Chapter 1-1
The Spartan's Arrival

Arrival in Africa

A bird type lady paced up and down in a dark room in front a kneeled man.

Somewhere else two jeeps drove along a road.

The man, kneeled, suddenly grabbed hold of the bird lady's hand. He was in great pain.

His eyes slowly turned black.

The two jeeps had meanwhile arrived in the same small town and have stopped. Several soldiers get out of the jeeps.

Soldier, "Move! Move!"

Back at the bird lady, she was shrugging off the man's grasp. She turned away as numerous black leeches emerged from the man's body.

One of the soldiers, Captain DeChant, speaks through a


Captain DeChant, "Captain DeChant here. We've secured the underground route to the coordinates."

Two soldiers pulled a large door shut. Whilst nearby a lone man was traveling down a dusty road in the African savanna. Kratos, walked alone with his weapons on his back.

He was reading a note from Chris Redfield: "I should have seen it coming. It didn't take long after the fall of the Umbrella Corporation for their bio-weapons to end up in the hands of terrorists."

He made his way to a shanty town, where he saw several spots of the village as he walked his way through.

The note continued: "A new era of bio-terrorism descended upon vulnerable countries, shifting the balance of power throughout the region. People in the destabilized areas soon feared another incident like Raccoon City was inevitable. As panic spread, governments of the world turned to the Global Pharmaceutical Consortium, which formed the anti-terrorism unit BSAA.

Operatives of the BSAA were sent to infiltrate and neutralize bio-weapon

hotspots, restoring safety and stability to various regions around the globe."

Kratos had reached his destination and came to a stop, he saw an African woman, Sheva Alomar, walked up to him.

Sheva Alomar, "Welcome to Africa. My name is Sheva Alomar."

Kratos, "Yeah!"

Sheva, "Your reputation proceeds you, Mr. Redfield. It's an honor."

Kratos, "Who is this Redfield you speak of?

Sheva, "I was told Chris Redfield would come out, who are you then? Tensions are running high ever since the change in government."

Kratos, "Kratos. This Chris you speak of is unstable. The note said it's a haven for terrorists now."

Sheva, "And they're not going to be happy to see an 'American'?

That's why I'm your partner; help put them at ease.

Kratos, "I am Spartan!"

Sheva then turned around and walked away.

Kratos (talks to himself): Zeus...

In a short flashback, we see the stairs leading to Zeus' Throne.

Who frowned upon Kratos. Sheva turned around and noticed that Kratos was looking rather pissed.

Sheva, "You okay?"

Kratos, "Leave me be woman."

Sheva and Kratos walked to the village gates.

Kratos, (Note from Chris): Casualties continue to mount over the long years I've struggled. More and more I find myself wondering if it's all worth fighting for. Maybe one day I'll find out.

As the two approached the gate, a Guard comes by to block the way.

Guard, "Hey! Hey!" [Speaks African language]

The two stopped in front of him, and suddenly the Guard ran his hands

all over Sheva's body. She pushed his groping hands away.

Sheva, "You don't have to get touchy!"

Sheva handed the guard some money, who let them pass.

Sheva (to Kratos): "Let's go."

Kratos (voiceover): "There is one thing I do know. I will get revenge!"

Kirk Mathison (over radio): "This is Kirk. Chris, Sheva, can you read me?

Kratos, "It's Kratos. Coming in, loud and clear, Kirk."

Sheva, "Yes, we read you."

Kirk, "There's a black market weapons deal going down in Kijuju. That's where Irving will be. Alpha Team has already infiltrated the area and you will be going in as backup. Rendezvous with your contact at the butcher's shop. You can gear up and get briefed on the mission there. Watch your backs!

Kratos, "Sure."

Sheva, "Copy. Over and out."

A vicious beating was going on as the dialogue goes on. The villagers stop as Kratos and Sheva came closer.

Magic Act

Kratos and Sheva made their way to a decrepit building called the "Corner Pyany Butchery." In the distance a radio babbles on frantically. Kratos and Sheva realize that the village has suddenly been deserted.

Kratos and Sheva made their way to the butchery. They opened the door to see their contact, Reynard Fisher, inside.

The Butcher, Part 1

Fisher, "Good. You're both here. Come."

He opened a door to the slaughterhouse.

Fisher, "You two. This way. It may be because of the new government, but people around here are a little on edge. You should do what you came to do and go home."

Kratos, "This is better than the Olympian welcomes I get."

Fisher, "I have your weapons for you here. Check them."

He motioned towards a box.

Fisher, "Grab your weapons. The operation's already started."

Kratos opened the box to find a Beretta M92F.

The Butcher, Part 2

The two had just finished gearing up. Sheva finished field-stripping

her pistol, then turned to talk to Fisher.

Kratos crushed his pistol under his foot and took the Blades of Athena of his back.

Sheva, "Destination coordinates?"

Fisher, "Town square up ahead. Go through there, Alpha Team's waiting at the deal location."

Sheva, "Good."

Fisher, "What do you know about Uroboros?"

Kratos, "Mostly jack...I give a just!"

Fisher, "Doomsday project should cover it, and apparently it is no rumor."

Sheva, "You're kidding, right?"

Fisher, "You must find a man named Irving, he's our only lead."

He turned around and walked away, but then stopped to give some advice before he left the butchery.

Fisher, "And be careful out there."

Kratos, "Some fucking advice that is."

Kratos and Sheva explored the butchery together.

Kratos, "Remember, we're not a team. Whatever happens, we do things my way."

Sheva, "Don't worry, I may not be as big as you, but I can still hold my own."

A dead cow lied in the sun, a stake stuck through its body. Several monstrous crows were around the body.

Kratos and Sheva noted that the cow was still warm. Heading into the room near the carcass, they saw several skulls piled on a shelf. Opening the door to the next room, they saw another mutilated animal carcass. They made their way to a green door.

First Encounter

Kratos and Sheva opened the door, weapons ready. They sew two men holding down another man. One of the assailants holds a squirming ball of tentacles, a Plaga parasite. Pulling open the man's jaw, he forces the thing into his mouth.

Kratos, "Stop!"

The assailant retracts an odd mandible back into his mouth, looking at Kratos and Sheva and then fleeing the scene with his accomplice. The attacked man got on his knees, vomiting.

Kratos, "What are you?"

Kratos put an arm on the man's shoulder but was violently repulsed. The man clutched at his throat and face, then stared up to the sky, his eyes filled with blood. Slowly he got to his feet, wobbly. Suddenly, he turned around and ran towards them, intent on attack.

Kratos and Sheva killed the Majini.

Sheva, "What the hell just happened?"

Kratos, "We killed a zombie bitch."

Kratos and Sheva jumped out of a window onto the ground below.

All of a sudden, Majini came out of nowhere, climbing over the chain-link fences, bent on attack.

Kratos and Sheva ran down an alley and into a building.

Kratos slammed the door shut and barred it.

Kratos, "Kirk, you idiot. The locals were hostile so we wasted them. We should have been given more weapons for this but you got a big fat bonus didn't you, Kirk? Now we have to smash boxes for that shit. Shit!"

Kirk, "Roger on the locals. I felt I deserved a cut for once."

Sheva, "Aah you prick? And you knew of the situation?

Kratos and Sheva cooperate to kick down a metal door. This building has a cutting board with a large brain on it, among other scenes of carnage. They go through an underground passage way, heading to the objective point.


Kratos and Sheva entered the building, weapons raised, to find no one inside.

Looking out the window though, they see a large angry mob being stirred up by a sunglasses-wearing man carrying a megaphone. To the surprise of Kratos and Sheva, Fisher was there, being held down by several majini.

Fisher, "You don't know what you're talking about! You can all go to hell!"

Sheva, "Wait a minute! That's the—"

Kratos stopped her from stepping forward to help. They see the EXECUTIONER, a giant man who wears a burlap sack over his head and wields an axe the size of a small car. The EXECUTIONER chops off Fisher's head, much to the delight of the Majini mob. As the Majini with the megaphone turned his head to face the crowd, he caught sight of Kratos and Sheva through the window and ordered the

Majini to attack them.

Kratos and Sheva pushed several bookshelves to barricade the windows, but the sheer number of Majini broke through the bookshelves as well as the door.

Kratos, "Kirk! Come in! The locals are infants! The gate is a candy wall, and we're thirsty. We need weapons, and we need it right now!

Kirk, "Roger that. Just sit tight. I'm on my way!"

Kratos, "You here that Sheva? Take a seat, we're in line and waiting."

Sheva, "Got it! Wait what, we have to wait! Now this is not service."

Several Majini broke through the roof, to make matters worse.

As the fighting continued in the building, the EXECUTIONER used his giant axe to smash a hole in the wall and join in on the fight. Kratos and Sheva headed outside to increase their chances of survival.

Sheva, "There's just no end to them! They're cutting in line."

Kratos, "Remind me to punch this Kirk guy in the face."

Fighting continued through the main street and the roofs and second floors of the buildings.

Kirk, "Kratos, Sheva. How you holding up? I'll be there shortly, just hang in there!

Fighting continued. Kratos and Sheva managed to defeat the EXECUTIONER.

Kirk, "Sorry to keep you waiting. I'm going to take out the door. Find some cover!

Guardian Angel

A helicopter flied overhead, piloted by Kirk.

Kirk, "Take cover!"

Kratos and Sheva quickly toke cover. The soldier in the helicopter readied an RPG and blasted the gate open, taking down several Majini in the blast as well.

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