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~*~ Girl Days

'How dare they!' Yami thought angrily as she ran down the road and of the Kaiba property. 'As if being a girl wasn't enough, I'm being teased and tantalized by Seto and my own aibou!' Due to her irate reflection, Yami soon found herself in front of the game shop moments later. She slammed open the door, stomped up to her room, striped herself of her attire, and stepped into the shower. Turning the water on full blast, Yami felt the familiar tingling sensation denoting the gender change. He sighed as he allowed himself to relax and enjoy the hot, stinging massage. "Does everyone make their job to be my life tormenter?" Yami muttered standing arms folded across his chest, staring at the bath's humid wall in thought. "Just what 'till this curse is over. I'll---" But Yami never got to finish his threat, for he was interrupted by a very familiar voice, or rather, voices. "Yami!" "Yo, Yami!" The game king groaned inwardly as he turned off the shower hose, grabbed a towel, and made his way downstairs. "What do you want, aibou?" Yami all but demanded and glared, still annoyed that his light blackmailed him and interrupted his shower. "There you are, Yami," Yugi cried, then flushed and flashed his counterpart and apologetic smile. "Er.I'm really sorry about what happened at dinner. It was my fault; I should know that everyone, even you, have their limits." Yami's glare softened, by he didn't want to let Yugi go that easily. "Hey man, you OK?" Joey clapped the former pharaoh on the back, almost knocking him over. "No, I'm not alright." Cold crimson eyes heated by anger net Joey's blue ones. "I've been blackmailed three times in two days, I'm cursed as a girl, and I'm very low on tolerance." "Whoa.," Joey held up his hands in defeat and backed away behind Yugi. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'd like to have a word with my aibou." Joey chuckled nervously as he retreated toward the front door and managed to wave at the violet-eyes friend. "Uh.later Yugi." "Bye Joey," Yugi replied, watching the blonde teen bolt out the door. "Now then, we shall proceed with the issue," Yami stated, glaring at his light. "W-would what that be?" Yugi asked, even though he already possessed the answer. Now he knew what others felt like under Yami's bone-chilling glare. "You know perfectly well, aibou. Why are you making my life difficult?" Yami snapped, losing to his anger. "I-I'm sorry, Yami. I didn't think I'd hurt you that much! Please forgive me!" Yugi was on the verge of tears. Strike that; a flood erupted as the little hikari cried his heart out and pleaded for forgiveness. Yami, who had never made his aibou cry before, now felt guilty and tried to comfort the poor boy. So he embraced Yugi lightly and waited for him to dry his tears. "A-are you still mad, Yami?" Yugi sniffed, looking up at his dark. The game king sighed. "No, I guess not. Let's just forget the whole thing." Yugi immediately brightened and Yami couldn't help but smirk at the sudden change of mood. "Ok!" Suddenly, the phone rang, startling the former pharaoh. "Moshi, moshi (hello) game shop," Yami said, picking up the receiver. There was a brief pause, until a stiff voice answered. "Yami? Look, I'm really sorry for all the trouble." "Oh, I'm sure you are, Seto," Yami taunted angrily. "You seem to be making a career out of torturing me." The game king was about to slam the phone on Seto when a whisper emitted. "I love you." Yami's eyes bulged. "W-what.?" But all he received was the dial tone. The shocked teen dropped the phone and literally stared at it for five minutes. Yugi, with the ever-so curious mind, decided to investigate this dazed-out event. "What did Seto say?" Yami continued to stare until Yugi dumped a cold bucket of water down his back. A shivering, drenched girl emerged, sputtering and fuming. "Aibou! Why did you do that for?" "Sorry, Yami. But that was the only way I could think of to snap you out of your little trance." "Oh." "So?" Yugi prodded. "What did he say?" "Uh, he said---" Just then, the phone rang again, saving Yami from the deadly interrogations of her hikari. Yami made a mental note to send the person who invented the phone some flowers and pray to the gods every day. "Hello? Game shop." "Hi. Is Yami Mouto there?" "Speaking." "Well, Yami, good news! The curse of Jusenkyo Spring will nullify itself in three.two.one." Before Yami could even comprehend what the caller from the accursed springs said, she changed back into a guy. "You will never be cursed again!" the Jusenkyo tour guide cheered. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I still have 6,578 calls left to make." Before he hung up, Yami thought he heard the guide muttering something about how people were dumb enough to fall into the springs anyway. "So you're free from the curse?" Yugi asked, bubbling with excitement and hopping up and down. "Yeah." Yami murmured, briefly wondering if a certain CEO will still like him if he was permanently a male. "Uh, earth to Yami!" Yugi waved a hand in front of Yami's face to catch his attention. "Yoohooo!" "Aibou, I'm going to pay Seto a visit," the game king muttered absent- mindedly. ".OK." Yugi answered. "But if you're planning to kill him, can you give me his trench coat?" "No way!" Both dualists turned to see Joey standing in the doorway. "I want his trench coat!"' the blonde argued. "No! I called it first!" Yugi countered. "So there!" "But I like blue!" "Too bad, so sad!" Yami stared at the two quizzically, and then strolled out the door. Even from a block away, he could hear the convulsions of Yugi and Joey. "And here I thought those two can at least act like eight year olds," Yami grumbled as he headed toward the Kaiba mansion. *** "Yami! What are you doing here?" Mokuba asked. "Is Seto here?" Yami peeked behind the younger Kaiba. "No. He just left for the game shop. Why?" "He did?" Yami practically shrieked, then coughed. "Well, when he comes back, can you tell him that my curse is gone?" "Sure!" *** Yami walked alone in the streets, barely noticing the moody weather above him. Ironically, it began to drizzling. "Ha!" the pharaoh crowed. "You can't turn me into a girl anymore!" He soon regretted saying that for the light drizzle turned into a thunderstorm. The incessant rain was so strong that he could hardly see his hand. Only a massive blanket of ugly gray decorated the atmosphere. Yami groaned as he continued his way home. But he didn't notice that someone else was trapped in this maelstrom until that person slipped and landed flat on top of him. "Hey!" Yami was about to protest when he got a good look at the person's face. "Seto?" "Huh?" Seto looked down to see Yami gazing questionably at him. "Yami! What are you doing out in the rain? And how come you're not a girl?" "I was making my way back to the game shop. And the curse wore off." "Oh." The only sound audible was the sharp pattering on the rain colliding with the cement road. Yami and Seto lay there, unsure of what to do. That is, until Seto made the first move. Cupping Yami's face in his hand, he planted a light kiss on his lips. Yami gasped in surprise. "Uh.Seto, you do realize that I'm a guy, right?" the game king waited anxiously for the answer, fidgeting slightly under the CEO's weight. "Yeah, I know," Seto flashed an abashed smile. "To tell you the truth, I like you better as a guy." "Really?" Yami's crimson orbs light up with a glint of hope. Tilting his head up, he returned the kiss. That was good enough for Seto. The brunette grabbed Yami's waist and landed a long passionate kiss, which Yami happily returned. Just when they were about to go farther, a high, all-too-familiar shrill pierced the air. "Eeek! Mommy! It's those lesbians again! And they're making out!" Seto and Yami turned to find the little girl and her mother under a large umbrella gaping at them. The mother grabbed her daughter's hand and marched off in rain. "Come along, dearie. Don't you worry, mommy's going to sue all the lesbians in the world!" Both dualists sweatdropped, then returned to their.love session. "I love you Yami," Seto whispered. "I love you too, Seto."


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