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A mysterious fog crept silently around the small town of Creaky Hollow. Snaking around every nook and cranny as if searching for something. It stopped in front of a small run down home, with a crooked door, smashed windows and the unwanted presence of mould. A police note was nailed to the door, with a mug shot of an unattractive, short stumpy man, with a few missing teeth and a warning that the man was a registered sex offender. The fog then swarmed around the house, shrouding it in mystery. Inside the man in the photo sat mechanically in a moth eaten chair, gaping unintelligibly at the telly. He raised his beer to his lips, but he never got to take a sip, as suddenly his front door was slammed open. Jumping out of his chair, the man stumbled angrily into the foyer "Who's there? If it's you fucking kids again, then you better piss off, before I beat the shit out of you!" The man shouted into the empty corridor. He received no response, except for a low menacing growl. The man looked around desperately "Who the hell's there?" He shouted again. This time he was rewarded with the presence of the intruder.

The man stumbled backwards shocked. It was a huge sleek black wolf! Huge! It was so big that they were eye level. And it's eyes. Oh it's eyes! They were pure red, with black flecks. The man may not be the most intelligent person in the world, but he knew this thing was no wolf. A grin spread onto the creatures face. It could smell the man's fear, and he revelled in it. Without any warning the beast pounced, ripping and mauling the man's plump body into shreds. Until nothing was left but a few gnawed bones and fatty bits of meat. The man's blood stained the already murky carpet a deep red.

Dog's barked crazily into the night air. Owners came out confused as to what all the racket was about. Even after a firm telling off or a wallop to the head the dog's still continued to bark savagely at nothing in particular. A blonde boy named Naruto was woken up by such a racket and strolled sleepily into his half sisters room, to have a look at what was going on, as he only had a sky light in his room. Peering out of the window Naruto was astonished as to how much fog there was outside. It curled and wisped this way and that, like a hungry snake stalking its prey. Naruto shivered at this notion, and rushed over to where his half sister was sleeping. Shaking her frantically he cried "Sakura! Sakura! You have to see this! It's so cool!" Naruto said eagerly. The girl named Sakura stirred, groaning. An angry looking face peered out from under the covers "What is so important that you have to drag me out of bed at three in the morning!" Sakura hissed. Naruto winced, knowing form experience not to get on Sakura's bad side. She had one mean sucker punch. Scratching his head nervously he replied enthusiastically "Come and look. It's the fog. Loads of fog and the dog's are going crazy!" Sakura rolled her eyes and dragged herself out of her bed and to the window. Sakura raised a slender brow, Naruto was right there was loads of fog and the dogs were going crazy. "You got me out of bed for some fog?" Sakura ground out slowly. Naruto scratched the back of his head nervously "Hehe" he chuckled. Sakura shoved him hard in the chest "Get the fuck out of my room right now dickhead!" Sakura screamed. Naruto didn't need asking twice, he hightailed it out of there as if the devil was on his heels.

Sakura was just about to get back into her bed when something caught her eye. Walking cautiously back to the window she peered her head out. A silhouette of a man stood in the shadows, peering at her. Sakura's eyebrows furrowed. Then she pulled back startled as she swore she saw a pair of red eyes gleaming at her from the darkness. Clutching her chest from fright, she drew her curtains shut and curled up in her bed. Reciting that it was probably just her imagination.

Meanwhile the silhouette smirked, his red eyes gleaming. He had found her, and he was going to make her his for eternity. On that note he turned on his heel and moulded back into the shadows.

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