Aria Meloetta was still hiccuping, bouncing off the smooth green grass with every hiccup. Meloetta covered her mouth with both of her paddle shaped hands every time, but all it did was make the situation more embarrassing. Meloetta glanced to her right, to see a male Palpitoad laughing at her.

"Ha ha ha. Isn't this quite the shock?" The Palpitoad sarcastically asked in a wretched, old voice, coughing as he approached Meloetta. "It would be quite a shame for you to hiccup more than this."

Meloetta hiccuped as she held her hands together. "Ooooh, what do you mean?"

The Palpitoad lowered his eyes as he continued getting closer to Meloetta, making her feel uncomfortable. "Well, let's just say that you'll find yourself in a troubling situation."

Meloetta tilted her head to the right. "Like what?" She asked, a high pitched hiccup following.

Palpitoad took in a breath of air as he then summoned a big bubble, trapping Meloetta inside it. Meloetta screamed as she tried getting out of the transparent bubble, her screams cut short by her hiccuping. The Palpitoad laughed evilly as the bubble was floating high into the clear blue sky, with Meloetta trying to bust her way out as she screamed less and hiccuped more.