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After hours of partying the wedding slowly came to an end. It was already getting dark and people were getting tired and were leaving but me and Phil decided to take a little walk around the garden. Eli was with Jamie, Stu, Alan and Doug so he was in good hands. I crossed my arms and looked at my feet as we slowly walked passed some bushes.

"What are you thinking about?" Phil asked. I looked up and saw him looking at me with a small smile. I sighed and looked at the sky.

"The crazy trip, the wedding, my job, us." I answered truthfully. Phil nodded thoughtfully and shoved his hands in his pockets.

"You?" I asked and looked back at him.

Phil took a deep breath and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. I wrapped my arm around his waist and leaned my head against his shoulder

"The same things but mostly about you." Phil smiled. We looked in each others eyes and I let out a soft chuckle before looking back at our feet. I felt Phil kissing my head.

"I have a question." I spoke softly. Phil let out a 'hmm?' I hesitated at first but I had to ask him. "Where do we stand now?"

Phil didn't reply for a couple of seconds. He was in deep thought, thinking about his answer. I moved my free arm up and grabbed his hand that dangled in front of my shoulder with my free hand.

"Well, you told me you liked me." Phil smirked and I could hear the teasing part in his voice. I slapped his waist playfully but listened further. "And I may have some feelings for you."

"You may have?" I asked and looked at him. Phil winked at me. He held his hand up and made a little space between his fingers, telling me that he had little feelings for me. I let out a laugh and walked away from him. I turned back to him and bit my lip playfully.

Phil stopped walking and just looked at me with a smile. I placed my hands behind my back and held my wrist while crossing my ankles. Phil eyed my up and down and let out a chuckle while running his hand through his hair. I smirked and arched an eyebrow.

"What?" I asked when I noticed him looking like that.

"I think those little feelings are a little bit bigger." Phil said and he walked to me. He placed his hands on my waist but I grabbed his hands and held them between us while taking a step back.

"Tell me, much bigger or just a little bit." I smirked and looked suspiciously at him. Phil sighed and stared at the ground. He suddenly pulled me closed and kissed me passionately. My eyes widened at first from surprise but I soon closed them and wrapped my arms around his neck. I had to stand on my toes to reach him and Phil wrapped his arms around my waist.

After some minutes we parted and I sighed happily, leaning my head against his shoulder again. I could hear his heart beat from there and it gave me a warm feeling inside. It was sweet. I liked hearing his heart beat.

"Much and much bigger." Phil sighed. He squeezed my hip a little. "I'm in love with you."

I looked up and smiled while speaking softly, "I love you too."

Phil and I walked back to our friends and took a seat on a chair. I sat on Phil's lap and we pulled an sleeping Eli off of Jamie and to us. We placed him partly on my lap and partly on Phil.

I pulled my shoes off because my feet felt like they were dying. I placed them under my chair and leaned back against Phil, letting out a deep sigh. I stroke Eli's arm. Maybe it was wrong to think this but I would love for me, Phil and Eli to be a family. But ofcourse I could never be his mother since that was Stephanie. I would feel awfull if I stole Eli from her.

"Dougie," Stu began. He lifted his head back up and looked at my brother. "I gotta tell you man, this was a gorgeous wedding."

"I give it six months." Phil said. I looked at him.

"You're a dick." I chuckled. Phil rubbed Eli's back as he lay passed out on Phil's chest.

Doug took a deep breath and shook his head slowly, "I don't know what to say. Thanks for the bachelor party I guess?" We all chuckled softly.

"Yeah, I wish we could actually remember some of it." Jamie tried to hold her laugh as she thought back about what kind of trouble we had gotten ourselfs into. Phil smirked and leaned his head against the palm of his hand.

"Hey guys," Alan walked up to us and showed us something. "Look what I've found."

"Whoa, that's my camera." Stu said and placed his beer down on the table. He got off his chair and held out his hand for his camera.

"Yeah, it was in the back seat of the car." Alan explained and looked at the thing.

"Oh g-Are there photo's on it?" Phil said with alarm and looked at Alan.

Alan nodded, "Yeah. Some of it's even worse than we thought."

"No fucking way." Phil looked at me and sat up straight. "Gimme that."

"Wa-Wa-Wait." Doug quickly said and took the camera from Alan. He looked at us. "We look at these pictures together, okay? One time. And then we delete the evidence."

We all looked at each other, deciding if we should delete them or not even see them. Phil nodded as agreement but Stu sighed. We all turned to him wondering what he was thinking.

"I say we delete them right now." Stu spoke his mind. I got off Phil's lap and stood next to Doug.

"Are you nuts?" Phil also stood up and pulled Eli over his shoulder so he wouldn't fall. "I wanna find out how I wound up in the hospital. Is that in there?"

"Yeah, it's in there." Alan laughed.

"Besides, perhaps there are some good pictures on there of you and Jade. Like an explanation how you got married all of the sudden. Or your tooth!" I suggested. "I'm quite curious of how that happened."

"Guys," Doug asked for our attention. We all looked back at him. "One time. Deal?"

"Deal!" Phil instantly spoke. We all nodded. Doug turned on the camera and went to the first picture.

"Oh dear lord!" Stu yelled of shock. We all gasped and stared at the picture in shock.

"That's classic!" Alan laughed.

Alan lying asleep in the hotel with a dark skin coloured woman next to him, not wearing anything but a black skirt.

Again Alan and the woman but this time an other position.

Stu smiling happily with a beer and two blonde strippers next to him.

Marlena dancing on a table with Chow.

Jamie sitting on Alan's lap and kissing his cheek.

Phil lowering a lollypop in a blonde woman's mouth while lying on top of her.

A group photo of Marlena, Phil, Stu, Alan, Doug, Jamie, Chow and a Vegas dancer.

The same picture but this time Alan trying to steal Chow's man-purse.

Same picture but Chow on the ground with Phil on top, trying to steal Chow himself.

Jade 'dancing' in front of Stu while Stu sticks a dollar in her pants.

Marlena swinging herself around the stripper pole with Phil crawling to her.

Phil almost reaching Marlena but being pulled back by Doug.

Stu dancing on stage with Jade.

Phil and Alan sitting on a couch with Marlena on Phil's lap, legs up to Phil's face.

Marlena giving Phil a lap dance.

Another woman giving Phil a lap dance.

Marlena punching the woman.

A stripper trying to get Alan's attention but he was busy with his pager.

Alan pulling Jamie to him but she was trying to get away.

Marlena and Jamie almost kissing but couldn't contain their laughter.

Stu pole dancing with Jade behind him.

Stu trying to pull out his own tooth with Jade watching nervously.

Again Stu trying to pull out his own tooth but this time they were all watching in shock and disgust.

Stu's tooth was out.

Stu, Alan smiling happily to the camera with blood all around Stu's mouth.

Marlena lying on the bar.

Phil doing a belly shot with Marlena.

Alan trying to do a belly shot with Marlena but she pushes him away.

Phil wanting to fight Alan but was held back by Jamie and Stu.

Doug lying on something that had a jesus poster on the glass.

Doug in front of the police car with a shot gun, Alan behind that aresting a blonde woman, Phil trying to arrest Marlena but she glared at him, Stu lying on the car and Jamie on top of Stu.

Alan and an old lady smiling at the camera.

Alan gambling with everyone cheering.

Alan sleeping on the gambling table.

All of them in a limousine with fluffy pink scarves around their necks.

Jamie crawling out of the window of the limousine but everyone was desperately trying to pull her back in.

Jamie getting a belly button piercing.

Alan getting the same belly button piercing.

A close up.

Stu yelling at someone.

Stu trying to hit the person but Phil holding him back.

Stu actually hitting the person.

Alan swimming through the fountain of the Caesars palace.

Phil lying unconcious in the hospital with Stu and Alan doing some crazy poses.

Alan climbing on top of Phil but Marlena pulling him off.

Phil waking up and laughing with some type of alcohol in his hands.

Phil grabbing Marlena.

Phil pulling Marlena on top of him.

Phil kissing Marlena.

Jamie flirting with Alan.

Doug sleeping on his mattress on the roof.

Alan pretending to fuck him.

Tyson with his girlfriend, asleep.

Phil pretending to knock Tyson out.

Marlena pushing Jamie in the cage of the tiger.

Marlena locking her up.

Everyone walking away and Jamie yelling at them.

Doug on top of the tiger.

Phil, Stu, Alan and Doug holding Jade on their wedding pictures.

Jade on Stu's back, cheering while showing her ring.

Stu flirting with Alan.

Jamie and Marlena smiling at the camera.

Phil on his knees and proposing to Marlena.

Marlena in tears and accepting it.

Marlena falling off the platform while getting married to Phil.

Phil trying to catch her but failing.

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