Two years later ...

Bethany looked over at Ben as she held the sleeping child. "Well, they are going to be here in less than an hour; don't you think we should have a name to announce?" She sounded far more amused than angry. Once they had known she was pregnant with a girl, they had tried to come up with a name and failed. They couldn't seem to find one they liked, so they had decided to wait, figuring once the child was born and in their arms they would be inspired.

That hadn't worked either. They'd been calling her their 'little vixen,' partially out of the need to call her something and because of her hair color. His mom's genetics had gotten passed along yet again, and the baby had gotten a head full of vivid red hair. They had already decided not to name her Alyx in any form. In fact, the entire family had pretty much agreed to retire that name. It might be generations before there was another Alexandra in the Fawkes/MacTierney line.

But thinking of his mother gave Ben a sudden burst of inspiration. "Beth, how about Michele?" He ran a finger through the tightly coiled curls on the infant's sleeping head.

"Michele? Wasn't that your mother's real name?" It wasn't that she didn't like the name -- in fact, the more she thought about, let it roll through her mind, the more it seemed to fit. "Michele Caroline Fawkes," she said aloud, letting the name be heard for the first time.

The infant began to shift as if in reaction to hearing her name, and Ben took her from Beth with a chuckle. "I'm guessing that's a yes. She seems quite happy with the choice." He could feel the infant's sense of pleasure at finally having the matter decided. She opened her eyes a moment later, and Ben received a bit of a shock.

Michele's eyes had been losing that birth blue color over the past few days, becoming lighter. Both he and Beth had assumed she was going to end up with blue eyes, like the majority of the family, but apparently that was not to be.

He looked at Beth in consternation and showed the child to her. She just shook her head in surprise and astonishment.

"I wonder what Mom would have thought of this?" Ben said quietly, caressing the infant's cheek.

The baby's eyes, instead of blue, had turned silver.