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Chapter 3-

(Sasuke's POV)

"All right, I wanted to put it off for a little while longer but it's time for your first mission." I announced to the three Genin gathered in our usual meeting place, I had put them through a gruelling two and a half weeks of basic training before the Hokage had demanded that I take on some missions.

Hanabi and Asuka were quick to demand/ask what the mission would be whereas Jin on the other hand asked if 'it was something cool like fighting mutated ninja robot aliens'- that was one weird kid.

"Oh it's far cooler than that." I responded exciting my students further still.

"You'll be painting fences." I stated dryly; it was one of the more come on place D rank missions, there were a surprisingly large amount of vandals in the village Hidden in the Leafs.

Asuka looked slightly disappointed and a little embarrassed, probably at getting worked up about the really 'cool' mission; Hanabi looked noticeably more disappointed, like she's gotten a really bad birthday present I'd say; lastly there was Jin, well Jin looked somewhat like he's just walked in on me torturing Santa Clause.

Neither Jin or Hanabi wasted any time in telling me how much they disapproved of our mission.

"Calm down now, do this mission right and I'll be able to get you a better one next time." I explained leading my students toward the area assigned to our group.

"Is this all, I'll have it done in no time." Boasted Jin puffing out his chest for dramatic effect.

"Tch it'll still take you twice as long as me." Mocked Hanabi blowing a raspberry at her comrade…so this was it, I've been reduced to being a babysitter.

"Tell you what, whoever finishes the most fences today will get a surprise." I cut in before Jin could get his counter in.

"It's not going to be 'cool' like this mission is it?" sneered Hanabi, cleaver girl.

"I think you'll like it." I answered, I already knew that the girl was hyper competitive- if I offered a piece of paper to the winner both her and Jin would still probably give it their all.

I blinked slowly a couple of times in shock.

"The hell?" I asked quietly starring at the 'Naruto Uzumaki for Hokage' scrolled across the wall in front of me, and the couple of dozen copies covering each and every free surface along the fences as far as the eye could see.

"Who's Naruto Uzumaki?" asked Asuka noticing my confusion, Hanabi and Jin had both already pried open a bucket of paint each and were hard at work- shouting the occasional insult to one another.

"The worlds least subtle prankster." I replied dryly before shaking my head and telling the girl she can join her teammates now.

While the Genin worked themselves to the bone I took the chance to reflect on my teams current abilities.

Jin hadn't really improved all that much since I had mainly been working on boosting the groups stamina, and the boy had already had considerable stamina; he was improving in the basics with his new weapon but more than that he was doing best in improving his Taijutsu; adapting well to the more advanced Kata I was running him through.

Hanabi had been resisting any Taijutsu training I tried to impart on her and it worried me, her Gentle fist seemed unreliable at best; her chakra reserves were also too low for her to perform Fire Jutsu right now and she ignored her Tonfa unless specifically told to use them- the girl was just turning into a massive headache to try and teach.

Asuka on the other hand was taking to my teachings well, her stamina was increasing steadily and with more energy her speed also increased; her Taijutsu skills were still below that of her teammates but were also steadily improving along with her kenjutsu skills; she still hadn't made much head way in Ninjutsu however.

On a whole I had stayed far away from Genjutsu with the team; once they had enough control of their chakra systems to perform several Jutsu I'd start counter Genjutsu training.

Hanabi was in the lead for the moment but Jin was closing the distance, on the other hand I was tempted to announced Asuka the winner simply because she was the only one doing a decent job; parts of the graffiti were still highly visible were each of my overzealous students had missed spots.

"You'll run a lap around the village for each spot of graffiti that I find." I spoke drawing a harsh curse from Jin and a slightly less rough but none the less un-lady like comment from Hanabi before both of them raced back over their fences covering up missing spots.

The sun had dipped low in the sky by the time all of my students had finished their work, Hanabi had just slightly edged out Jin at the cost of having to complete six laps around the village, Jin only had to do four and Asuka slow but steady one had to do one lap.

It wasn't bad for a first mission I supposed, all I had to do now was think of something special as a reward to Hanabi.

A summoning contract…would probably just frustrate the girl with her low chakra capacity, any Ninjutsu carried the same problem of course.

I needed something simple but useful.

Both Asuka and Jin were quick to leave for home once they had finished up, Hanabi on the other hand had taken to staring at me expectantly… I guess she wanted her prize now.

"Did you take any extra classes at the academy?" I asked the girl an idea forming.

"Advanced Tactics, Local Bloodline Histories, Code Cracking, Stealth Techniques and Fuin Jutsu." Listed off the girl with what I noticed was no small amount of pride, justified I suppose in that she had taken the maximum number of extra classes.

I had only taken two myself, Advanced Weaponry and Ninjutsu.

"I'm going to teach you a Shuriken Technique." I told her, it mightn't be the best idea considering poor accuracy but on the other hand it may help to improve that weakness.

The girl only nodded her consent and continued her expectant stare, after a moment I realised that she wanted her lesson now.

"In the morning Dumbass." I muttered with a shake of my head.

I had bigger problems to deal with tonight after all, namely a certain half date and associated blackmail.

(Hanabi's Pov)

I wonder what we're going to do in training today, it couldn't be more laps around the village could it.

As if to contradict my internal monologue Sasuke didn't actually send us on our usual warm up jog, apparently our legs had built up enough stamina for now.

"So we'll now be starting phase two of your basic training." Commented Sasuke, we were sat in a semicircle around Sasuke in training grounds four- the training grounds themselves were also different than the usual clearings in that it was filled with trees.

I guessed we'd be doing some stealth training.

"Didn't we already complete basic training in the academy Sasuke-sensei?" voiced Jin, as usual he was eager to get into the more advanced stuff; I suspected that all this was mostly for the weaker Asuka, though I admit I did feel a little stronger.

"Yes you have already been through basic training, that however doesn't mean you're up to my standards just yet. Personally I would rather fail you." Responded Sasuke moving to and leaning against a tall broad tree, as ever he filled us with self-confidence.

"For our second phase we'll be working on chakra control and capacity." After his brief explanation the Uchiha proceeded to walk up the side of the tree he had previously been leaning against.

I had seen this done before of course but both of my teammates were shocked and amazed at the display, there was a flash and three kunai buried themselves in the dirt in front of us.

"Take a running start, mark your progress…actually Hanabi no running start for you." Spoke Sasuke, I guessed he was handicapping he so the other weaklings could keep pace.

We began and despite my slow pace I easily made it higher than either of my comrades, that said I only got several feet above Asuka's mark before I began to feel faint and my grip slipped; I didn't even realise that I had fallen until Sasuke caught me.

"I asked you to walk because your reserves are so low, your capacity hasn't increased like your teammates because you've never pushed it's barriers." Explained Sasuke as I tried to clear my head of the fog that now filled it.

I understood the problem, increasing your chakra was like strengthening a muscle and with my higher level of control I rarely strained my chakra reserves; it was actually a common problem among the Hyuuga and Medical families.

This time the basic training was specifically aimed at me.

"Once you've recovered try again, but eh don't push it too much…I don't want any more trips to the clinic." Were the Uchiha's parting words before he settled himself beneath the shade of a large tree contenting himself with examining his blade.

"Who taught you Uchiha?" I heard myself ask sitting down near the man, the question had been plaguing my mind for some time now.

"Why so curious Hanabi-chan?" he asked, I scowled darkly.

"Just tell me." I demanded, in truth I hadn't been able to find out much about the Uchiha so I was hoping to find out a little about his teacher instead.

"Kakashi Hatake." Answered Sasuke after a moment, I noted the name and moved back to climb the tree once more.

By the end of the training session both of my comrades had made it higher than my initial attempt while I hadn't managed to reach the same spot since, I was sure I could easily beat them both if I ran but still it hurt my pride a little even if I was only losing do to a handicap.

It gave me a little hope, if the training was this difficult then it would make me all the stronger- I needed to get stronger.

(Sasuke's Pov)

"You alright there?" I asked Hanabi after her teammates had taken their leave, the girl looked more exhausted then I thought Hyuuga's allowed themselves to ever appear.

"Fine." Answered the girl breathlessly, it had been worse than I had expected really- I had seen other Hyuuga's suffer from similar problems but never this severely…there certainly seemed to be more to Hanabi than I had originally thought.

"You want to call it a day?" I further prompted, I might as well ask her if she wanted to quit being a shinobi and open a bakery, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask.

"Like hell." Snarled Hanabi raising herself up with the assistance of a nearby tree, it struck me as odd that someone could become so upset about a show of concern.

"I suppose it's time for that technique I promised to teach you." I mused withdrawing the necessary gear from the largest pouch at my waist, the girl examined the items with a critical interest.

They were two leather bands with three shuriken attached to each.

"I've already got my own shuriken for the technique Uchiha." Commented the girl…she seemed to enjoy being condescending, or perhaps that was just a Hyuuga thing.

"Well Hana-chan, you'll need these specially prepared shuriken for this technique." I suspected she didn't appreciate the nickname, if the dark glower was anything to go by; I ignored the look and instead fastened the shuriken holsters onto the girls upper arms.

"There's wire around and tied to the shuriken, twenty feet worth to be exact. Stay here." I told Hanabi stepping about fifteen feet from her, I'd probably start her at ten given her aim but this would be good for a demonstration.

"What are you goin-" with a spin I drew two of my own wired shuriken launching them aimed to either side of the girl, a slight tug at the last moment altered the projectile's path causing them to wrap around Hanabi and pin her to a nearby tree.

The Hyuuga princess didn't appear amused.

"Cut me loose Uchiha." Growled Hanabi struggling against the tight wire slightly, it may have been a bit tight.

I couldn't help but laugh at the Hyuuga's outraged expression as I released her from the ninja wire, she released a flustered sigh and gave me a dirty look.

As with all her other lessons the girl started into practicing her new technique with near religious devotion, her aim was unsurprisingly poor and it had me increasingly worried.

We ran the drill several more times so I could correct small flaws within her technique, bizarrely her throwing technique was perfect despite her lousy aim- it annoyed me, it didn't add up and that meant I was missing something important.

I activated my Sharingan and observed her movements closer, I'd figure it out what I was missing yet.

I was not in a particularly pleasant mood the next morning as I surveyed my guilty looking students, well Jin and Asuka looked guilty- Hanabi looked like she always did, a frosty neutral.

"So you got anything to say for yourselves?" I growled out in a slightly less controlled voice than I had been going for, Jin quickly began rambling off reasons and excuses…some of which bordered on the insane.

"The mole people made you do it?" I asked with a raised eyebrow, the boy blushed a bright crimson.

"Asuka…can you do any better than that?" I asked the so far silent girl, she stuttered a couple of words I couldn't quite make out before Hanabi interrupted.

"Pinkie bribed them." Stated the Hyuuga ignoring her teammates incredulous looks.

"Hanabi you promised!" came Asuka's choked voice.

That gave me something more than a simple answer, I was now suddenly aware of how horrible my students were at lying- well perhaps not Hanabi so much, Jin however and his mole people lies would need a lot of work in the future.

I rubbed the bridge of my nose as I recalled the events of last night; I had met the insidious nurse for the date she had blackmailed me into, now as any good ninja should I had devised an escape route, Naruto was supposed to come rushing into the restaurant to tell me there was a problem and I had to come with him quickly- if pressed our lie was that Itachi was drunk and in trouble.

I was using a painful and still worrying period from my brother's life to skip out on a silly date, but unfortunately nothing else would really excuse running out on the Valkyrie Sakura Haruno.

Naruto ran into a little distraction on his way toward the restaurant though, in the form of a panicky Jin and Asuka, who after a small talking down from the Uzumaki explain how Hanabi had been injured and was now in the hospital and was asking for me.

Naturally Naruto told my students where to find me and assumed that this new situation would get me out of my date, it probably would have too except my students never arrived.

I enjoyed a long evening of glancing around in search of Naruto and trying to form a suitable excuse to flee the pink haired devil cooing as she tried to feed me what I thought was chicken.

At one point I even ordered some coffee and spilled it on my forearm feigning clumsiness all with the intent of excusing myself, somehow in my panicked plotting I'd forgotten Sakura was a medical ninja.

It made the date just that little bit more embarrassing.

"I think it's about time for another evaluation for you three." I spoke half to myself half to my students, testament to his naiveté Jin quickly became excited about the chance to prove himself, Asuka had adapted a nervous expression and Hanabi, in standard Hyuuga fashion, was now glaring at me in challenge.

I led the three of them to a nearby training grounds a small argument running through my mind, it was quite simple really, my students needed a small lesson in humility but at the same time I didn't want to undermine the confidence they'd been building over the last few weeks of basic training.

The answer presented itself quite nicely once I reached the training grounds.

The energetic green beast of Konoha, or snot guy as Naruto had once called him, was occupying the training grounds running his students through his now strictly reviewed warm up routine.

I grinned wickedly a cruel glint in my eyes.

"Oi Lee!" I called a false casualness in my voice.

Alright I'm leaving it there for the moment, next chapter will feature the first real mission and a genin on genin royal rumble, I hope you're all still enjoying the story.