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Chapter 16

?'s POV

I watched from the shadows as my little girl ran around the yard giggling at every little thing, it reminded me of when she was little

I noticed that there seem to be a few scents that belonged to vampires coming from the house

"Bella, dear?" I heard a young female call out

"Esme" She squealed

I watched as my little girl ran into the arms of this female

"Charlie?" I looked back at my wife, the reason I'm still alive, my Sarah and smiled sadly

"Let's go home" I whispered

But as we turned we found ourselves faced with three vampires

One of them looked as is if he was a body builder, the other screamed danger and the other well she was beautiful

"Wait" Called out a voice from behind them

The voice belonged to a vampire that looked no older than 17

"You're Charlie Swan, Right?" The boy asked

All I could do was nod

The boy smiled and the three vampires behind him looked a little shocked

"Bella come here, I have something for you" The boy called out

"Edwards Home" I could hear Bella yell before she was in his arms, this Edward seem to mean a lot to her

"Baby girl" I whispered

Bella slowly turned round and looked as if she was about to burst into tears

"Daddy" she was suddenly in my arms sobbing tearlessly

The leader, Carlisle Cullen, explained to me and Sarah what had happened since they had moved into my old home and how their son had woke Bella and managed to get rid of that monster, James

I still didn't know how I felt about her being mated to this Edward, but I was grateful to him for waking my baby girl

"Bella is a wonderful young woman" Esme told me smiling

I looked out the window to find her playing with the other children of the house

"Thank you" I replied

"We should be thanking you Charlie, our Edward has been alone all his immortal life and when he found Bella it was like he came alive" Esme smiled looking at the scene out in the garden

Edward had his arms wrapped round Bella and was looking at her with so much love that it reminded me of how I once looked at Renee and how I look at my Sarah now

"They make a wonderful couple" Sarah awed

I had a hard time not rolling my eyes

"Your work was very helpful" Carlisle informed me once the females had left to go and giggle about something or other but I did hear the words 'wedding' 'Edward' and 'true love'

"Well I'm glad you found some help in my crazy ramblings" I said ashamed

"Charlie, you have nothing to be ashamed of, James knew what he was doing, and he even tried to kill us himself" Carlisle said patting me on the shoulder

"Well he's we're he belongs now" I hissed

"Yes he is" Carlisle Agreed as we watched our children in the garden

Bella's POV

Can't believe my dad is alive, the last time I saw him, he was at his breaking point and all he wanted was to die

But here he is, alive and happy; it makes me so happy that if I could I would cry

"Bella, Love?"

Edward pulled me out of my thoughts

"You OK Love?" He asked as he wrapped his arms around me

"I'm just so happy to see that my dad is still alive" I whispered

Edward smiled down at me and gave me a quick kiss on the lips

"I hope he stays Edward, I've missed him so much" I rested my head on his chest

"I know baby and I'm sure he will, I know he won't want to leave his baby again" Edward smiled

I looked up at him and smiled when I saw him tap his head

"I love you Edward" I whispered

!I love you Bella" He leaned down and kissed my lips