.

"I don't care," he replied shortly. "I'm doing it every chance I get." I sat up, getting off of the bed and glancing at him. He was visibly hurt by my actions, his eyebrows drawn together and his eyes searching. "Angel? I'm sorry, I didn't mean-"

"I know," I interrupted. "Come on, take a bath with me."

Seto smiled softly, following me and carefully approaching my right side, making sure he was always visible. I appreciated that, too.

He ran the water while I undressed, standing in the far corner of the large bathroom. When he turned around, embarrassment got the better of me and I blushed darkly. "Angel, you're beautiful. Come here," he said, holding out a hand.

"I'm not beautiful. I'm a monster." I was covered in scars and bruises that wouldn't fade, and I was very pessimistic as of late, but somehow Seto saw past that.

He frowned at me, blue eyes going cold. "Never say that. Don't even think it!" His voice got louder as he advanced on me. "Who's been telling you that? Honestly Yugi, how do these stupid ideas get into your head?"

I trembled; Seto had a horrible temper, but he tried to tone it down when he was with me. "I don't know," I whimpered pathetically, watching him through my good eye as I hid my face behind my crossed arms.

Seto looked devastated, lowering himself to pajama-clad knees so he was shorter than me (and much less threatening) and bowing his head. "Shit, I did it again," he whispered, mostly to himself. "I'm so sorry; I'm trying to hold back..."

"S-Seto..." He looked up at me, but not at me. He was staring into my clouded, sightless violet eye, making me self conscious again. "Seto, please..." I frowned, stepping back. "Maybe we should just bathe separately this morning."

He glanced into my good eye. "Wait, angel, please, I want to be with you."

I paused, and then nodded my consent. I stepped into the bath, sitting gingerly in the hot water; I closed my eyes and sighted as the water rose slightly, signaling Seto had gotten in as well. He pulled me back against his chest and sighed.

"I love you," he murmured into my ear.

I smiled. "I love you too, sweetheart."

He touched my stomach lightly, continuing to whisper sweet, quite uncharacteristic nothings in my ear. I laughed at the caress and leaned back. "You're so sweet."

"You're the sweet once… a honey filled cupcake with extra chocolate sprinkles." That one forced another laugh out of me. "I love looking into your pure violet—" He paused.

I smirked, opening my eyes and turning around so I was straddling his lap. "Violet eye?" I teased, but I felt a sharp pain in my chest mentioning it.

He saw my pained expression. "It doesn't affect my love for you," Seto murmured with a smile, passing his hand over my good eye.

I leaned forward and captured his lips in a passionate kiss, the water splashing around us. "Show me," I whispered against his mouth.

"Oh I will." Seto's hands slipped down to my hips and held me still as he ground against me. I gasped and gripped his shoulders, pressing my mouth to his.

Seto released me and touched my entrance with two fingers, inquiring silently with his eyes. I nodded and he slid the first finger in, aided by the warm water. "Feel okay, angel?

"F-feels amazing," I replied. He was stroking my insides with the pad of his finger, avoiding my prostate. "You're t-teasing…"

"What?" he asked devilishly, adding another finger. I relaxed as much as I could, letting my hands fall onto into the hot water and my head onto his chest. "I didn't hear you."

"More… more!" was all I could manage. Seto kissed my neck, biting down on the spot he knew was the most sensitive. Why was he so good?

He stretched me as gently as he could, the third finger working its way in, and licked at my heated collar bone. "You're so tight, angel."

"Take me," I whispered.

He pulled his fingers out, his hands finding their way back to my hips, and lifted me slightly, lowering me onto his cock. It hurt; not as bad as my first time, but there was still a sharp sting in my lower back.

I rocked back and forth, trying to hold in my pleasured sounds. Seto wasn't having any of that; he gave one hard thrust directly at my prostate. "Scream for me," he muttered, sounding more like his usual, serious self. "Scream my name."

"God!" I cried, which I supposed was good enough for him.

"That's right, angel." The bath was large enough for him to lean me back and get on his knees, finding a better angle for him to thrust into me.

I pushed away from him, climbing out of the tub and landing on the large, soft bathmat. I turned on my back and spread my legs, reaching for him; my good eye was hazed with lust. "This is better."

Seto grinned, following me out and crawling on top of me. "Much," he breathed, thrusting into me hard and reaching for my erection.

He was slow and rhythmic, completely in control of both his pleasure and mine. I, however, was a moaning, writhing mess in his grasp.

"Seto!" I cried, waves of pleasure sweeping over me. Seto took that as his cue to clam into me faster and harder; his free hand traced my numerous scars in a comforting way that managed to spark electricity wherever he touched.

"Oh angel, you're so hot inside; scream louder, I want everyone to know who you belong to…" His whispering went on but I could only hear the pounding of my pulse in my ears.

I tensed, my hands gripping his upper arms with enough force to bruise as I came, screaming his name. He followed soon after, moaning "Yugi" over and over again.

He pulled out gently, his eyes closed. I felt his some of his hot load spill out of me and onto the floor. "You're a bit messy," I said cheekily, wiping some of my come off of him with a finger. He took it and stuck it in his mouth, watching me intently as I began to moan again.

"No more, sweetheart. I'm starving," I protested.

"Fine," he muttered, picking me up unceremoniously and dumping me in the water. I laughed and floundered for a while before he started to clean us off, washing my hair and scrubbing my back. "You're lucky I love you. I wouldn't do this for anyone else.

I closed my eyes. "Why do you love me?" I asked, shifting in the now-tepid bathwater.

Seto didn't miss a beat in his answer. "For one, you're great in the sack." I made to hit him but he just chuckled and began rinsing the shampoo out of my hair. "For another, you're the most selfless person I've ever met. You never stopped trying to be my friend… you sought me out to comfort me when Mokuba was in the accident… you helped me welcome him home, and taught him what he missed in school… he loves you too, you know…"

He trailed off and I touched his knee under the water. "Always comforting me, angel." I could hear the smile in his voice.

"Well, you know why I love you?" I said softly, opening my blind eye and looking out into the complete darkness.

"That, I haven't been able to figure out."

I waved a hand in front of my face. I couldn't even detect the movement. It was just black. "You see my scars, and my stitches and my damaged eye, and you can still feel something other than disgust—"

"Stop, Yugi," he whispered, his hand suddenly covering my mouth "You're beautiful. Everyone can see it, in your soul and on your body. I thank the gods everyday for letting you down from heaven, even if they plan to take you back. I love you, angel, not because of how you look, but because of who you are."

I whimpered, sobs wracking my body and making my ribs ache. I was crying to no reason, it seemed to me, but he just stood up, grabbed a towel, and motioned for me to get out of the bath as well. I did, and he wrapped me in it. "Why are you crying, little angel?" he asked me anxiously, kissing my temple.

"I don't know," I replied, leaning into his embrace.