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Chapter 1: Us


The meeting of the guardians had just ended, and we thought of going home. I was hoping to have a word with her for some new moves and also to find out why she have been avoiding me for the last couple of weeks since the embryo case was solved. Temari is at home, fixing my new dress. Rhythm is still in the garden, because I promised him I'd be back.

"Rima, hold on, I want to talk to you!" I cried, but her footsteps just got faster. But with her height and the length of her legs she couldn't escape me after all.

"What! Let go of me!"

I held on tight on her wrist, but made sure I wasn't hurting her.

"What in the world is the matter with you? I just want to talk!" I said, sounding a bit annoyed.

"Well, I don't!" she yelled.


"None of your business, just let me go!"

Kusukusu didn't know what to do; she just went hovering here and there. She knew I wasn't a bad person, but she wanted to help her owner. I looked at her with the most murderous expression I could make, making her dash to the north of the garden, probably to ask help.

"Spoiled, self-centered, cold-hearted..." I began my chant, and as I did I felt her struggling stop.

"...short, stubborn, reckless..." I continued and let go of her hand. I was expecting her to run off quick, but she just stood there.

"...demeaning, lazy, Amu-obssessed, possessive of friends, self-pitying..."

I slowly made steps towards her. She in turn, made steps in retreat, but finding herself on a tree she had no means of escape. I could tell she was shaking.

"...insensitive, impolite, impossible to deal with..." I pinned her by placing a hand on the tree, making sure she will hear everything I had to say. And as I was able to sum up my courage, needed more than performances before, I lifted up her chin and forced her to look at me.

"So tell me, Rima," I began. I did not realized my words were turning into soft whispers.

"please tell me... why am I so in love with you."

Her eyes, I could see through them an unreadable astonishment. Seconds flew, and I presumed she's tired, so in my mind I declared myself busted. I gave up, but that felt good. Unrequited love... it sucked, that's what I was thinking until that moment, before I could even apologize, her eyes suddenly swelled up with tears, and she began striking me on the chest with fisted hands.

"Jerk, jerk, jerk!" she said in between sobs, "This is why I didn't want to talk to you, this... this is why..."

Her shaking form felt so perfect on me as I embraced her. Her fragrance, her soft body, her fluid hair within my stroking fingers, everything was so perfect... only one thing's missing.

"Say it." I told her.

"No!" she began struggling, but by the force she was using, the only thing she has succeeded in doing is make me want to hold her more.

"Come on, say it!"

"No, no!" she must've realized it herself; soon enough she stopped struggling, and just laid her head on me.

"If you don't say it, I'll kiss you." I gingerly whispered.


"Oh, wait, you'd probably want that, won't you?"

"So full of yourself..." she mumbled as she snuggled her face deeper in my uniform. It was a heavenly moment for me.

"Alright then, if you don't say it, I'll kiss Amu..."

After she didn't even fidget from that, I interjected another factor. "...as Nedishiko."

"Oh, fine!" she placed both hands on my chest, and just looked at me with such a lovely expression I couldn't help but blush and fall in love all over again.

"Nagihiko Fujisaki, I love you." She said, carefully she lifted her face to show a rare, flustered smile.

I took her in my arms in an embrace warmer than the previous, making sure to squeeze her to me and letting her know I, too, am obsessed... with her.

"And I love you, Rima Mashiro..." I told her softly, sniffing on her golden hair like it was addicting... it is actually, at least for me.

"I resent the fact that you think I'm short." She said, after a few moments of cuddling.

"Yeah, well, it's just another term for cute." I said.

"I wonder what the other words mean, then."

And after that, I finally realize not all sweet talks helps me get my way. Well, at least today, somehow it did. Because starting today, I've got myself a girlfriend.

end of chapter 1

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