Cinderella looked at the prince as he slipped on the glass slipper. The prince carried her to their carriage and set her inside. As they drove off he stared her in the eyes and said,

"When we get home my beauty, you can clean the dishes and mop the floors. And in our future you will write out my great speeches and bear our children….4 boys. And than you will…"

Cinderella slapped the carriage driver behind his head.

"Well fuck that!" she yelled.

With that Cinderella pulled off her wig to reveal her long black hair with red streaks.

" I have better shit to do!"

And with that Cinderella became a great lawyer and sued her stepmother for killing off her father and for child endangerment and for going against child labor laws. The stepmother and evil stepsisters live inside a prison. As for Cinderella, she lives in California in a huge mansion with a hot husband who treats her like a Queen. And she lived happily ever after.