Sophie stirred and snuggled closer to the warmth that was holding her. She sighed contently, she was really comfortable and wanted to go back to sleep. She was about to when she heard a small groan. Her eyes popped open and found herself staring at Dean.

Oh Lord, what have I done?

Sophie closed her eyes and then reopened them slowly looking down at their entwined, naked bodies. "Oh my God," she whispered.

She felt Dean's arms tighten around her as he groaned. Her breast pressed against his hard muscular chest, "Oh God," she breathed out and then felt something against her lower stomach. She looked down and quickly looked away. Dean's morning glory was right against her stomach.

She had to get out of there.

Sophie grabbed his one arm and slowly pulled it off her. He sighed as he rolled onto his back placing his arm over his eyes. Sophie took this oppurtunity to get off the bed. She walked around the bed tip toeing trying not to wake him up. She found her dress by the balcony door and a flash of her stripping in front of Dean. She pulled her dress over her head and made sure it was on ok. She looked back at the bed to see Dean still asleep and thanked whoever was watching over her. She had to put this whole experience in the back of her mind, he was married for God's sake!

Sophie looked over Dean and bit her bottom lip what a lucky wife too.

Sophie snapped out of it and looked around for her panties. She then remembered them being taking off in the elevator after that she hadn't a clue where they were. She didn't exactly have the time to look for them either.

Sophie tip toed towards the door and bit her lip looking over her shoulder one more time before opening and closing the door behind her. Sophie ran to the elevator and hit the down button a few times hoping the door closing didn't wake Dean up. When the elevator doors opened she sighed in relief and walked in then close the elevator doors.

Sophie closed her eyes and leaned against the wall. This was something that was not going to happen again. She had a married man cheat with her.

"Just put it in the back of your mind," Sophie said quietly and opened her eyes, "It never happened."

2 Weeks Later

Sophie was cleaning the dishes in her small sink when her cell started to go off. She dried her hands on her jeans and walked the small distance towards the other counter. There was a number she didn't recognize on the screen.


"Hey beautiful."

It took Sophie a second to realize who it was, "How did you get my number?"

"Oh you know how these things go, I know a friend, who knows a friend who fucked your friend."

She could hear the smirk on his and she rolled her eyes, "You got me there. Why are you calling?"

"You know about two weeks ago I woke up after a crazy one nighter," Sophie rolled her eyes and couldn't help but smile, "And I didn't even get the girls number, you know why? Because she wasn't there when I woke up. I'm hurt Sophie."

"You'll get over it. Like you said it was a one night thing. You're married."

Dean sighed, "Yeah...well I wanted to take you out to breakfast the next morning but since you left I never got a chance to so we are going for the next best thing. Lunch."


"What? Why?"

"Dean you are married! What part of that do you not understand?"

"Oh come on it's a harmless lunch. I promise to keep my hands to myself."

"For some reason I find that hard to believe."

"Just come to lunch."


"Sophie...don't make me beg."

Sophie smirked, "You begged a lot last time."

"Oh someone's bringing up memories." She heard the smirk again. "I can bring back some begging memories as well."

"Bye Dean." She took the phone off her ear and heard, "Wait! Wait!"

Sophie sighed knowing she was making a mistake not hanging up but she couldn't help herself. This man wanted her. It felt good once again feeling wanted.


"I'm here."

"If you hang up I'll just keep calling and calling. I'll track your number down and find where you are."

Sophie couldn't help but laugh, "I can have you arrested for stalking."

Dean grinned, "I just love fighting for what I want."

"What if I don't want you?"

"You know you do Soph. Now just meet me at Conner's Restaurant on 4th. Just harmless little lunch. Come on, I want to see that smile again."

Sophie gave a small smile, "Fine. What time?"

"Around one."

"I'll be there but don't expect to be getting any hotel rooms with me."

"No promises."

Sophie shook her head as she hung up the phone. What was she doing again?

"It's just lunch. Just lunch." She repeated that phrase the whole morning trying to get herself to think that it was just lunch even though deep down she wished it was more.


Sophie got out of the cab and saw Dean walking out waiting for her. She saw the smug smile on his face and she just shook her head. She gave the driver the money before she got out.

"You don't own a car?" he asked watching the cab driver pull away.

"Not all of us have the luxury like you Dean," she said giving him a look, "Now if you must know, my little blue shit box died a few months back. I just don't have the money right now to fix it." Dean nodded and she laughed, "Am I not up to your standards?"

Dean smiled, "You're perfect."

Sophie just rolled her eyes, "Let's just go have lunch ok?"

"Whatever you want." Dean placed his hand on the small of her back as they walked through the double doors. Sophie looked around and was shocked at how beautiful the place was. She has never been a place that looked this beautiful. Sophie looked at Dean and gave him a glare, "What?" he asked with a slight laugh.

"I thought this was a harmless lunch."

Dean smiled, "Like anything I do is harmless." He winked at her before turning to the host, "Winchester for two and uh," Dean pulled out a few fifties, "A nice table," he handed them to the host. Sophie's eyes widened then she looked at Dean who gave her another wink.

"No problem Mr. Winchester," said the host with a smile as he pocketed his fifties, "We have one that just opened for you. This way."

Dean and Sophie followed the host to the table and Sophie couldn't believe how nice the view was from the table. She could see the garden outside and even the whole restaurant and it's paintings. It was perfect.

She bit her bottom lip as the host ask, "Can I start you with something to drink?"

"Your best red wine please," said Dean giving another fifty and Sophie couldn't believe he did it again.

"Yes Mr. Winchester." He smiled at Sophie before walking away.

Sophie rubbed her forehead and couldn't help but laugh. Dean looked at her with a smirk, "What?"

"Seriously? Do you have money growing out of your ass?"

Dean grinned, "I don't know you tell me, you've seen me naked." He winked at her.

She smirked, "Don't remind me."


She laughed which made him smile but she quickly covered it up.

"Don't do that," he said looking at her, "I love your smile and your laugh."

Before she could tell him to stop because once again he may have forgotten he was married, the wine came to the table. Sophie gave the waiter a smile as he poured their wine.

"Do you two need more time?" he asked.

"Uh," started Sophie she didn't even look at the menu.

"She'll have the steak, medium well, with a side of green beans and a baked potato and I'll have the lamb with a side of the soup special," said Dean with a smirk. The waiter nodded and walked away. Sophie glared at him and he kept the smirk on his face with his hands folded under his chin, "What?"

"How did you know what I liked?"

Dean took a sip of his wine, "Oh a friend of a friend."

"I think this friend is going to be getting a ten inch heal up the ass."

"Oh, ass play now that's something I know you like." He winked at her.

"You are so..." She had no words to describe him.

"Wonderful? Awesome? Sexy?" He arched his eyebrow at the sexy comment.

She gave him a look. "Incorrigible was going to be my word of choice."

Dean leaned back in his chair staring at her, "You like me."

Sophie scoffed in respond, "I do not."

Dean laughed sitting up and leaning towards her, "You do. I can tell."

"I don' how about we cut this little "reunion" short and I ask what you want." She took a sip of her wine and looked at him. "What's this all about?"

Dean grinned, "I have a proposition for you."

Sophie raised an eyebrow, "What is it?" She placed her glass on the table and looked at him. She knew what he was thinking, "No, uh uh, no!" She leaned closer to him and whispered, "I am not going to be your mistress if that's what you're thinking."

"Oh come on," he whispered back looking at her and leaning closer, "You mean to tell me you don't think about that night? That it doesn't go play by play in your head."

"No it doesn't!"

Dean grinned, "You're lieing." He looked down at her lips, God did he want another taste of them. He licked his own then slowly slid his two front teeth on his bottom one. Sophie watched him stare at her lips and she quickly sat back.

"I am not lying. Look sure it was fun but when I woke up I..." she stopped when she felt his hand on her thigh, "Really? I am trying to talk to you."

"And I am listening." He continued grinning at her as he rubbed her thigh softly.

Sophie glared at him, "As it was a night of meaningless sex to you, a guy, that I kept pretending wasn't married."

Dean sat back up looking at her, "I'm not really married."

"Oh no? So you just like to wear a wedding band on your finger for fun?"

Dean laughed, "That's not it at all. My marriage has been dead for years now."

"Why would you say that?"

Dean shook his head, "Do we really have to talk about my marriage right now? I want to talk about us."

"There is no us," she sighed.

"Right now no but soon."

"You're unbelievable," she shook her head with a smile.

"I think we both said that a couple times that night." He grinned at her, "Now come on what do you say? It won't all be about sex."

"Oh no?"

"No, look I'll give you whatever you want. We can have lunch, dinner, go to a game, back to the club, long as it's with you."

Sophie ran a hand through her hair and looked at him, "I'll think about it."

"I'll be able to get you to say yes by the end of lunch."

"No you won't."

"You'll see." He winked at her just as their food arrived.


Dean opened the door to the exit as they walked out, "Do you need a ride?"

"No, I'll just get a taxi," said Sophie.

"Let me drive you home." He grinned at her as he wrapped an arm around her.

She shook her head with a smile, "You wouldn't fit where I lived...maybe I can use that then to my advantage."

Dean looked at her confused, "What's that mean?"

"Well, if you see how poor I am then you will leave me alone, so yes drive me home." She grinned at him.

Dean pulled her tightly against him causing her to gasp at the sudden feel of his muscular chest, "No matter what you do, I will always be attracted to you," he said softly and ran a hand through her hair.

"Maybe...maybe I should just get a taxi then," she replied back in a shaky voice. Whatever he was doing to her was pulling a large affect on her body. She swallowed hard staring into his eyes.

"Then I think this is goodbye," he said leaning forward.

"I gu-guess so," but before she could say anything else his lips were on hers softly.

"Just a small goodbye kiss," he whispered against her lips.

Sophie nodded and the two kissed. They stayed like that for a while just savoring each other's lips before Sophie parted for a split second then deepened the kiss throwing her arms around him. There was something about this man that was able to distract her from right and wrong.

Dean's arms tightened around her waist as he licked her lips begging for an entrance into her mouth. She responded opening her mouth and Dean guided his tongue inside, massaging up against hers. She sucked on his tongue and dueled with it with her own causing Dean to let out a small grunt.

There was something about Sophie that made Dean want her. She was perfect in his eyes.

The two finally parted from the breathtaking kiss. Without opening her eyes Sophie said the unthinkable, "Yes."

Dean opened his eyes looking down at her as she opened her own up. He stared deeply into her eyes, "Yes?"

Sophie bit her bottom lip knowing this was a horrible mistake but she couldn't help but feel wanted in Dean's presence. She nodded looking up at him, "Yes." Dean grinned before kissing her one more time. She moaned and ran her hands down his body, "Hotel room?"

Dean smirked, "I'm right on it," he said as he took out his cell phone.

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