Author note:

Please read this. I began this story when I was in eight grade. Now, maybe because I'm a senior in high school, or maybe because my writing has considerably improved, I feel as though this story I wrote back then is both childish and lacks direction. To all those of you who gave your reviews to this story albeit its bad storyline- Thank You!

One thing I hate to do is abandon a story. I generally don't unless I can find no hope in it. This story however, has turned a different direction in my mind and so I decided to inform you that I will be starting over.

Don't worry. Bella is still going to save the army of newborns. Bella and Edward won't meet again for 5 to 10 years after he leaves her in New Moon. Another thing, I did want to bring Renesmee and an OC character, Carlie – her twin brother into the story. I can't leave anyone hanging in my stories, so it will star, RenesmeeXJacob, CarlieXLeah, TanyaXSeth, KateXGarett, IrinaX Laurent-yes I'm not killing him in this story and neither am I killing her- and BellaXEdward-ofcourse!

One last thing- Bella is really powerful in this story, so as a villain to this story we have the Volturi. The Volturi do perish in my version and the Cullens and a few others end up taking over the vampire world. This might call for a sequel-I mean I might write a sequel!

Now, a sneak peek into the prologue of the new story-which contains one last surprise which I haven't mentioned yet:

"What is it, Bella?" Kate asked. "Bella…"

Bella closed her eyes and when she opened them again, the usually expressive eyes were blank. No emotion. Her mouth finally opened and in the sweetest of voices, which chimed like bells in the room, she asked a devastating question, " Who are you?"