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Artemis Teilor is back to bring you a new story in a different section of fanfiction. I still can't believe I'm writing a One Piece fanfic. This is just a bit of a joke between me and my friend who is currently in the process of creating her own crew and story. The idea is we're both writing One Piece fanfics with our own crews and having a laugh about it. A bit of a pre-warning for all you Straw Hat lovers - they will be in the story but they're not central characters; sorry about that. If you want Straw Hats making googoo eyes at OCs, please look elsewhere. I'm really not into that idea.

As for now, I hope you enjoy my story.


Prologue - A New Era

In the seaside town of Lochsport in East Blue there existed little to be appraised of. The place was a fishing village, fully stocked on ship supplies for those going out on long trips and as such the town was the hub of activity for East Blue pirates. There was a great gathering in the pub when the news came of Whitebeard's death, most especially when all present learnt of the man's final words. Never had most of the pirates believed that the One Piece truly existed, waiting in the Grand Line. From that pub there was a surge of action, and in the weeks that followed all the pirates in the vicinity had set off to the Grand Line.

On a morning one year after the big news, a girl stood at the docks in front of a small ship with the wind blowing her mahogany-brown hair into her face. She ignored the annoying mass as she moved through the paces of untying the small dinghy in front of her looking up at the horizon as the sun rose in the sky, the most important part of her luggage sitting nestled in amongst her possessions. Another girl turned up behind the girl and tapped her on the shoulder. The girl jumped and stopped what she was doing to quickly regain her balance so as to avoid falling off the dock.

"What do you think you're doing Maree?" the visitor enquired and the girl known as Maree exhaled slowly and returned to untying the dinghy.

"What does it look like Alex? I'm setting sail," Maree responded icily, brushing her out of her eyes violently as she reached the final knot holding the small boat to the shore of the land she'd grown up on, "I can't be here anymore, I have to go make something of myself."

"And you're not taking your friend with you? That's cold Maree. I'm hurt," Alex responded clutching at her heart and feigning like she was gonna collapse.

"You have a future here Alex," Maree insisted neglecting the boat and facing her friend, "You could do so much."

"I've seen your maps Maree. You've got a pretty bright future yourself," Alex argued stepping closer to her friend, "besides I'm the one who always wanted to be a pirate. How else can I beat my brother. You can't sail off without me."

"I'm going Alex. If you want to come with me that badly just get in the damn boat."

Alex laughed and shook the duffel she'd been holding the entire time before replying with, "I had no intention of letting you leave without me."

Maree shook her head as her good friend jumped in her cheap little dinghy and she undid the last knot, pushing the boat away from the shore before jumping in herself and smiling. Alex was already sprawled out across the boat, her bag lying right next to Maree's. They smiled at each other as they began attending the ship as it set sail. They weren't sure where they were going yet, but no matter where they went they were shaping their own destinies.

There you have it. The beginning of my story. I would really appreciate it if you did read to REVIEW! Even if it's an "I hate your guts this story is stupid" sort of review. It's just nice to know that out there someone read my story...