Okay so the Hangover is one of my fav movies in the entire world and I read a couple of fics about this. I fell in love with them and really wanted to write one of my own so here it is. This is what I did when I got bored with writing my other stories.

I hope you enjoy and I do not own anything expect Marlena and Jamie!

I leaned against the mercedes as I watched Phil trying to call Tracy. Next to me stood Jamie, Stu and Alan. They were also all silent. In the back Doug was a little busy. He said he needed to go to the bathroom but since we were in the middle of a desert he needed to use mother nature, as I called it. Why couldn't he just hold it?

Finally I heard Phil talking, "Hey Tracy, It's Phil."

I placed my hand on Jamie's shoulder telling her I was going to Phil. She smiled and I walked off. My heels pierced through the sand as I walked to Phil. I stood next to him and he looked at me. I just gave him a soothing smile.

"Yeah uh...listen." Phil sighed. He looked around. "We fucked up."

We definitely did fuck up. Who knew it was going to end like this. It was hard for me to accept but I had no choice.

"The bachelor party, the whole night. It...things got out of control and uh..." Phil hesitated before going further. I closed my eyes sadly and listened to the dreaful words he spoke. "We lost Doug." I crossed my arms and stared at my feet.

Suddenly I felt someone wrapping his arm around me. I looked up and saw that Phil was trying to comfort me. I wrapped my arms around his waist and burried my head in his chest.

Phil explained it further to Tracy, "We can't find Doug." Phil looked around again while rubbing my back. "Yeah...that's not gonna happen."

Two days earlier.

"-I'm Elizabeth Hault, until next time." Elizabeth smiled.

"Okay cut!" The director yelled from behind me. I turned the camera off and looked at him.

"Great job everyone." He said briefly and walked to Elizabeth. "Honey, you were great. I think we got it all."

"Another succesfull day at the office." Elizabeth giggled. I rolled my eyes.

"Okay, that was all. Thank you!" The director yelled and everyone walked away.

I walked through the corridors of the building I was working in. I pressed the elevator button and waited. After some seconds a little bell was heard and the doors opened. Someone got out and I greeted him as he greeted me. I walked inside the elevator and pressed the '0-button.'

"Marley! Marley wait!" I heard someone yell. I popped my head outside the elevator and saw Steven running towards me. Just as the doors started to close I placed my hand in between them. The doors opened again. Steven stopped in front of me. He panted from the running.

"What Steven?" I asked.

Steven showed me some papers, "According to these files the place where Elizabeth was going to shoot is off limit."

"What?" I asked irritated. I snatched the papers from his hands and looked at them.

"Yeah, they are property of the army." Steven answered and gestured at the line that said it was indeed property of the damn army.

"For fuck..." I sighed frustrated and rolled my eyes.

"Micheal told me that you needed to come with an salution since you are Elizabeth's working partner." Steven explained further. I frowned at him and narrowed my eyes. Was Micheal shitting me?

"That's not my job, that's Micheal's. I'm Elizabeth's cameraman." I told Steven. Steven looked at me with his deep green eyes. I knew exactly what he was doing.

"No! That's not my job!" I almost yelled at him. He started pouting. "You know that ain't gonna work with me."

"Alright, fine! But if I go back to him he's gonna fire me! Please Marley!" Steven begged. I sighed.

"I'll talk to him." I muttered and got out of the elevator. Steven quickly followed me and thanked me about a 100 times in a row. I picked up my pace with walking and finally reached Micheal's office.

I slammed the door open and yelled, "What am I supposed to do about that situation?"

Micheal turned his seat around so he could look at me. I stared at his grey eyes and blonde hair. Micheal placed his hands over each other and smiled.

"About which situation are we talking, Marlena?" Micheal just smiled. Oh how I hated that. He knew exactly what I was talking about! He just wanted to piss me off even more. I walked to him and placed my palms on his desk while leaning to him.

"You know what. The property belongs to the army and we can't shoot there. How am I supposed to figure that out? I work with the camera." I told him. Micheal sighed and stood up. He walked to the window and stared out of it.

"Marley, Marley, Marley." He began. Everybody always called me Marley as a nickname. I didn't mind that although I wasn't a fan of nicknames but whenever Micheal called me that a wave of anger flushed over me. I could always work with him but he always had a way of pissing me off. "Did you not get the clue?"

Micheal turned back to me. Suddenly my anger was gone and was replaced by confusion. I furrowed my eyebrows.

"What do you mean?" I asked puzzled.

Micheal placed his hands on my shoulders and kept on smiling, "Come on Marlena, dig into that head of yours and search for your brains."

I narrowed my eyes. He just insulted me, I knew that, but this time I didn't pay attention to that. I thought about what he just said. Why would he give a cameraman a project like that? Expect if...My eyes grew wide and I stared at him. Suddenly Micheal nodded.

"Does-What-You mean..?" I stuttered, not able to talk normally anymore.

Micheal nodded, "Yes, you're gonna be my help. If I want something to eat you're gonna get it for me."

My smile faded and I frowned. What?

As Micheal saw my face he began to laugh, "I'm just kidding! You're gonna be the new producer of our channel!"

My jaw dropped open, "Are you serious?"

"Yes." Micheal smiled.

I placed my hands over my mouth and kept staring at him. I was completely speechless. Did I just get an promotion from the most awfull person of the world? Was I even awake? This better not be a dream or a joke because if it is i'm gonna kill someone.

"Congratulations." Micheal said and walked back to his desk. He sat doen on his chair. "You begin on monday. Now go."

Finally I could move again. I turned to him and smiled, "Thank you so much! I won't disappoint you."

"I know you won't." Micheal said. He grabbed some files out of his drawer and looked at them. I turned to the door and walked out of his office. When I was out of sight I looked around me to see if anyone was here. I was alone. I started jumping up and down like a crazy person from happiness. Finally I stopped and pinched myself. I cringed. That hurted so that meant...I wasn't dreaming! I sighed happily before I walked to the elevator and out of the building, on my way to my brother.

While I was on my way to my brother to tell him the good news I just couldn't wait anymore. I searched through my purse and grabbed my black cellphone. I dialed Doug's number and pressed the phone against my ear. It rang a couple of times before someone answered.


"Doug! It's me." I spoke happily.

"Hey Marley! How are you?"

"I'm great, how about yourself?"

"I'm fine, we're busy with measuring the suits and all."

Before I could speak further I heard someone yelling in the back, "Hey watch it you pervert!"

"Relax Alan, he's just doing your inseam."


"He's getting very close to my shaft."

"Doug? Are you there?" I asked.

"Thank you Floyd, thank you very much."

"Doug?" I asked a little louder.

"I'm sorry Mar, I needed to take care of something."

"Yeah I heard that, is Alan there with you?" I chuckled as I pictured the scene in my head.

"Yes, He is. But why did you call? I thought we were going to meet you here?"

"I'm on my way but I need to tell you something and I can't wait." I spoke excitingly.

"Alright, tell me."

I was quiet for some seconds before I yelled, "I got a promotion!"

"What? Really? That's great! Congratulations!"

"Thank you." I smiled widely. "In about 15 minutes you're looking at the new producer of CNN."

"Wow, that's big! We need to celebrate that! I'm so proud of you!"

"We do need to celebrate it. But i'm going to hang now so you can continue with your suit. I'll see you in 15 minutes." I spoke.

"Alright, i'll see you Mar. And listen, i'm really proud of you sis."

"Thank you." I smiled.


"Later." I shut my phone and placed it back in my purse. Now it all really began to hit me. I was the new producer of CNN. That was indeed something big. Wow...

I rang the doorbell of Tracy's house and waited for someone to answer. I looked at the big white house. To bad Tracy was going to move out of this place when she's married to Doug. Perhaps they could kick her parents out and live here. Or maybe they could kick her parents and theirselfs out so I could live here!

Tracy suddenly opened the door and smiled at me, "Hi Marlena."

"Hi Tracy." I replied. She let me in and I threw my coat on the coathangers.

"Doug's in the back with Alan and dad." Tracy told me. I nodded and was about to walk away but she stopped me. "Hey Mar! Congratulations with your promotion. I heard it from Doug."

"Oh thank you." I said. She hugged me and I just patted her back feeling quite awkward. It was not that I had anything against her but she was always she happy and I was...serious. Expect with my friend Jamie ofcourse. And all the hug thingies...that wasn't my thing either. She parted from me and smiled again. I just smiled oddly and walked to the back where Doug, Alan and Sid were.

"No. Sid." Doug said in shock as he looked at the car that appeared when the garage door opened. He dropped his bag on the ground and looked at the father of Tracy. "Really?"

I looked around the corner and saw the old convertible mercedes standing there. I opened my mouth slightly from shock and walked to Doug.

"Come on, we're family now." Sid replied proudly and they both walked to the car.

I tapped Doug on the shoulder. He turned around and smiled happily. He pulled me in a hug and I hugged him back.

"There you are." Doug smiled.

"Here I am." I nodded.

"Have I already told you that i'm really proud of you?" Doug asked me again.

I chuckled, "About three times already."

"Congratulations Marlena." Sid smiled proudly.

"Thank you Sid." I replied.

"But are you sure, Sid? I mean, you love this car." Doug asked carefully and he turned back to Sid. Doug gestured to the mercedes in front of him.

"Doug it's just a car." Sid said. "Just make sure, when you get there, you put some armor all on the tires so the sand doesn't seep in."

I walked to Alan who sat on the front porch. In front of him sat Tucker, their dog. Tucker was licking Alan's face and he seemed to enjoy it. I was sure he was going to french kiss the dog. From that thought I felt like I was going to throw up.

"Fuck Alan." I said as I looked at the scene. Alan didn't reply.

I couldn't take it anymore. I got behind Alan and grabbed him, trying to pull him away from the dog. Alan was so heavy that I couldn't move him. Even though I was a girl and people always said girls were weak, I was pretty strong but this thing couldn't be moved. I grabbed his shirt and leaned all the way back but still no movement. Suddenly I fell backwards and hit the ground while I let out a little yelp. I stood up again and walked to Tucker. I grabbed Tucker and tried to pull him away but Tucker started jumping up and down and finally I lost my grip.

"Alan! Stop it! That's gross." I said in disgust as Tucker continued to lick his face. "For fuck's sake."

I decided to give up and walked back to Doug and Sid, "You guys are taking the mercedes?"

"We are." Doug said and he wrapped his arm around me. I furrowed my eyebrows. "You're coming with us."

"What?" I asked in shock.

"To celebrate you're promotion." Doug smiled and he turned fully to me.

I shook my head, "No! Doug, this is your bachelor party. I can't come."

"Oh come on, it'll be great. I was thinking you could ask Jamie to come too." Doug suggested. He opened the car and sat inside. I walked to the passenger's seat and leaned on the door.

"Doug, for the last time: I can't just crash your party. I wouldn't want you on my bachelorette party." I smirked.

"I'm inviting you. That's different." Doug answered. I stared thoughtfully at the car. "Phil is coming too." I looked up and noticed his smirk. I rolled my eyes and opened the car door. Alan walked to us.

"I'm not coming because of Phil." I said and got on the backseat.

"Ofcourse not." Doug smirked again. I looked in the mirror and met his eyes. I flipped him off and Doug chuckled.

"Call Jamie and we're going to you're house so you can pack you're stuff." Doug ordered. Alan climbed in the passengers seat and looked at me.

"She's coming?" He asked Doug.

"Yep." Doug answered.

"Hey, remember: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." Sid said. Doug chuckled. "Expect for herpes, that shit'll come back with you."

"I can't believe we're actually gonna go to Vegas." Jamie said in shock. "I can't believe you invited me!"

"Well Doug invited me to celebrate my promotion and since it'll be a little weird to be the only girl he told me to invite you aswell." I answered. I grabbed my sunglasses out of my bag and put them on.

Jamie and I sat in the backseat as Doug and Alan sat in the front.

"Are you sure Doug?" Jamie asked and she leaned to Doug. "It is you're party."

"Why do you care Jamie?" Doug asked and he looked at the school that we were in front of. Everytime I looked at the school my heart skipped a beat which I found quite weird. Phil worked at this school but what was the big deal about that?

"I don't care." Jamie chuckled. She leaned back in her seat and looked at me. We both chuckled.

"Hey Mr. Wenneck, I was-"

"It's weekend. I don't know you. You do not exist."

I turned to the voice I heard. It was Phil. He shook his head as he walked further and left the chubby student alone. He grabbed his sunglasses and put them on. I felt someone nudging me. I looked at Jamie and she smirked. I pushed her face away and she laughed. I turned back to Phil.

"Shit." He said in awe as he noticed the car. "Nice car."

"Yeah." Doug smiled. I knew for sure Phil thought he was going to drive. Phil threw his suitcase on me and I threw it on Jamie. Phil stepped on the side and I glared at him.

"I'm driving." Phil said.

"Whoa, no chance buddy. Don't stepp-" Doug was just about to warn Phil but he already jumped with his shoes on the leather couch and he sat down next to me. "God...watch the lea-"

"Would you shut up and drive before any of these nerds ask me another question?" Phil interrupted him with irritation in his voice.

"Animal." Doug mumbled.

"And you're supposed to be a teacher?" I asked sarcastically as I noticed his behavior towards the students. Phil just smirked.

Phil looked at the other passenger next to Doug and asked, "Who's this?"

"It's Alan. Tracy's brother." Doug replied and he started the car.

Alan looked at the distance while speaking, "I met you like four times."

"Oh yeah, how you doing man?" Phil remembered. I looked at Jamie and she laughed. Phil wrapped his arm around me and I turned to him. By the look on my face Phil quickly removed his arm again. We drove off to Stu's house. The car was already full so I knew someone was gonna have to sit on someone's lap or we were gonna be squished together. It was probably going to be the first one and I knew I was going to be the sucker who needed to sit on someone's lap and that someone was probably going to be Phil.

We pulled up in front of Stu's house and waited. I looked at the window and saw two people sitting in front of it with their backs turned to us. They were having an discussion.

"Alright someone in the back needs to move or you're gonna be-"

"Yes I know, squished together." I interrupted Doug. Jamie and Phil both turned to me. I looked back and forth between them and finally I gave up. I rolled my eyes and stood up. Phil moved his hands from his lap and smirked at me. I raised my eyebrow and looked at Jamie. She chuckled at the sight. To piss Phil off and to not let him grab me while we were going to Vegas I plopped down on Jamie's lap. She let out a little yelp as I sat on top of her. I looked back at Phil and smirked. Phil just rolled his eyes and turned to Stu's house.

"We still need to go in the middle, I bet Stu wants to sit here." Jamie mumbled. I stood up again and Jamie scooted closer to Phil so we sat in the middle. I sat down on Jamie's lap and waited for Stu to come outside but he didn't. Phil decided to call him nicely.

"Paging Dr. Faggot!" He yelled and held his hands around his mouth so it was louder. We all started chuckling and laughing, especially me and Jamie. No one moved on the couch so Phil tried again.

"Dr. Faggot!"

I leaned my head back on Jamie's shoulder and tried to contain my laughter. Finally the front door opened and Stu came out of his house with his bag. He placed it in the trunk and sat next to me and Jamie. He looked at us and I just smiled innocently.

"Are you coming with us?" He asked and looked back and forth between Doug and us two.

"Doug asked us to come to also celebrate Marlena's promotion." Jamie answered.

"Wow, congratulations." Stu said and he shook my hand.

"Thank you." I smiled.

Phil turned confused to me, "You got a promotion?"

I sighed, "Yes, for any one you who still doesn't know: I got a promotion. I am now the producer of CNN."

"Congrats Marley." Alan spoke sweetly. I smiled at him. Phil just raised his eyebrows quickly up and down from amazement. Finally we drove off, on our way to Vegas.

Not much happened in the first chapter ofcourse but don't worry. We'll get there. Hope you still enjoyed and some reviews would be much appreciated! ~xXx~