I saw her walking down the corridor, book in hand, bag over her shoulder. Her hair bounced around as she fast-walked to keep up with the other two. Ron grabbed Hermione's hand and pulled her up along, in between him and Harry. He didn't drop her hand. She didn't pull away.

Crabbe and Goyle didn't seem to notice my hopeless day dreams. At least not right away. We continued down the corridor, following the flow of Griffyndors, Ravenclaws, Hufflepuffs, and Slytherins to the great hall for the Halloween banquet.

Everyone stuffed themselves, except for me, who could barely eat a thing. Crabbe and Goyle followed me out after. Behind me, I heard Hermione arguing with Ron.

"Just go!" Ron begged.

"No," Hermione said.

"Please Hermione," Harry said.

"Alright, fine," she groaned.

Footsteps pounded down the hall toward us. A hand grasped my shoulder. I turned around to see Hermione.

Keeping up my usual act, I said, "What is it Mudblood?"

She grimaced. "Do you Slytherins," she said with a slight hiss, "Want to come and play truth or dare?"

"What's that," Goyle asked from behind me.

"A Muggle game," I told him. "Yes, we'll come."

She walked back to Ron and Harry without another word.

In the Slytherin common room, only a few decided to play. We walked to the portrait hole. Hermione and Ron were waiting outside, at the top of the stairs. We went through the portrait hole to the common room, where many Griffyndors sat; Ginny, Seamus, Dean, Fred and George, and Harry.

I took a seat in one of the armchairs. Goyle and Crabbe sat on either side of me. First up was Ginny. She looked at all the faces of the Slytherins.

"Pansy, truth or dare?"


"Who was your first boyfriend?"

Pansy glanced at me. "Malfoy."

"This game isn't supposed to be girly," Ron moaned.

"Considering girls play it all the time, it makes sense," she scoffed. "Okay Pansy. Your turn."

And so the game went on. Pansy asking Dean, Dean asking Goyle, and Goyle asking Hermione.

"Granger, truth or dare?"

She thought about it for a minute. "Since nobody is brave enough to pick it, dare."

"Dare it is. I dare you to... kiss..." he drew out dramatic pauses for effect, "Malfoy."

She stood up, looking revolted. "No way! NO! I will not."

"You have to! I dared you!"

Hermione stood there quietly. Then, she took a few stiff steps toward me. She didn't make eye contact with me. Two feet from me, she stopped. "No."

Ron looked relieved.

"You have to," Seamus said.

"Yep, it's a dare," Dean agreed.

"Just do it and get it over with," Ginny said.

Without any warning, her lips were on mine. The kissed lasted about ten seconds and it was over fast. My mind was completely blank. I had no idea how I should've reacted. She took her seat again and leaned into Ron, clearly deciding how to react as well.

Her eyes mt mine once more. There was something in them, amusement maybe. "Malfoy. Truth or dare?"

"Dare," I said automatically.

"Jump in the black lake."


"You heard me. Jump. In. The. Black. Lake."

I stood up and walked to the portrait hole, the Slytherins and Griffyndors followed. The night was cold once outside. Fall was already here and winter was coming. We kept to the shadows, sneaking past Hagrid, who was hanging his fur coat up to dry.

At the edge of the lake, the group stayed back a bit. I looked into the dark water. Hermione's warm hand was on my shoulder again.

"I suggest you take your clothes off. Filch will kill you if you get the castle all wet and muddy." She backed away again.

While I pulled off my robes, I heard talking behind me.

"Er-my-nee," Ron croaked. "You're quite the risk taker this year."

"Yeah, I suppose so."

I was only wearing my underwear when I neared the edge.

"I'm gonna push you if you don't hurry up," Hermione said.

I jumped in. The icy water was like knives cutting into my skin. The cold constricted my throat. Eager to get out, I swam to the top. When I emerged, everyone was doubling over in laughter. I pulled my clothes back on and led the way back in.

The castle was like a fire compared to the lake. Back in the common room we went, ready for the next spring of truths and dares.

"Weaselbee, truth or dare?"


"Wimp," muttered Crabbe.

"Who what your first girlfriend?"

He shrugged. "Haven't got one."

All the Slytherins laughed.

"Truth or dare, Hermione," Ron asked.


"Did you like kissing Malfoy?"

She blushed and I'd assume I did too.

"Um... it was... alright."

"Not good enough," Harry said.

"Ugh," she groaned. "Ron?"

"It was either good or bad. Which is it?"

"It was good."

"Very good," Fred and George said in unison.

"Will you shut up," she shrieked. "It was good. I answered the question. DROP IT!"

Most of the rest were dares, but nothing as big as jumping in the black lake. A bunch of Slytherins had left and the same with Griffyndors. Now it was only me, Crabbe, Goyle, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Seamus.

"Malfoy," Seamus said. "Truth or dare?"


His eyes lit up. I glanced at him and then Hermione, knowing what was most likely coming next.

"Kiss Granger for a whole minute."

"This game is mental. I am not snogging anyone else."

"IT'S A DARE! YOU HAVE TO," Crabbed bellowed.


I crossed the room. Hermione seemed to have wanted to get it over with, so she leaned in quickly. This time the kiss was a lot longer. After it was done, she broke away gasping. She stood up.

"I'm done. I need a drink," she said. Hermione walked out of the portrait hole.

"We're done too."

Crabbe and Goyle left the portrait hole before me. I followed slowly, trying to let them get ahead. When they were far enough from me, I slipped around the corner.