Title: Discovering Jealousy


Summary: Blaine Anderson's Five Steps to Embracing His Jealous Side (+ Bonus for being exactly who he is).

Pairing: Kurt/Blaine, Kurt/OMC

Rating: PG

A/N: Another Klaine fic, this is the first part of the fic, and the fic is in fact part of a trilogy which I had planned out, titled the "Jealousy Series". But we'll see how this first part goes~ XD


The familiar scent of brewed coffee and the sweetness of the pastries greeted them when Blaine pushed open the door into Lima Bean, his other hand tugging Kurt in by the sleeve of his coat. Kurt just shook his head in amusement at Blaine's eagerness, and walking forward to stand in line, he pushed at Blaine gently.

"Go find a seat Blaine, I'll get the coffee. Do you want anything to eat?" Kurt asked, bending his body sideways so he could glance at the pastry display shelf.

"But I want to get our coffee." As soon as the words left his mouth, Kurt turned around and stared at him firmly.

"Blaine, you are the one who got our coffee for the last four times we were here. Anytime that I wanted to do it, you pushed me away immediately, and I don't know what kind of odd idea you have in your head, but I'm NOT letting you pay this time. Do you understand me?"

Blaine nodded, both fascinated and slightly wary of Kurt's ire. Before Blaine could wonder if he had to apologize, Kurt's face softened and gave him a fond but exasperated look.

"Oh, just be a good boyfriend and listen to me. Go get a seat and wait. Now, do you want anything? The muffins look particularly yummy today, though god knows what one of them would do to my hips."

Boyfriend. The word just had such a nice sound to it, and in the past month and a half that they have been official, Blaine had not once tire of hearing and saying it, or stopped being amazed that he had Kurt—this witty, fiery, and just all around perfect and drop-dead gorgeous boy—as his boyfriend.

And he suspects that this novelty will never wear off, if he had something to say and do about it, Blaine was determined to be sticking around for quite some time.

Aware that he was grinning like a love-sick-idiot (which is kind of true), Blaine just stepped forward and wound his arms around Kurt's waist, squeezing tightly once before reluctantly letting go.

"Get me one of those blueberry muffins, and I trust you know my coffee order?" Blaine said teasingly.

On cue, Kurt gave him one of his patented 'bitch-please' stare, and replied, "Of course I know your coffee order." But there's a soft blush on his cheeks, and his lips were twitching at the corners, as if he's trying not to smile. And Blaine knows that Kurt is just adorable like that and grinned even wider for the both of them.

With a final lingering touch on Kurt's arm, Blaine turned around and goes to look for a space for the both of them. Fortunately, one of the window-side two-seat tables was vacant, and Blaine quickly made his way over and plopped down on the seat which faces the counter directly. Setting his bag down, Blaine resumed what seems to be one of his favorite hobbies recently—watching Kurt.

It was almost Kurt's turn at the counter, and Blaine was just admiring how devastatingly handsome his boyfriend was in his knee length black coat and skin tight black trousers, topped with those utterly striking laced up boots, that he didn't notice the man standing behind Kurt until he heard Kurt's giggle.

He was frowning before he knew it, because Kurt only giggles like that—all sort of high and breathless at the same time—when he finds something so hilarious or he's so happy that he just giggles on reflex before laughing. As Blaine's eyes turned to seek out the source of amusement, it was only then that he noticed a quite handsome man in his mid twenties standing closely behind Kurt, and Kurt was turned slightly sideways to chat with the guy.

Even from that distance, Blaine could easily see how excited Kurt was. His eyes were wide and shining in the best possible way, his arms gesturing wildly, and the expression on his face was easy and natural. Kurt looked so alive that Blaine would have stared appreciatively at the sight if it wasn't for the fact that there was in fact a very attractive male stranger which seemed to be chatting up his boyfriend.

It took Blaine another few moments before he realized that he was clenching his fists so tightly that it was almost painful, and there was this odd, foreign feeling just bubbling in the pit of his stomach, making him feel vaguely nauseous and anxious at the exact same time. Taking in a deep breath, Blaine was slightly surprised that the churning in his stomach did not go away, and had in fact, worsened when he noticed that the man was placing his hand on Kurt's shoulder. He was gritting his teeth by then, and a thousand thoughts ran through his head, so fast that he couldn't even bother to keep track of them.

Oh, who the hell is that?—Get your hands away from my boyfriend, you imbecile!—God, what am I thinking?—No!—Why is Kurt smiling like that?—WHAT is this feeling?—Oh, I hate it, I hate this, I hate you—I'm so confused—Kurt, Kurt, Kurt—It's my boyfriend you're freaking flirting with over there!—Just get away from him!—Calm down, Blaine.—What are you freaking out about?—Why the hell is the order taking so long?—Don't smile at him, don't smile at him!

Blaine had always prided himself on being a sensible person that could easily control his feelings, but now, it seemed that all senses have left him and he could do nothing but let this torrent of emotions wash over him.

He didn't understand at all. This was just not like him. And he didn't understand why he was feeling this way exactly, because he had never felt like this before.

Blaine never had any real violent thoughts prior to this, but the sight of the man just touched a nerve. And Blaine was fairly sure that it's not normal for him to just want to stand up and rush forward to push the man away from Kurt—preferably with a well-placed glare and a few cutting words.

But he was supposed to be a gentleman, and good boyfriends don't just run around telling off strangers and embarrassing their other half which seems to be having a genuinely nice chat.

So Blaine just frowned, and took in more calming breaths (which was absolutely no help at all in damping down his emotions), and waited for Kurt to take up their order.

When the two cups of coffee and a plate of pastry were placed for Kurt to collect, Blaine stood up, wanting to help Kurt with it. But the stranger beat him to it, and giving Kurt a smile, picked up the plate and his own coffee, clearly wanting to help.

Blaine didn't know what he wanted. But he had a nagging suspicion that it involved a whole lot of frowned-upon violent gestures and hostility from his side.

God's sake, just calm down, what's wrong with me today? He couldn't help but wonder.

Kurt was smiling as he reached their table, the man trailing behind with his own similar smile. As Kurt placed down their coffees, he too leaned forward to place down the plate, flashing Blaine a wide grin.

Blaine didn't know how to react, so he just stared blankly back.

Kurt threw a questioning look at Blaine, obviously sensing that there's something wrong through Blaine's expression, and launched into introductions.

"Blaine, this is Jason. And Jason, this is my boyfriend, Blaine." Kurt said, his cheeks flushed softly and his eyes brightening when he mentioned Blaine as his boyfriend.

Odd, Blaine was feeling a sort-of vindictive pride at Kurt's words. A small part of him inside was probably jumping around like a three year-old on sugar rush and shouting smug 'Take that!'s at the stranger. But outwardly, he dropped his blank stare and gave Kurt what he hoped was an adoring and loving look, and gave him a smile.

Jason grinned, and stepped forward with his hand extended.

"So nice to meet you. You wouldn't believe how Kurt had been ranting on about you just now." Jason's tone seemed genuine and friendly, and Blaine reached out and shook his hand in return.

Sitting down opposite him, Kurt blushed brilliantly. "As if you weren't gushing about your own boyfriend to me just now." He retorted, and it's Jason's turn to look abashed.

At the words, it's as if the fire burning inside him had been drenched with ice cold water, and Blaine felt sudden reassurance and relief that Jason had a boyfriend and wasn't some guy who wanted to snatch Kurt away from him.

"Well, that's true. Hey, it's nice meeting both of you, but Charles' waiting for me and I have to go. Hope that we'll meet again!" Jason replied, and with a cheery wave, dashed out of the coffee shop.

Kurt smiled. "Isn't he nice? Apparently he came from a small town too, and was glad to see us being together despite of the fact that we're in Lima, Ohio. He said that he and Charles had made it through their high school years together. They are now living in California, and they've been together for nearly eight years and are thinking of getting married soon. That's just so sweet." Kurt gushed.

Blaine smiled, just loving how adorable Kurt was being, and was still silently berating himself for over-reacting, even though it was all in his mind.

Really, there's no need to get that possessive and jealous just because some guy was chatting with Kurt—Blaine's thoughts struck to a sudden standstill, and his eyes widened at the sudden revelation.



Noticing that Blaine seemed out of sorts, Kurt reached forward and touched his hand softly.

"Hey, are you alright?"

Blaine swallowed down the sudden lump in his throat, and looking back at Kurt, took in his every features as he turned his hand and squeezed Kurt's hand gently.

Everything just seemed magnified and sharper than usual, and Blaine was suddenly even more aware of just how crazily besotted he was with Kurt. "Yeah, yeah I'm fine. Just tired, I guess. I had this crazy test today and it almost killed me."

As Kurt gave him a concerned look but accepted his explanation, Blaine could only grip at Kurt's hands tighter, because he had just realized that he really didn't want to let go of Kurt, not even for a small moment.

Because, oh god, for the first time in his life, Blaine realized that he had actually been jealous. Just positively green with envy. And all just because Kurt had chatted with a guy.

Blaine didn't know if this would be a recurring thing, because he had always imagined himself to be an understanding and mature boyfriend, and this, this just blew away any preconceptions that he had.

And Blaine couldn't help but wonder if this was a good or bad thing.


The second time that Blaine was jealous, it was also the time that he seriously considered the notion that he might be the easily-jealous and possessive-type of boyfriend after all.

The scene itself was weirdly similar to his GAP-slash-Jeremiah debacle, only this time it was Kurt getting flirted with by a shop assistant.

Blaine just wonders if it's karma coming back to bite him in the ass.

Kurt had been ecstatic when he noticed that there was a new men's apparel shop in the mall, and had proceeded to drag Blaine in, saying that Blaine desperately needed a wardrobe makeover and that he was thinking about buying some new clothes for his dad and Finn too.

Blaine had of course, been more than happy to accompany Kurt. And it was a thrill to see him so excited at such a simple thing, because Kurt's eyes just sparkle so brightly in such times, a far cry from Kurt's usual composed self, and he would grin almost constantly—an adorable, slightly quirky slanting of lips as they tilted upwards to reveal a small glimpse of white teeth, and a grin which just crinkles up the corners of Kurt's eyes.

It was a date with his boyfriend, and Blaine was just having such a great time that it was probably why he didn't realize that the shop assistant shadowing him and Kurt was paying far more interest to Kurt than what was considered professionally helpful.

Kurt had discovered a pair of dark navy jeans that had him giving out a short squeal of delight before he had rushed off to the changing rooms to try it on. Blaine had just shook his head over Kurt's enthusiasm for fashion before wandering off around the shop, checking out the different designs available.

Finding a shirt that seemed to fit Kurt's criteria of what he wanted to buy for Burt, Blaine picked it up and made way over to the changing area, and turning the corner, was so surprise at the sight that greeted him that it made him stop in his tracks.

Kurt was out of the changing room, wearing the jeans he had chosen as he looked himself through with the floor length mirror hanging on one side of the wall.

Blaine's first thought was: Damn.

Kurt looked absolutely delectable in those skin tight jeans. It looked as if the jeans were tailor made for him, and the shape and material just clung to all the right places that it completely showed off Kurt's long, slender legs and accentuated the curves of his hips, showing off Kurt's assets perfectly.

Blaine was swallowing a mouthful of saliva before he knew it.

His second thought was: He wasn't the only one who noticed how hot Kurt is.

The shop assistant was now standing eerily close to Kurt. And as Kurt turned slightly to check out the behind of his jeans, Blaine absolutely did NOT imagined the way the guy's eyes flickered downwards and upwards appreciatively.

Something inside him just snapped, and before he knew it, he had strode forward and giving the assistant an icy stare, shoved the shirt at him and stepped up to circle his arms around Kurt's waist. Kurt gave a surprised yelp, but instantly relaxed when he noticed that it was Blaine.

Blaine propped his chin on Kurt's shoulder, and gave the side of Kurt's neck a firm, but fleeting kiss, in which this just made Kurt melt and mould his body even more against Blaine's. It was one of Kurt's sensitive zones and Blaine knew that by doing that, it would effectively turn Kurt into mush.

Kurt gave him a small smile and continued to judge his image in the mirror. "What do you think about these jeans?"

Blaine replied, "I think that my boyfriend looks absolutely gorgeous in them, and am seriously contemplating of buying them for you." And even though he was talking to Kurt, his eyes were fixed on the mirror where they reflected the assistant who was still standing behind them.

The man was really quite attractive, with dark shaggy hair and deep blue eyes, and of course, towering over Blaine by a steady few inches. But Blaine just gave the man his most cold stare as he hugged Kurt tighter.

Back off, he's mine. He concentrated on pouring his whole will into the glare, hoping that it would convey exactly what he was thinking at that moment.

Apparently it worked, because after a moment of glaring back at Blaine, the guy scowled and stormed off, obviously displeased that he had lost.

Blaine just smirked and nuzzled Kurt's shoulder gently with the tip of his nose. And Kurt smiled back at him through the mirror, having missed the entire battle of wills between Blaine and that guy just now. Pushing away, Blaine spun Kurt around and tugged at both of his hands.

"Now, get changed out of these, and we'll pay and get out of this shop because I think that I ought to treat my gorgeous boyfriend to a meal of his choosing." Blaine muttered affectionately, but there was no mistaking the darkening in his eyes as they roved over Kurt's form.

Kurt blushed, still not used to the praises that Blaine described him with, but he countered Blaine's gaze with his own patented smoldering look, and god damn, how did Blaine ever thought that Kurt wasn't sexy?

"Is that so? I have been craving for some Japanese cuisine recently, maybe some—" The rest of Kurt's words were cut off and swallowed as Blaine surged forwards and claimed his lips in a bruising and passionate kiss.

When Blaine finally ended the kiss with a final nibble at Kurt's bottom lip, Kurt was full on flushed, and his eyes had took on a hazy and dark gleam, lips swollen and glistening in the most enticing natural lush red, and it took all of Blaine's self control to not just continue on with what they were doing. Because first off, this is a public place, and secondly, there was just this selfish part of him that half wanted everyone to see Kurt now and know that he is Blaine's and vice versa; and another half which just wanted to keep Kurt's utterly debauched look all to himself, because it's just so seductive and hot and Blaine doesn't think that he would like it very much if everyone is leering at his boyfriend.

Instead, he just pushed a still bewildered Kurt into the changing room and closed the door for him.

The moment that he heard the tell tale click of the door locking, Blaine immediately slumped against the wall opposite the door, his heart and mind still racing and coming to terms with what had just happened.

Blaine realized he had once more lost control of his emotions, and there was no doubt now that he had been jealous again of an utter stranger.

But at least this time the guy did actually seemed to be interested in Kurt. God knows what would have happened if Blaine hadn't showed up at that moment.

And oh god, now he was feeling jealous and possessive at just the mere thought of what could have happen! With a small sigh, Blaine rubbed at his forehead gently.

Maybe it's time he started re-evaluating himself and this new found dark side of his personality, Blaine thought absent-mindedly.

Because if there is one thing that he was sure of, Blaine was certain that this won't be the last time, and might in fact, be a prelude and a sort of warning against the many more times that will come in the future.

Blaine groaned.


The third time this happened, Blaine was prepared.

He was determined to be the perfect boyfriend, and after the second time, he had gone into a frenzy of internet searching and reading up on materials. He had taken in everything from how to control his emotions and seeking advice from dating websites, to reading up on other people's experience. He was honestly surprised at the varying degrees of opinion, and while some people find that the occasional jealous fits were completely appropriate and shows how one cares about the other; there were also some which expressed their distaste over the matter, stating that jealousy was unbecoming because it showed a lack of trust and they also find it to be suffocating. And of course, there were also those who enjoyed it, reveling in the attention given to them by their other half.

And Blaine didn't know how Kurt would take it. His boyfriend is such a fierce, strong and independent person, and Blaine was slightly worried that if Kurt knows, he might be offended, just like some of those people on the internet. But on the other hand, Blaine didn't know if he could control the urge to not feel jealous, because it was such an instinctual response.

He had worried over the matter for quite a few days, before finally deciding that it was pointless to keep on fussing over it. And Blaine had since then adopted a come-what-may attitude.

So, the third time it happened, Blaine had honestly thought that he would have a better grasp of his emotions and would be able to tide over the situation as if it didn't matter. He had studied up on the matter, and he gained his confidence in that.

But if the third time was a test in this particular subject, Blaine would have without a doubt, failed spectacularly.

And the solid fact was—Blaine lost utter control of himself in the most dramatic and horrifying way ever.

He had actually gone and punched someone before he realized what it was that he had done.

Mortified didn't even begin to cover what he had felt after it.

To top it all off, it happened on the same day as their three-month-anniversary.

And dear god, even the memory itself was so mortifying that he winced every time he thought about it.

For the day itself, Blaine had planned meticulously a few weeks before to give Kurt the best time ever. He wanted Kurt to enjoy every single moment of the occasion, and had even gone through the pains of roping Burt into his plans in order to gain his permission and approval to have Kurt to himself for the whole day.

It had started out with Blaine surprising Kurt at his house with a simple, but well thought out breakfast-in-bed. The breakfast had gone surprisingly well, aside from the fact that Kurt freaked out a little over Blaine seeing him in such an 'imperfect' state and had wanted to throw Blaine out of the room until he made himself presentable. But Blaine had silenced him with one of their most scorching kisses to date, and had assured Kurt that he looked gorgeous, which of course, made Kurt blush the most enticing shade of red.

Blaine really did mean it, seeing Kurt all bleary eyed and his hair sleep tousled was one of the most contradicting sights that Blaine had ever seen. This is because Blaine couldn't help but wonder how in hell can Kurt manage to look adorable and yet so utterly beautiful at the same time. For a moment in his awe and appraisal of his boyfriend's looks, Blaine had a sudden vision of waking up every single day to this gorgeous sight, and his heart just fluttered off beat for a second, because on one side—whoa, they've only been dating for three months and Blaine was already fantasizing of them a few decades into the future. And yet, on the other side, it just feels so right, and Blaine felt as if Kurt would be with him, and they would be together for a long, long time to come, and the feeling just fits somehow, and isn't that the most wonderful and most terrifying thought ever?

And for a moment of that revelation there, Blaine was so viciously reminded of the fact that at that exact moment, Kurt is really in fact with him, and really is his, that the swelling in his heart just made him lunged forward to draw Kurt into another kiss, only this time, it was deep and languid, just full of content and so much love for the boy in front of him.

It was only until they had managed to actually stop making out and start eating breakfast that Blaine realized that his possessive side had came out just now, but he calmed himself with the fact that it was just that teensiest bit, and besides, it's normal to feel completely besotted with one's boyfriend on one's anniversary, so that display of possessiveness was completely justified.

Also, it looked as if Kurt enjoyed it as much as he did.

As according to Blaine's plans, after spending the morning in Kurt's house and just cuddling around, what followed was a secluded lunch for two in the park, watching the movies, and taking a ridiculous amount of photos everywhere they went. All of it went very well, and this all built up towards Blaine's plan of a romantic dinner followed by a drop in to the local community theater to watch Wicked, in which he had managed to get front row tickets through a few connections.

And then, after the theater, Kurt would be spending the night at his house, which was entirely approved by Burt (but not without a few rounds of 'Do anything funny and you'll be answering to me' threats), and seeing that his parents are out of the country on business again, they would be having the whole house to themselves, and Blaine had planned for a romantic slow dance, going so far as to surfing the web to find the most appropriate songs.

However, things just fell spectacularly apart before they could make their way back to Blaine's house. Dinner was of course, perfect, and both of them enjoyed every moment of it. And Kurt just let out a high pitched squeal and jumped Blaine when he knew that they were going to watch Wicked with front-row-seats. The show itself, was quite amazing, though of course, paling in comparison to Broadway, but Kurt seemed to enjoy every moment of it, and held on to Blaine's hand while sending him appreciative looks throughout the whole play, so Blaine deemed it as a success.

But really, Blaine wouldn't have gotten as far as to getting them backstage access after the show was over if he had known what would have happened.

He was accompanying Kurt while the counter tenor talked to the main actors, and was just leaning against the wall and enjoying the sight of Kurt having such a great time and smiling, laughing and gushing so genuinely that it just practically made him radiate with energy. One of the things that Blaine love most about Kurt was the fact that he has such presence, like a force to be reckoned with, and this confident and comfortable-in-his-skin-Kurt was really just amazing, and a sight to behold, and Blaine felt as if he could just stand there and admire his boyfriend forever.

Then of course, came a sleazy looking guy that seemed to be in charge of the scripts of the play or something, but the main point is that the moment he appeared, he was immediately crowding into Kurt's personal space, leaning too near to talk to him, smiling openly and with no disguise to his intent whatsoever in the way he is eyeing Kurt.

Blaine had been chanting a soothing mantra in his head the whole time, just calming himself down, not wanting to be overcome by jealousy again and do something that he might regret on this particular day.

He found it to be quite effective in fact, his mantra going around something like this:

…It's alright, the man is just being friendly. Kurt obviously is a very attractive person, of course the man would seem to be a bit too fond than appropriate. Nah, that smile wasn't suggestive at all, must be my insane possessiveness talking. Just chill, Blaine. This is our anniversary, our anniversary. It's alright, just calm down…

And when the man reached out and laid his hands on Kurt's waist—much too low to be considered decent, and could even be considered as touching Kurt's ass—Blaine just snapped.

This time, he wasn't even aware that he had moved, but the next moment, he found himself pulling Kurt behind him, and the man was sprawled on the floor clutching his left cheek. It was only when Blaine felt the prickling pain in his right knuckle that he realized that he must have punched the guy.

The realization did nothing, except for the fact that it made Blaine want to punch the guy again.

But Kurt was already gripping his arm, and the urge to protect and keep Kurt far, far away from the guy was overriding the pure carnal instinct to beat the guy to a bloody pulp, so Blaine just turned and wrapping his arm around Kurt's waist, gently but firmly guided his boyfriend out of the local theatre and straight to his car.

It was only when Blaine had help Kurt into the car and gotten into the driver's seat and slamming the door that he finally registered what he had done.

He had then proceeded to drop his head onto the steering wheel with a low, mortified groan.

"Blaine, are you okay?" Kurt sounded genuinely worried, but Blaine was just too afraid to look up and see that Kurt was upset at him for ruining their night.

"Oh god, Kurt. I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to spoil the evening…I was just so, so angry, and that guy, he was just all over you! Oh god, I'm such a terrible boyfriend…!"

Blaine was still bumping his head into the steering wheel with more force that necessary, but Kurt's hands gripped his head firmly and turned him so he was facing Kurt.

"Hey, stop that. It's okay, really. Unexpected, sure, but it's fine, the man was creeping me out too, and I guess I have to thank you for saving my virtue." Kurt said, his mouth curving into a smile even as his right hand gently draw circles at the side of Blaine's neck.

He didn't look angry, or disappointed that Blaine was such a barbarian and NOT gentlemanly at all, but was in fact looking at Blaine with such a look of adoration and fondness, the soft touch to his eyes turning it a slight blue-green sea colour.

Tentatively, Blaine asked: "So you're not mad at me?"

Kurt laughed. "Mad at you for what? Although I still can't believe that the usual peace-loving you actually punched a creep for me, it was actually pretty sweet, in a very inappropriately violent kind of way."

Blaine must have had some kind of look in his face which showed that he was still uncertain and a bit upset with himself, because the next moment, Kurt was tugging him much closer, until they were nearly an inch apart, and then Kurt said, in a breathy and low tone which just sent shivers through Blaine's spine, chasing away any lingering disappointments he had with his jealousy-issue:

"Now, I think that a kiss would be an appropriate way to thank you, don't you think?"

And the last coherent thought that Blaine had, was that there might be some good out of this jealousy after all, but still, Blaine wasn't entirely sure he liked this side of himself, and Kurt still didn't know about it—

But then Kurt's tongue slipped in, and Blaine's mind just decided to stop using any brain cells for thinking any more.


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