The Noise

Summary: The Cullens have just moved back to Fork, but are they asking for to much when they buy their new home.



My parents had just left to go out on their date night, when there was a loud bang at the back of the house. I left my room in to find the source of the noise.

"Maybe Buttercup broke something." I looked out of the upstairs window but saw nothing but darkness.

I heard a sound coming from the behind me, and when I turned I wished I hadn't. There standing in front of me was a man.

A Stanger.

I screamed before I started to run away. I managed to get passed him and down the stairs. I ran into the kitchen hoping to find something that I could use to defend myself. I picked up the first thing my hand touched.

My attacker grabbed me and in a fit of panic I turned round and plunged the knife into his heart.

He fell to the ground, as I moved around him to get to the phone so I could call someone to help I felt something wet slipping down my back.

Just as I made my way to the phone I caught sight of something red before it all went bark.