He couldn't get her out of his mind...the vision of her. He'd seen her just for one minute and, considering what he did for a living, had not thought it would be difficult to follow her and then gain introductions.

He was wrong. She had completely eluded him in that department store, going from one aisle to the next and changing floors with an ever increasing urgency that he couldn't seem to follow.

It was driving him mad. He needed to find her and capture her affections. But...where was she now? He'd already been to the top floor and checked on the offices and gift wrap niche, still frustrated and without a clue as to where she'd escaped.

She had lovely lips. Lucious lips. And green eyes that had fairly glimmered against the backdrop of olive skin and auburn hair. And her body had made him...yearn. He immediately wanted to caress her, stroke...

Just that momentary glimpse of her had been intoxicating and now...he was aching to find her, know her and...he had to find her.

He didn't think he could go back to headquarters without knowing who she was, and whether or not the reality of her was as good as what he was developing in his mind as perfection.

What if she wasn't perfect. What if he were mistaken and his judgement was now in jeopardy of having failed him. What if he chased her all over this damned store and she turned out to be...married. Or, worse yet, boring.

He had matured lately, considering a woman's content as valuable as her packaging. Maybe that was due to his partner's influence; it complicated things.

So, now he needed to find her and justify his madness, for certainly she must be as intelligent and engaging as she was beautiful.

She was beautiful.

He had to find her.