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Chapter 1

Bella POV

I closed my eyes just before he bit into my throat. He started drinking from me in large gulps. I was screaming out loud when suddenly I heard a ripping sound and Laurent's weight was of me. "What happened to him?' was my last thought before everything went black.

The burning started out as a pleasant sensation in my throat. It soon got hotter and hotter until it was burning me. I opened my mouth to ask someone to kill me and relieve me of the unbearable pain, but all that came out of my mouth was a shriek of agony.

Two days later:

The pain started leaving my arms and legs, but it increased near my heart. I writhed around in pain but it was no use and with a final scream and with a final thud, my heart stopped beating. I opened my eyes to find the face of a giant wolf inches from my face. It had familiar black eyes and they were now looking at me with a look of disgust.


The wolf nodded once.

"I've changed haven't I?"

He nodded once again.

"What happened to Laurent?"
He grinned showing sharp canines. I stared at them for a long moment.

"Can you please change back?"

He nodded then ran into the trees and returned walking with nothing on but slacks.

"Bella you stink!" he said wrinkling his nose.

I stared at him and then wrinkled my own nose and said "So do you!".

We grinned at eachother. Then Jacob grew serious and a haunted look came into his eyes.

"I taught I was too late. That black haired leach was sucking from you when we showed up.I had a hell of a time convincing everyone that you wouldn't be a threat. You've been screaming and writhing around for almost three days now. You have to leave Forks, Bella."

I looked at him and with a lump in my throat I choked out " Yes, I have to leave. Tell Charlie... that I died. Tell him that I commited suicide and you couldn't find my body".

I turned around and left without looking back.