This is Mulan's view:

The pain in my side nearly vanished. Through my blurry vision I was able to see Shang. He seemed rather disturbed. I stretched upward and than felt my sheet fall of my bosom. My chest! Aii! He must know I am a woman! What will happen now? Aiiii! The pain has returned.

"I can explain" I sputter out.

But could I really explain. Would he be able to understand that I am I woman….that I had lied to him to bring forth my own glory. Will he understand?

The next thing I know I am freezing on the snow. Shang raises his sword.

*Please don't kill me!* I cry but I am too weak to throw out the words so I don't scream in my skull.

Than, without warning, the sword is thrown in front of me.

"A life for a life," Shang says emotionless, "My debt is paid."

I can only lie there in the cold snow alone. Why must I be a woman?