HELLO :D I AM TOTALLY OBSESSED WITH OKIKAGU! I LOVE THIS PAIRING. LOL. second story on them :D it'll be a series of drabbles, albeit, phases of their relationship with each other. it wont be a long fic. maybe a few chapters definitely less than 10. maybe around 6-7? anyway i hope you guys like it :D i tried my best to keep them in character.

Phase One

Kagura was breathing hard, but the grip on her purple parasol never faltered. The hems of her salmon pink Chinese dress was stained with muddy water and the slit at the sides of the dress had ripped even higher up her thigh, exposing her long, toned legs. The bottom of her black battle boots had worn out, but she forced them into fighting stance.

Rivulets of perspiration trailed down the side of Sougo's face. He stabbed the sand of the playground with his katana, using the sword as a balance as he tried to recover his breathing pattern. He lifted his face to observe the Yato's expression, and smirked. She's good; I'll give her that.

'What's wrong, Sadist? Are you giving up already? What a loser,' Kagura taunted. 'Even Sadaharu has more stamina than you.'

'Don't underestimate me just yet, China,' he deadpanned. 'You'll regret it.'

'You look pathetic, you idiot. Just give up already. You'll never beat me today. You're already half dead.'

Sougo plucked the sword from the ground and was behind her in a flash. He brought his katana down hard, which Kagura deflected with her parasol, her arm trembling with his force.

'You…have to be…gentle…when dealing with a lady! Aren't you a police…officer? You're supposed to be…a…gentleman…'

'China, you can hardly defend yourself from my attacks. I'd say you give up.'

Damn that Sadist. He was out of breath just a minute ago. I hate that damn stamina of his.

Sougo studied his rival and saw that she was pink in the face, teeth biting on her lower lip in concentration as she tried to push him back.

Kagura glared at him, annoyed. How can he be on par with me, a Yato? How can he deflect my attacks so effortlessly while I'm trying so hard here?


She narrowed her eyes.

'If you know you're losing, hurry up and surrender.' His expression remained shadowed, his voice a monotone. 'I have something to tell you.'

'Don't try that method on me, you stupid Sadist! It won't work! And there's no way I'm losing!'

Sougo sighed and brought his sword back, at the same time twisting the parasol out of her hand with his other wrist, flipping her onto her back onto the ground. She landed with a painful thud.


'Ah China. Seems like it's my win today.'

Kagura pouted. 'You cheated.'

'Don't be a sore loser, China.'

'You're an idiot. And a Sadist. And a—'

'And you're an annoying China bitch.'

'Well, you're—'

Sougo leaned down from above her, covering her lips with his, cutting off her sentence.

Kagura's eyes widened in surprise, the cerulean orbs flashing in alarm. Her eyes closed against her will, and she felt her body moving on its own. Her legs wrapped around Sougo's torso, her hands grabbed his dress shirt, the discarded Shinsengumi jacket lying in the mud next to them.

Sougo pulled away and kept his lips within an in from hers, as if he didn't want to stop. 'But damn it, no matter how annoying of a China bitch you are, or how idiotic of a Sadist I am, you better say you've fallen in love with me.'

Kagura felt her heart thump harder against her chest. 'Or what?'

'Or I'll blow up the Yorozuya with Danna and the Megane inside, and then come back to kill you.' Sougo's crimson eyes smirked with his mouth.

'You think I'd allow you to blow up Gin-chan and Shinpachi?' Kagura laughed softly to herself.

'I figured not.'

'Then why ask me?'

His self control snapped and he leaned down to reclaim her lips again. And she didn't even try to resist him.

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