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Happily Ever After is Worth Fighting For:

A Bella and Edward Story

It was an extremely humid day. Bella found herself dragging her weary body home from school. Her last period had been gym. She really wished she could build a time machine. Then she'd be able to go back in time and strangle the person responsible for making gym a mandatory part of the high school curriculum.

She had tied her long brown hair up in a ponytail. She had always received compliments about her lovely hair. On most days she was very fond of it but today it was really seemed to be weighing her down. Her petite form was absolutely soaked in perspiration by the time she made her way up her driveway. She was ready for a nice cool shower the minute she got in the door.

As she stomped up the steps leading to her porch, her chocolate brown eyes lit up with delight when she spotted a surprise waiting for her.

The surprise came in the form of an unassuming parcel which was wrapped in simple brown packing paper and tied with string. It was addressed to Isabella Marie Swan. Huh? No one she knew called her that. Everyone she knew addressed her as Bella.

She lifted the heavy box, carried it inside and opened it. In it, she found a letter, four books and a file of what appeared to be an incomplete manuscript for a novel. The books were called Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. The incomplete manuscript was called Midnight Sun.

Although Bella was an avid reader, she'd never heard of these books. Truly puzzled, she tore open the envelope that contained the letter. She hoped that it would shed some light about her present. The elegant script read:

Dear Isabella,

I hope this letter finds you well. Although we haven't met yet, I feel compelled to help you.

I have enclosed for you a set of books that were written about your life over the next few years. In the books you will read about events that have yet to occur but will unless you act to change said events.

After reading the books, you may choose to stay away from Forks or you may choose to face things head on.

Whatever your choice, I will respect that choice whether I agree with it or not because all humans are given free will to make their own choices in this world.

Please be very careful with what information you share with the Cullen family and the Quileute tribe if you do decide to go to Forks. I have not given either of them this information for a reason.

In the books they held all of the power and the results were not always favorable. In many instances it caused you unnecessary and unbearable pain.

I am hoping that by giving you the upper hand, you will be able alter events in a positive way.

The books have been protected and if anyone but you tries to read them, they would be unable to. Humans would only see blank pages and the supernatural beings would be shocked unless you hold the page open for them to read it.

The books will also negate Alice's gift which will make her very frustrated. She won't see you coming! Once you've read the books, this will make more sense.

Happy reading. I look forward to meeting you one day. I will be in touch.

Warmest Regards,

Uncle Tobias Swan

P.S. If you do choose to meet Carlisle Cullen, giving him 'My Best' would help open the lines of communication.

Tobias Swan? Bella sat stunned for a moment and then raced up the stairs to her bedroom. She darted to her closet and retrieved the box that contained her old school projects. She located a bright red folder and flipped through the pages quickly until she found what she was searching for.

Bella had been asked to do a family tree the previous year. She had been fascinated to find she was able to trace her family back over more than 300 years.

One of her oldest relatives was Tobias Swan he was born in London around 1640 but had disappeared mysteriously on the way home from work one night. He left behind his wife and sons. Everyone who knew him, were aware of how much he loved his family. It was a certainty that the only thing that would keep him from returning to them was foul play.

How could her ancestor who mysteriously vanished centuries ago be able to write to her and how could he be able to send her books about the future?

Bella mostly enjoyed books by Jane Austen because she was a romantic at heart but she also enjoyed the Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling.

Could magic be at work here? There was only one way to find out.

Bella headed downstairs and collected her new books. After her shower, she had a great deal of reading to do.