Okay, so this is sort of the guilt that ran through Cloud's mind when Aerith died.

I don't own Final Fantasy. Wish I did. It would help me get through college.

I didn't mean to dawdle,

You weren't supposed to die.

I didn't mean to watch him,

And listen to his lies.

I wish I was much faster,

I wish to stop the time.

If only I had acted

And stopped his heartless crime.

Your life meant so much me to me.

I screamed until I cried.

The moment you slipped away,

I swear I nearly died.

In this cold and endless war

There really was no gain.

That would take away my suffering,

And take away my pain.

I wish you could forgive me.

I wish to end my strife.

I wish I could turn back time,

So I could save your life.