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"Alright sweetheart I'll be home around midnight," said Dean before he got off the phone. He smirked as he threw the phone next to him. He was meeting up with a couple buddies at this new place downtown. Just a couple drinks nothing more. He knew his buddies would be hooking up with all the young hot tail in the place but Dean couldn't he was a married man. A very powerful, rich, married man or could he?

Dean pulled up and the valet took his keys and handed him a ticket. Dean placed the ticket in his pocket as he handed the bouncer a handful of Benjamin Franklins. The bouncer smirked and nodded before letting Dean in.

Sophie and her two friends, Elizabeth and Carrie, were standing at the bar drinking a few beers and martinis.

"Ok so a toast to Sophie telling her boss off and finally coming out with her girls and living a little," said Elizabeth raising her glass.

"And losing her job," snickered Carrie.

Sophie slapped her forehead with her hand, "Don't remind me! I don't know what I was thinking."

"You were thinking that you are 23 years old and you need a life before you grow old and can't work what God has given you," said Elizabeth.

"And what exactly has God given me?" Sophie taking a sip from her martini.

"36, 24, 36!" laughed Carrie.

"Bite me!"

The girls laughed and Sophie looked around and found herself catching eyes with a man and that man was Dean Winchester. She bit her bottom lip looking him over and then going back to her friends.

"Hey man you've been here tons of times right?" asked Dean never taking his eyes off the pretty brunette that was wearing an off the shoulder brown dress and brown cowboy boots. The way the dress fit her showed off her figure. He licked his lips at her and looked back at Nick.


"Alright, who's the cutie in the brown dress and the cowboy boots at the bar?"

Nick looked over at Sophie and the other girls. "Well, I don't know who the new hottie is but who she's with is Lizzie and Carrie. They're regulars but the other one not sure."

"Well," said Dean getting out of the chair, "I'm going to buy the new hottie a drink."

"Get 'em boy!" yelled Nick and laughed with Charles as they watched him walk up to Sophie.

"Hey," he said to her.

She tucked her hair behind her ear and smiled, "Hi."

Both Lizzie and Carrie's eyes widened and their mouths dropped at the gorgeous man.

"I'm Dean."


He grinned, something unique. He liked unique, "I was wondering if I could buy you a drink and maybe you and your friends would like to join me and my friends over there." The girls looked over at Nick and Charles and then they all looked at Sophie waiting for a reply.

"I...uh," Carried kicked her leg, "Ouch!"

"She'll love for you to buy her a drink and we'll just meet you two over there." Carrie grabbed Lizzie's hand and walked over to the guys table.

Sophie blushed and looked back up at Dean, "Sorry about that."

"No problem, what are you drinking?"

"Sex on the Beach."

Dean smirked, "I've never tried it before."

Sophie felt her heart beat quickly against her chest, "Dean, are you talking about the drink or the actual activity?"

Dean leaned close and she could smell peppermint on his breath he was that close, "Both."

"I'm always up for trying new things."

Dean grinned, "I like that in a girl."

"Oh yeah what else do you like?"

Dean bit his lip his eyes wandering her body, "I like brunettes, with long slender legs and curves." His eyes went to hers and winked at her.

She felt herself grow hot at the way he talked to her and was looking at her. She slightly bit her bottom lip as he ordered the drinks and she watched him pull out his wallet and saw a wad of cash and credit cards. She turned to her friends over at the table where Lizzie looked over at her seeing her wide eyes. Sophie mouthed 'Oh my God!' Lizzie laughed and turned back to Nick.

Sophie had to keep herself calm and quickly fixed her dress right before Dean turned back to her, "So what are you three doing in a place like this?"

"It's just a girl's night."

Dean grinned a charming sexy smiled to her, "I love girls night." He winked at her and she couldn't help but smile.

Dean knew he was a married man but hell this Sophie girl was hot, nothing wrong with a little flirting. Dean grabbed the two drinks and they headed over to the table. Sophie sat between him and Lizzie and the six of them were having a good time. The drinks kept on coming as the night went on and everyone was getting closer.

Sometime during the night Dean had pulled Sophie onto his lap and wrapping his one arm around her waist claiming the fact he loved her because she spoke her mind and she was hot. Of course, it was the drinks that were talking. Dean just wanted to take her home and screw her in every way possible.

Dean placed his left hand on the arm of his chair and the way the light hit his hand caught Lizzie's attention. She looked down and her eyes widened. She quickly looked up and without getting the guy's attention looked at Carrie and nodded towards Dean wiggling her ring finger. Carrie looked down and frowned. Poor Sophie, they wanted her to have a good time tonight and she was but they had to tell her the truth about Dean that they just figured out.

Carrie cleared her throat getting Sophie's attention and wiggled her ring finger and pointed at her nose. Sophie bit her bottom lip and glanced at Dean's hand. Shit.

"I think its...bathroom break time," said Lizzie grabbing Sophie's hand and pulling her up from Dean's lap. Sophie felt sick to her stomach she had flirted all night with a married man and even thought about sinful things towards a married man.

"We'll be back," said Carrie with a smile.

"Don't keep my favorite girl long!" yelled Dean watching them walk off.

"Dude," said Nick, "you think you're going to be getting any of that tonight? I mean won't Karen find out?"

"Fuck Karen, she's been a bitch lately," grumbled Dean picking up his beer and drinking it.

"Lately?" asked Charles with a chuckle,"She's been a bitch since the day you started dating her."

"Don't remind me. Sure I'm married but that Sophie she's one fine piece of ass." Dean grinned and looked towards the direction the girls headed waiting for Sophie to come back.

"I can't believe I didn't fucking see it!" yelled Sophie as they walked into the bathroom.

"It's not your fault," said Carrie, "He didn't come out and say 'hey sweetheart you're sexy as hell but I'm married I think you should stop whispering fuck me signals in my ear'."

"I was not whispering fuck me signals in his ear," Sophie glared at Carrie.

"Uh yeah you were," said Lizzie, "And so was he."

"It's obvious you two are attracted to each other."

"But he's married! And God knows how long! I will not do that to his wife. I mean what if it was me at home waiting for him."

Lizzie licked her lips, "Ok, ok, no problem. We'll just sneak you out of here. You'll never see Dean again. Promise."

Sophie nodded and leaned against the sink, "Of course I find a guy that is perfect in every way and has money and is nice...except for the whole trying to cheat on his wife thing...and he's married." Sophie frowned and both girls hugged her.

"We're here for you," said Carrie.

"Right, ok, so Carrie go back to the table a few minutes after we leave so that can give us enough time to get a taxi for Sophie."

"Going with the she felt sick treatment?"


"Alright. Later chick."

Sophie frowned as Lizzie put her arm around her and headed out the door. The two snuck by the guys table and out the door.

Like planned Carrie waited a few minutes and walked back out towards the guys. "Where's Lizzie and Soph?" asked Nick and Dean sat up.

"Sophie wasn't feeling well so Lizzie took her outside to get a taxi," said Carrie.

Dean arched an eyebrow and both guys looked at him then back at Carrie. She looked at them, "What?"

"Would you like to run that by us again?" asked Charles with a smirk, "We know the whole sick friend treatment. Hell we do it too when there's an ugly chick."

"That's so sweet of you," said Carrie sarcastically. "Asshole."

"Look what really happened because we were all having a good time," said Dean.

"You want the truth fine, she saw your wedding ring Dean," she looked at Dean giving him a look.

"Fuck," he muttered and ran a hand down his face.

"Should have taken it off man," said Nick. Dean got up from his chair, "Where you going?"

"Can't let her leave without her seeing my charming self," Dean smirked as he ran towards the door.

"Ugh this is a city shouldn't there be taxis everywhere?" asked Sophie tired of waiting for a taxi already.

"I'm sorry," said Lizzie frowning, "If I knew this was going to happen I never would have drug you out here."

"Doesn't matter. My life sucks right now, no job, no money, no boyfriend and no honest guy out there either. Men are assholes."

"You still have me and Carrie," said Lizzie with a smile.

Sophie smiled back at her, "You're right I love ya guys."

Lizzie smiled and then looked around Sophie, "You've got to be kidding me."

"What?" asked Sophie and looked over and saw Dean.

"Hey," he said walking up to her and she looked at Lizzie wondering what she should do.

"Uh...hey," she said nervously.

"You know it's kind of rude to walk out on someone without saying bye or even coming up to me asking about me being married."

Sophie glared at him, "Rude? Rude? I was rude? Excuse me I don't go to clubs and hit on single men and forget to tell them I'm married! That is rude!"

"I didn't tell you I was married because I was hoping for a good hook up!"

"Is your sex life at home that unsatisfying that you have to pick young girls up at a night club?"

"Young? Sweetheart I am not that old."

"Oh really? How old are you?"


"Well I'm 23 I am young compared to you and single and hurt that you called me rude and that you thought I would just sleep with you!"

"Oh come on you were whispering fuck me signals the whole night in my fucking ear!"

"So were you! So don't try to pin this on me!"

"I'll pin you however I want!" He was inches from her now. She didn't even notice that he had backed her up against a wall.

"Just like a man, always trying to take control and have the power." She glared at him.

Dean gripped her hips and pushed her against the wall trapping her between him and the wall as he stared down at her. Her heart was racing and Lizzie watched wide eyed at the whole thing. There was such sexual tension and frustration going on between them and passion while they yelled at each other.

Dean crashed his lips hard on hers and she moaned in surprise. Lizzie's mouth was as wide as her eyes staring at them.

Sophie grabbed at his shoulders then moved up his neck into his hair kissing him with the same anger and passion. He pulled her against him hard. She bit his bottom lip, "I'm not going to be your other woman." She dug her nails into his neck.

"You'll be whoever I want," he gripped her hips hard before grabbing her left leg and pulling it up his thigh and around his waist as he ground into her with his own hips. She could feel the large bulge in his jeans.

"Can't tell me what to do."

Dean grinned, "Yes I can and you'll like it." His lips connected with hers and all thoughts of morality and common sense out the door. It was going to be a long night for Sophie.