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The Galifreyan nebula had once existed within the same solar system as Galifrey itself, It was clear that this wasn't that solar system, but this was definitely the same nebula, it glittered with time energy – huon particles. It has once been an extremely popular tourist destination for couples. Now it was empty in some abandoned part of the universe where only he and River could see it.

River sat down on the edge of the door frame letting her legs hang outside knowing there was an air bubble surrounding the TARDIS. The Doctor's knees almost gave out beneth him and he sat down heavily beside River.

Tears came to his eyes "I don't... I-I can't believe..." The first tear escaped and trickled down his cheek. He rested his River's shoulder. She put her arms around him tightly,, pulling him close to her and stroked his hair.

"Shh, I know. It's ok my love." She whispered comfortingly as the tears of sadness and guilt flowed down his face. She knew all that had happened. One day when she was young, when she had stolen something for the wrong reasons, they had had a huge arguement which led to a lot of confessions on both sides. She knew his sadness over the loss of his people and how he felt that he had betrayed them by surviving and stealing the TARDIS. He had told her about the Master and the year that never was and his desperation to have another proper Time Lord in the universe. He had spoken of his sadness and pain in a past tense and she had asked why that was. He told her that when he was in an older and slightly more cynical incarnation he had met an amazing woman, who knew him better than he knew himself and that she had changed him. At the time she hadn't realised he was talking about her. She had never seen his grief so raw before, it was painful to watch.

She continued to softly mutter comforting things to him while holding him as tight as possible so that he would know he wasn't alone anymore. He clung to her and eventually managed to choke out "But River, you don't understand...I did something bad, I stole..."

She pressed a finger to his lips "I know. You don't have to apologise or explain anything to me, I already know."

She kissed his forehead and continued to stroke his hair until he calmed down and pulled away to look at her. "I guess I really must have married you if you know everything."

She smiled "You told me everything before I married you, but you had already married me."

"I used to find it really frustrating that you seemed to know me so well, but I think I kinda like it."

She smirked "I know that too."

He smiled back "I think it's going to be really weird when I know you better than you know me."

"I used to think that too. You were this strange man in an amazing blue box who seemed to know everything about me. And you laughed at my wanting to be an archaeologist!" She mock glared at him "I think thats why we work so well, at some point we will both know exactly how the other feels. You love being a know it all, think how much fun you'll have teaching me things and being able to say 'spoilers'!"

He laughed "You make a very good point." He looked at her closely "Do I get to marry you soon?"

She looked out into the nebula "Thats complicated. When I married you, you said we got married twice. Once early in my timeline, and once early in yours."

"So have you married me twice now?"

She shook her head, her glorious curls bouncing on her shoulders.

"Well if you don't remember it and I don't remember it, that could mean it happens soon, before you go back to the storm cage."

She didn't answer and gave him a few minutes to ponder this looking out into the most beautiful natural creation she had ever seen. It was full of reds and oranges and greens and silvers all swirled together. The golder huon particles moved and flowed through it all making it sparkle. They sat and stared for a while, still with their arms around each other, comfortable in their silence together.

The Doctor then pointed to the top of the nebula where it was mainly green and silver. "That was always my favourite bit, the red and orange always reminded me too much of fire. And now I realise thats its almost exactly the same colour as your eyes."

She looked at where he is pointing and saw that it also matched something else. She reached into her pocket and pulled out the two rings and held them flat in the palm of her hand to show him.

"Are these ours? I don't understand, how would you have both?"

"It's one of those bumpy-wumpy timey-wimey things. When you gave me mine you already had yours, now I have mine and I'm giving you yours."

They are perfect, almost exactly like the nebula." He suddenly went very serious "Are we getting married now!"

"I don't think this is the right moment, I'm only giving you the ring now because I didn't realise about the nebula before."

"So maybe we could be engaged?"

A huge smile light up her face "Ok lets be engaged!"

She pulled him towards her and brought his lips down to hers. This kiss was different to the others the Doctor had experienced with River. This kiss was filled with intent and he was more than happy to oblige and give in to these strange physical urges. They kissed with what felt like an eternity of pent up passion, tongues duelling for dominance. She pulled him as close as she could as she slowly sank backwards onto the entrance ramp of the TARDIS, taking the Doctor with her. Luckily the TARDIS, amazing as she was produced a blanket for the Brilliant Girl and her Thief to lie on without them noticing.

The Doctor moved his hand up from her waist to cup her breast through her red jumper, her breath hitched a little and she arched into him, showing she wanted more. River reached up to undo his bowtie, she had had a lot of practice undoing bowties. He pressed his body into hers and she could feel the hardness of his cock against her hip. The Doctor decided he'd had enough of this jumper getting in the way and reached for the hem of the offending garment and attempted to pull it up and off over her head but it got stuck and she had to wriggle out of it. Once it had finally been thrown across the room, she giggled and tugged his braces down from his shoulders and undid the buttons on his shirt, allowing that to be discarded on the floor as well.

The Doctor lay back down on top of her and started kissing her again. He trailed his kisses down her neck, pausing for a moment to smell her glorious hair, and then continued down to her reached behind her and, after a little struggle, succeded in unclasping her bra. His kisses continued and then licked and sucked on one nipple and then the other, causing River to moan in appreciation. While he was doing this River reached a hand down and began stroking his length through the fabric. He gasped in surprise and accidently grazed her nipple with his teeth which sent a tremor of pleasure right down to her core.

"Oh my God, I want you." She moaned arching towards him with her nipple still in his mouth.

"I want you too."

"Bloody well take me then!"

Sudden urgent desperation over took them as they frantically pulled the rest of each others clothes off. Once both of them were completely naked the Doctor felt like he had never seen a woman naked before as he stared at this beautiful woman with her crazy curly hair, lying on his TARDIS floor. She grabbed him and pulled him back down so he was once again lying on top of her, the skin to skin contact was electrifying.

"This isn't a spectator sport, Sweetie."

She shifted slightly and parted her legs so that he was lying inbetween them. They were kissinf madly again and without needing any encouragement the Doctor slid himself home in her wet folds. She moaned loudly, there was nothing as good as feeling him inside of her. He gasped as he buried himself to the hilt. He hadn't done this in the longest time and feeling her hot wetness surrounding him was almost overpowering. He had to hold himself still and take steady, calming breaths for a few seconds.

He looked down at her and found those huge, beaytiful Galifreyan nebula eyes staring back at him. He started to slowly thrust in and out of her, never breaking the eye contact. After a few minutes River decided he was being far too cautious, he was probably worried about cumming too soon, but she had a feeling it would be the other way around. Placing one hand on his shoulder and using the strength ih her legs, she flipped them over so that she was on top, never breaking the connection between them. She pulled him upwards so that he was in a sitting position with her straddeling him his eyes widened, slightly surprised but he wasn't going to complain. They still maintained eye contact as she began to ride him with a much faster tempo and he matched her thrust for thrust, both beginning to moan louder and louder.

"Oh River, I'm not going to last much..." He started but then gave up as he felt the tension in River break as she came around him, screaming his name, his true name. Her use of his name and her spazoming inner walls sent him over the egde and he came deep inside her shouting incoherent things in olg high Galiferyan.

They spent a few minutes panting, before she slowly moved off him, sliding his softening cock out of her and they lay down on the blanket together, looking out through the doors at the incredible nebula. River turned on to her side so she could rest her head on his shoulder.

"You once said you were so nervous your first time with me, you were afraid you were rubbish. Have to say, you really wern't." She smiled up at him and he kissed her softly.

"Was this strance for you, my first time with you?" He asked quietly.

"Not like I thought it would be. I thought it would be a bit awkward and that I would miss my Doctor. But you are my Doctor and it was perfect."

"Well if it's always that good I may have to keep you around!" The jokey tone didn't fool her, sshe looked up to see the worried clouding his eyes.

"Are you worried it will be different when it's my first time with you?"

"No! Of course not... maybe."

She smiled at this amazing man lying next to her. He could take on a fleet of Daleks, an Army of Cybermen and not bat an eyelid, but he was terrified that in his future he would take her to bed and it would be awkward, like being with a stranger.

"Without giving away too many spoilers I can tell you that although I will be younger I will still be me, so I don't think you have anything to worry about." He smiled and kissed her on the forehead. "I do however think we should relocate to somewhere Amy and Rory arn't likely to see us."

The Doctor laughed as he took in what the Ponds would see. River and Himself naked on the entrance ramp, clothes scattered everywhere and the front doors opened onto a nebula. "Probably a good idea."

They stood and started gathering their clothes, River couldn't be bother to put hers on and decided to wear the Doctors shirt instead.

"Doctor, have you seen my other boot?" She asked waving one around.

"I think it was near door?"

She ran to the door and looked out, she could see her unfortunate boot floating away. She turned back to him and caught him snickering.

"Oh, so you think it's funny my favourite boot fell out the door, do you?" He really couldn't take her seriously standing there with one hand on he hip, her hair like a wild curly halo and only wearing his shirt.

"Fine. Lets see how you like it." She ran passed im and grabbed the Christmas sombrero.

"Hey! Give me the sombrero River." He chased her around the console. Unfortunately this ment she was closer to the open doors than him. She made a run for it and threw it out.

He caught up to her and grabbed her around the waist.

"You threw my hat out of the door." He pouted.

"You laughed at my boot falling out! And the sombrero was dreadful. But I'll make it up to you if you want?" She swivelled in his arms and stared kissing her way up his neck.

"You can't just seduce me into forgiving you!"

She smiled "oh course I can."

She kissed higher up his neck and gently rubbed herself against him, his breath caught slightly and his eyes closed "Let's go to bed."

He took her hand and led her out of the console room.