They held a parade in his honor, the day before the funeral. John Winchester, small town hero, the stuff of legends. It was sunny that day.

Of course the funeral was in the rain. A cliché burial, Dean thought. He and Sam stood on either side of their mother, who stood tall, a single tear rolling silently down her cheek. Dean saw Castiel on the other side of Pastor Jim, standing near Bobby and Ellen. Dean sought out the other teen's eyes, needing something to hold onto, to keep him strong.

They held each other's eyes throughout, breaking only when Dean turned away at the end to leave. He didn't get very far before a familiar, warm hand was sliding into his, gripping it tightly and pulling him in close. Dean turned his face into Castiel's neck and buried it there. He definitely was not crying, the drops of water left on Castiel's skin were definitely from the rain that had gotten through the umbrella Cas was holding over them. Cas took his hand from Dean's and wiped away the moisture from Dean's face. He rested his palm across Dean's cheek, then slid it to the base of his neck in a reassuring grip. Castiel's lips lightly brushed his cheek. Dean could feel everything Cas wasn't saying (I'm so sorry, I'm here for you, I'll never leave you, I love you) and Dean leaned in and let himself be surrounded by Cas' touch.

For a moment, it was their own private world under the black umbrella. Dean could trick himself into thinking everything would be ok, just as long as Cas never let him go.

A.N. - For eightyeightkate's Ye Olde Nightly Fic Challenge on Tumblr. I didn't quite mean for it to be sad.