1 A/N: (speaks rapidly)IDONOTOWNYUGIOH! (calms down)Now with the disclaimer taken care of, I'd like that this fic borrowed some aspects from Ranma ½ , except with no Ranma characters! (sorry, Ranma fans!) Also, Yami does not change back with cold water…er, you'll see what I mean later. Ja!


3 Girl Days

"…" = speech

'…' = thought

"This, ladies and gents, is the cursed spring of Jusenkyo," the tourist guide explained, leading his group to a rather common-looking puddle of water. One wouldn't have recognized it for a spring if not told so, let alone know about its curse.

The guide gestured at the steaming liquid bubbling in a tiny crater and continued, "Long ago, a young girl drowned in this spring. Whoever bathes in here will be cursed as a girl for a week. I'd like everyone to stay as least five feet back please!"

"Hey, Yami," Yugi whispered to the identical if not slightly taller boy next to him. "How would you like to be a girl for a week?"

"Ha, ha. Very funny, Aibou," Yami murmured back, careful to keep his voice low so as to not disturb the guide's fascinating lecture on how Oaks form new leaves. "Do you actually believe that gibberish?"

"Why don't we find out?" Yugi ventured, and snickered, although his face appeared to be a childish grin.

"What do you mean?" Yami slid a suspicious eye over at his other, getting a strange feeling that somehow, he'll be responsible for this. And usually his intuitions are correct.

"We'll lag behind the tourist group," Yugi explained, an evil glint surfacing to his violet eyes. "When no one's watching, you can jump into the cursed spring. Then we can verify this superstition.

"Why don't you jump in?" Yami grumbled, glaring at his Aibou.

"Because I wasn't the one who said that I don't believe in curses," Yugi hissed back.

The two teens deliberately fell behind the tourist group and surreptitiously stole back to the Jusenkyo Spring. Yami stared at the water for a second, as if trying to banish the curse with his stern expression, then nonchalantly dived into the warm liquid.

"So Yami, how's the water?" Yugi asked when Yami submerged moments later, his hair clinging tenaciously to him like a wet mop.

"Whatever." The game king wasn't pleased at the idea of getting wet, but then grinned when he found that he was still male. "See, I told you that the curse was---"

But before he got to finish, Yami felt his body morph into a softer, more fragile build. He sensed himself shrinking until he was almost eye-to-eye with Yugi. His hair was no longer erect and spiked, but now longer and cascaded over hi shoulders in a shower of gold, crimson, and black. His chest was softer and bulged out slightly, and his skin loosened subtly. Even his tight, leather attire seemed a size too big. Realization dawned to him that he was no longer male, but instead a member of the female society.

"You make a nice girl, Yami!" Yugi giggled, trying to stifle his laughter, but unfortunately failed and collapsed to the ground in a spasm of unadulterated laughter.

"Be quiet!" Yami glared at his, or rather, HER Aibou. But she looked more like pouting, which caused Yugi to laugh even harder.

"B-but Yami," Yugi choked out, tears whelming in his eyes, "you look sooo cute!" With that, the smaller boy fell into another round of hysteric laughing.

"Grrr…" Yami grumbled and stalked away, infuriated by his, er…her, aibou's behavior.

While Yami was on her return to the tourist center where the others were suppose to be, she received quite a few whistles and comments from the boys she passed.

"Stupid boys…" Yami grumbled as she malleted yet another love-sick teen into the ozone layer for the fifth time. "Don't they have any respect for other's privacy?"

Once at the rightful destination, Yami was greeted by a titillate whistle from Joey and Tristan, who were at her feet in three seconds flat, drooling uncontrollably.

"Hey, who's the chick?" Tristan asked the blonde teen, who was too preoccupied to respond.

"Hi, there!" Joey flashed one of his charming smiles and asked in a delirious tone, "Are you lost, pretty girl?"

Yami, who was at the time utterly disgusted at the comportment of his two friends, pushed them both back a good ten feet while yelling, "I'm Yami! Now get out of my face!"

"Huh? Yami? That's really you?" Joey and Honda seemed to snap out of their utopian dreams and back to reality.

"So that explains why you're wearing Yami's clothes," Joey reasoned.

"You have a lot of explained to do, Joey Wheeler!" A sharp, enraged voice interjected.

Joey turned around to face an irate Mai, who dragged him by the ear and lifted him up by the collars.

"What do you think you were doing? You have me, remember?"

"Aaahhh…I knew it was Yami all along!" Joey lied, and it was as clear as daylight. "Right, Yami?"

"Yeah, right." Mai dropped Joey to the ground not too kindly and stormed off.

Meanwhile, the same confrontation was being held by Miho and Tristan.

"Explain yourself, Tristan Taylor!" Miho was practically strangling the dark- haired boy, which was exactly what she would have done if it isn't an illegal act.


Fortunately, Yugi intervened the chaos that was close to intercepting.

"Hi guys! Hi Yami-CHAN!"

Yami cringed at the emphasize of the title and glared at her Aibou for the fourth time that day.

"Let me guess," Tea spoke up. "Yugi somehow got Yami to jump into the Jusenkyo Spring and now Yami's cured for a week as a girl."

"How did you know?" The two multi-colored teens asked in unison.

"Girl intuition," Tea shrugged, then scolded at Yugi.

"Uh…sorry?" Yugi tried, not wanting to anger his girlfriend. "Don't worry, it'll wear off in a week."

"Let's just hope so…" Yami murmured, glaring down at his feminine body.


"Yami, a dress is not going to kill you!" Tea practically yelled in the other girl's face.

"Yes, it will!" Yami retorted back with just as much integrity. "I'm the king of games! My reputation will be corrupted if I wear that… that…thing!"

It was the next day after the uneventful (or maybe eventful?) incident. Tea decided to take Yami shopping for a more feminine wardrobe, and Yami was not thrilled about it. So now the two ate at the local department store looking for something suitable for Yami to wear. So far that haven't happened yet.

"At least try a skirt," Tea was on the verge of pleading.

"Hmmm…" Yami fumbled through the racks of clothing, selected a couple, then discarded them. This routine continued for several rounds, until she finally stop at an all black outfit consisting of a miniskirt, tank top, and knee-high boots. Changing into it, Yami examined herself in the full- length mirror.

'Not bad,' she thought.

"Uh…Yami?" Tea asked nervously. "Are you sure you want to wear that in public?"

"Yeah! Why? What's wrong?"


Truth is, with the tight black leather that emphasized her curves and legs, the chain that hung by her belt, and the neck-collar, Yami radiated BAD GIRL.

After paying for the attire whilst wearing it, Yami strolled confidently out the door with an embarrassed Tea close behind her.

Walking down the crowded streets of Tokyo, Yami managed to make every head turn in succession (most of them boys). Amazingly, the game master didn't even flinch a muscle. She just promenaded down the walkway with such grace and solitude that even Seto would be stunned.


Three hours later at the Turtle Game Shop with Joey and Tristan drooling over Yami despite a very agitated Mai and Miho, the sound of telephone rings echoed throughout the house.

"Moshi, moshi (hello)?" Yugi spoke into the receiver. "This is the Turtle Game Shop. Can I help you?"

"Yes!" A frantic voice much like Seto's answered. "Get me a date right now!"

"Uh, Seto?" Yugi's face was etched with perplexion. "Why do you need a date?"

"I'm hosting a cocktail party at KaibaCorp and I need a date in an hour! I'll pay you whatever you want! Now hurry!"

"A cocktail party?" Yugi had to hold the phone at arms length, for Seto was screaming on the other end.


"A date?"


"But I thought you didn't like girls."

"I don't, but I'm desperate! Can't you get Miho, Tea, or Mai over here?"

"Well, since you don't like girls, then…I know! Yami can be your date! He's half-guy, half-girl for this week, anyway."

"OK! So Ya---" Seto stopped short. "Did you say Yami?! Half-guy, half- girl?!"

"Oh yeah. You don't know. Well, Yami fell into the Jusenkyo Spring so now he's a girl for a week."

"Ah, the cursed spring. So now Yami's a girl?" Seto smirked, contemplating the fun he'll have at mocking Yami. "Can you get him over here?"


"Thank you."

"Any time!"

Yugi hung up (well…he actually slammed the phone back on it's cradle, but anyway…) and ran upstairs to spread the un-consulted plan. (Um…is un- consulted a word?)


"What?! Aibou, how could you?" Yami was raging mad about this discourse of events. "You know that Kaiba's my sworn enemy!"

"But Yami, he sounded so desperate," Yami defended, and stared at Yami with glazed puppy-eyes. "Puleeeeze? For me?"

"Oh, alright," Yami groaned. "Just stop being so cute!"

"Great!" Yugi cried, hugging Yami. "You have to meet Seto at KaibaCorp in an hour."

"Is Yami going on a date?" Sugoroku asked, emerging from the doorway unexpectedly and startling everyone.

"No!" Yami answered just a tad too quickly, and blushed a lovely shad of red.

He quickly ducked his head, but not before Sugoroku caught the embarrassment.

The elderly man chuckled at the red face and impetuous outburst. "So whom do you like?" he goaded.

"No one!" Yami snapped, than realized his lack of etiquette. "Sorry."

"That's alright." Sugoroku winked at his grandson. "Remember to always kiss your companion on your first date."

"Uhhh…" Yami turned slightly green, nauseated by the thought of having to kiss Seto.

"Yami, you'd better get going or else you'll be late," Yugi interrupted Yami's train of thought.

Yami grunted and stride toward the door. On her way out, Sugoroku whispered, "Remember the kiss."

Yami blushed profusely and hastily left the game shop.

YK: So what do you think? (giggles) Yami's a girl!

Yami: That wasn't very funny!

YK: Yes it is! And now you're all pur-ty!

Yami (to Kero): I think she's drunk

Kero: Nah…probably just got hit on the head

(Kero takes out a giant mallet and bashes YK on the head)

YK: Ow! Uh? What happened?

Kero: See? I told you she's not drunk

Yami: … (plans to sneak Vodka into YK's drink)

YK: R&R please!